"Iran's Christian Revolution"

Christian Broadcasting Network

CBN News Chief International Correspondent Gary Lane visited the country last year to get an exclusive look at the Iranian church. He said the idea behind the Iranian Revolution was to establish the world's first modern state governed solely by Islamic law. Ayatollah Khomeini believed a more prosperous society could be created if the Iranian people and their government adhered to tenets of the Koran.


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With no offense to

by monireh on



Saman and My Religion is Superior thing :)

by faryarm on

saman You said :

"I also love it when people say "I have respect for all religions" when deep down they REALLY think their religion is superior to others. :O) 

I guess what you are implying is that "deep down"  I think that the SUN that rose This morning is "Superior" to the SUN that Arose Last Monday  :)

Saman Jaan

The reality is that I see religions as progressive chapters in the spiritual evolution of mankind;

Please try and digest what is being said here, because by your 13th imam example you show great disregard and misunderstanding of religious history.


Hm, I'll take khamenei instead!!!

by payamshahfari on

I don't follow any religion, but I'd say this, at the risk of righfully pissing some of you off, that I would rather tolerate khomeini and khamenei for 30 years than tolerate rick warren and the fascist evangelicals for 30 seconds. I'd rather be a muslim and go to masjed than be an evangelical and go to mega churches. I'd rather have my children recite the quran than have them speak in tongues. Christians are just as fanatic as fanatic muslims. The US is one of the most religious fanatic countries in the world, (yes more than Iran). Where else can you find mega churches?

Check this: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=LACyLTsH4ac




by Saman on

In a few hundred years from now when Islam (and Shiitism) evolve, history will have forgotten the violent behavior of today's Islam. Just like Judaism and Christianity ... and that's when people look back and make Khomeini to be the 13th Imam or even turn him in to a new prophet. History repeats itself!

I also love it when people say "I have respect for all religions" when deep down they REALLY think their religion is superior to others. :O) 


Islam and Christianity...

by faryarm on

I write this as one who was born and lived in a Muslim country; attended years of church in an English Town and has loving cousins and extended family who are Muslims, Jews and Christians.

So I will try to offer this perspective on what Iranians are confronted with in the  attempt to satisfy their spiritual Hunger.

Iranians are by nature very spiritual. They have lost faith in the Mullah's interpretation of Islam and yet their hearts still crave for spiritual enlightenment.

The  loving message of Jesus and Christianity;its principle of love thy neigbour and turning the other cheek,  is at the heart of Christianity and stands in stark contrast to the more judgmental violence practiced by the Shia leadership for centuries. This is not to say that any one religion is better than the other, for I believe that each religion has been revealed by the same God to a different people and place for a specific and limited amount of time.

Islam and Christianity and indeed all the revealed religions practiced by mankind have ONE common foundation, and any attempt to place one above the other is wrong; the major cause of division between religions have not been the religions , or their teachings.

Self serving Religious leaders today and throughout history have been mostly responsible for religious wars, the disunity and discord between old and newer religions; 

The Jewsih Rabbis refused to recognize Jesus ad His new message more tha 2000 years ago.

Once established, the Christian Church refused to accept Muhammad's Message as a new Revelation from God, and chose to start a Crusade against Islam; although there is much in the Quran about the autehnticity and divinity of Jesus Christ as the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

In the same fashion, The Mullahs have  refused and rejected the Bab and Baha'u'llah; and to this day have gone to the most despicable ends to try and stop the spread of Baha'u'llahs Spiritual principles, which without the existence of any clerical class, and purely by the love, self sacrifice and conviction of its followers has spread to every corner of the world.

 These newborn Iranian Christian converts  have every right to turn to Christianity. because although Islam is a more recent and complete revelation from God; The version of christianity preached to them is by  design an adapted and  less intrusive, and simplified westernized interpretation made to be more palatable to Iranians.

What is ironic is that if true Christianity ( just like true Islam) with all its prescribed  original laws and restrictions, not to mention all the centuries of added ritual,dogma and superstition  were to be preached and practiced, along with the same type of enforcement by ultra Fundamentalist Christian "Mullahs"; people would not see much difference between fundamentalist Islam and Fundamentalist Christianity.  

At the heart of this wave of interest in "modern" christianity is a well known and decades old evangelistic strategy backed by multi million dollar budgets designed to make new converts, one that requires little or no independent study, analysis, deep study or comparative study of other religions. 

However, there is no harm in learning about Jesus Christ ; the individual search for meaning and the  Worship of God and the spiritual bond that is created between the Creator and His Creation;  whether it is in a Synagogue, Church, Mosque or any place where one can get in touch with one's Soul.

What is however both clear and heartening is that our fiercely aware and intelligent Iranian Youth have shown amazing clarity and vision and can not be led by any man made ritual or dogma. 

We just don't need the "middle man"anymore  to keep us apart ; to separate us from each other and to tell us what to think or believe.


maziar 58

az challeh........

by maziar 58 on

 BOOROON FETADEH DAR CHAH SHOODIM,        these akhoonds will keep their chairs full force ,even if the whole Iranian walk away from Islam;

the whole daava is   sare lahaffe mullast.    Maziar



by Saman on

Worse than practicing Islam is to convert to something else!

This is when only half of the brain has worked by questioning Islam.

Then the rest fails to work by not learning about other religions/God and not realizing how stupid and man-made they all are.

By the way ... the most violent and oppressive religion recorded in history is Christianity. 



Kool-Aid 1/2 Price Today Only

by NOT_AK69 on




One thing

by amirkabear4u on

is right ahmadenejad DOES NEED to pray. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, all we need is to change one khorafat to another.

by پیام on

It doesn't seem a good idea to me.


This is all we need

by cyclicforward on

Another oppressive religion after Islam. Whatever we do this time, we should make sure the government of Iran is secular.


Hallelujah !

by ThePope on

More and more...

New born Christians of Tehran are not only attending House Churches, but they are actually attending Churches; some Churches of Tehran are now FULL packed during sermons.

-Ah, can't wait for the day the regime's thugs attack Churches (& its new members)...


P.S   A lot of Iran's youth are turning to Zoroastrianism, too. ;-)