Snowboarding in Iran

American tourists

"Myself (Matt) and Super U guitarist Ewan went snowboarding and sightseeing in Iran with our friend Gendle, Hamish and James McPhail. We visited Shemshak and Dizin, Isfahan, Qom and Kershan and it was a right old life-changer. Our thanks to Leily and Mahmood, here is a short two minute edited highlight courtesy of ace filmer and editor Adam Gendle."


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These guys got some serious skills.

by پیام on

Hope to visit Dizin coming Norooz :)


Islamic Snowboarding!!

by masoudA on

What's up with Azan and the rest of Islamic paraphanelis in a clip about snowboarding - it is as if poor Matt was forced into making an Islamic Snowboarding clip !!



by yolanda on

A great video. The virgin snow is just beautiful. It looks like the whole ski resort had only one skier, I don't see any other ski tracks. The mosque's mosaics and tilework blew me away! It is gorgeous!

Thanks for this beautiful video!