Shadi Sadr

Interview with German Panorama

Sadr is an expert on women's legal rights in Iran. She was director of Raahi, a now-closed legal advice center for women, and founded the website Women in Iran to showcase women's rights efforts in Iran. As a practicing lawyer, she has successfully defended several women activists and journalists in court, who had been sentenced to execution She is one of the Iranians who have campaigned to eradicate the practice of capital punishment by stoning, particularly of women, in a campaign known as End Stoning Forever:


Mohammad Ala

Yes, I agree . . . you are a true Iranian

by Mohammad Ala on

Yes, I agree . . .  you are a true Iranian.

Sorry for your suffering.  We will make Iran better for ALL Iranians.


A true Iranian of the day.

by پیام on

She described the horrors of Iran's prisons very well. She also gave an elaborate analysis on the issue of the green wave and where it is heading to and what it actually achieved so far. I wish her the best with the cause that she has dedicated herself to.


Very informative, insightful and behind the scene look of what

by Anonymouse on

Very informative, insightful and behind the scene look of what goes on in Evin and most importantly what to do when you are arrested.

I don't recall ever reading or hearing a basic legal advice of what to do if you are arrested so you don't end up "confessing".  I really liked this interview.

She talked for 19 minutes and every second she had some very important thing to say.  You get a better understandsing of what is going on in Iran and where we are as we speak.

I hope we hear more from her, a lot more.

Everything is sacred.

Shirin Vazin

The Best

by Shirin Vazin on

Iranian of the Day so far!