Soheila Ghadiri

Her tragic life and death told by Azar Majedi

Soheila Ghadiri, a young woman, was recently executed by Islamic Republic. Her defence was a moving condemnation of this regime. Sohila's trial was in fact the trial of the Islamic regime for 30 years of oppression and violence against the people of Iran, against women and children for the poverty and destitute this brutal regime enforced on millions of people, for the inherent misogyny and and violation of children's basic rights, for the injustice and killing of torture.


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Just got a glimpse of her

by Kooshan on

Just got a glimpse of her life;

What a tragedy! How could a SANE mom can take away her own 5-day old new born life.

Who is the victim here?

I think the whole humanity!

Just as marhoom Ghadiri was a victim, so is her newborn.  The difference is she was victim of society and her baby was a victim of an insane mother.

What a terrible crime can human commit under the influence of drug and insanity!


May God have mercy for the mom and the baby.


Well said Azar Khanoom

by didani on

I have a dream ... to see all these creatures (I love animals, will not call them animals) behind bars.


روحش شاد.


 به امید روزی که این آدم کش‌ها بساطشون رو جمع کرده باشند و در ایران دیگر این چنین مردم قتل عام نشوند.