MSNBC: Nuclear Iran

Interviews with Glenn Greenwald and Arianna Huffington

Glenn Greenwald is an American lawyer, columnist, blogger, and author. Greenwald worked as a constitutional and civil rights litigator prior to becoming a contributor (columnist and blogger) to, where he focuses on political and legal topics. Arianna Huffington is a Greek-American author and syndicated columnist. She is best known as co-founder of The Huffington Post. In 2003 she ran as an independent candidate for Governor in the California recall election. (Wikipedia)


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Greenwald did a great job!

by IRANdokht on

I listened to them again just to hear how beautifully Greenwald explains the situation! Very impressive! Why don't we have more people like him in the west?

Personally I don't care about Ariana's life, husband, wealth or nationality. I like her website and most of the blogs that I have read there were not written by her anyway. I think she was doing great before her recent visit to Israel, the influence of which is seen in this interview.



Huffington's talent

by MRX1 on

was to marry an american billionare michael huffington who made his money in oil and later on become gay.(she turned him gay?)  bored and nothing to do in life first she joined conservative circles  but apparently no body cared much about her opponion, then she switch sides and became liberal, and no body much cares what she has to say now and days either except the usuall liberal idiot clowns on T.V.

Let that be a listen for you girls out there, marry big money and it will be an easy ride through life. you can even appear on T.v and have your own blog.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Who is an existential threat to whom?!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Didani, thank you for posting this.  Greenwald unravelled the myth of Iran as an 'existential threat' to Israel, by placing Ahmadi-Nedjad's rhetoric in the context of both Israel and the US's REAL wars, occupations, foreign aggression and massive militarization.  Brilliant!