Wedding singer in Si Sangan, Mazandaran


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by yolanda on

Girls and guys have separate wedding receptions over there...

American Dream

Why are there no women in this video?

by American Dream on

Why are there no women in this video clip?

maziar 58

bahram t.g

by maziar 58 on

BTG  thank you can you please  foot the bills ? since  its cheap.......?Maziar


He has a good voice but

by bahramthegreat on

His voice was ok but he should do something about his eyes and teeth. I heard in Iran the cosmetic surgery is cheap. If he is interested to pursue his singing career he must (must) do something about both.


The singer needs

by hazratee on

To do something with his teeth. That actually might help his career.



by yolanda on

The dancer stole the show, the guy has feline flexibility!

thanks for the video clip!


So refreshing to see...

by HollyUSA on

And such a world apart from the disgusting displays of wealth and the equally disgusting culture of 'cheshm o ham cheshmi' I see at a lot of Iranian weddings in Los Angeles.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Agreed with Mr Abarmard .

maziar 58

te mobaraki

by maziar 58 on

zende bad daliran deylami.

dameshan garm zendegi bi shileh-pileh just like they did 1000 years ago.                Maziar


Raw Talent

by Peykan on

Mazandaran's got talent!


It is a wedding

by Sadra on

It is the men's section of a wedding in Mazandaran.  The table is set with customary sugar cones and other local decorations.  You can see the groom starting at 3:40.  He has a tie on.  It seems like a very good time was had by all.  Best wishes to the couple.


Village performer

by Abarmard on

Not a wedding. It's a guy trying to make a living, nothing wrong with that.


Eyval dash Jevad.

by پیام on

Ajab mahfele toilet omoomiye inja. Aroosiye kodoom bandeh khodast?