Kian Tajbakhsh

Sentenced to more than 12 years in prison

AP: In this Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009 photo released by the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), Iranian-American scholar Kian Tajbakhsh hold a piece of paper as he defends himself during the trial of dozens of opposition activists and protesters in Tehran's Revolutionary Court, Iran. A special court formed after Iran's post-election unrest has convicted Tajbakhsh and sentenced him to more than 12 years in prison, state media said Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009 >>> More (AP Photo/ILNA,Houshang Hadi)


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Same story different day

by MRX1 on

Nothing new. This kind of injustices has been happening for Thirty years now.  Some people are so shocked some times as if everything was dandy and fine in Iran till recently!

The only difference is now there is internet and various technologies out there that nake it possible for news to travel faster. Actualy if this guy was an avarge joe (or averge hossein)  and he was condenmed to death nobody would have even blinked......



by sima on

I don't even know what to say. They have made us so sick and tired.


What else did you expect from these so called judges?

by پیام on

Based on which laws have all these people been arrested and kept in solitary confinement for so long? I had expected more death penalties, but I guess i.r. is afraid of the consequences.

Darius Kadivar

Don't Forget the others on the list: Alaie Bros, Clothilde Reiss

by Darius Kadivar on

Dr Kamiar Alaei and Dr. Kamran Alaei; AIDS Researchers Arrested For Espionage :


French Teacher Clothild Reiss Freed on Bail and currently blocked in Iran at the French Embassy. Also accused of Espionage

Iran, A Hope: Une Pensée Pour Clotilde ...

I am sure there are many more ...

Darius Kadivar

Rejoice The Inquisition is Here to STAY !!!

by Darius Kadivar on



Is That Considerate ? Is that Polite ?

OY the AGONY, OY the SHAME !


What a sad news

by IRANdokht on

It's quite disheartening to hear the follow up to the crack downs and witness the oppression going on and the opposition voices being silenced and/or kept in prison.

15 years of prison?! for having a political view? Would they release him if US government or media asks for it like they did for others?


Passing Through

It's Most Unfortunate ..

by Passing Through on

that the authorities in Iran, have to resort to such level of oppression to condemn and imprison all those who hold an opposing view.

My only hope is that the sacrifices made by our Brothers and Sisters in Iran, would ultimately lead to the establishment of a 'Secular Democratic' Government in our Beloved Iran. 

As it was the case of Rennaisance in Europe, the true Juices Of Creativity Can Not Flow In Our Beloved Iran Until This Dark Cloud Of Religious Oppression Is Totally And Completely Removed.

Similarly, As  Was The Case With Christianity In Europe, And Its Separation From The Government There, So Should Be The Case With Islam, And Its Total And Complete Separation From The Government,  In Our Beloved Iran.

Nothing More, And Indeed, Nothing Less ...