Iran blames Pakistan, US, UK

Democracy Now's report on senior Revolutionary Guard commanders killed

AP: The chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guard on Monday accused the United States, Britain and Pakistan of having links with the Sunni militants responsible for a suicide bombing that killed five senior Guard commanders and 37 others. Iran's president said those behind Sunday's bombing are hiding across the border in Pakistan, and in a phone call with his Pakistani counterpart on Monday he demanded their arrest. A Sunni rebel group that has waged a low-level insurgency in southeastern Iran to protest what it says is government persecution of an ethnic minority in the region claimed responsibility for the attack. The claim was posted Monday on an Islamic Web site that usually publishes al-Qaida statements. Its authenticity could not be verified.

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This is an informative piece

by benross on

This is an informative piece of journalism. Thanks.

CIA involvement in the formation of this group can not be ruled out. But I don't see how this suicide bombing can benefit U.S, or anybody else for that matter.

It is conceivable that CIA had plans for developing a zone of influence in that region and it is as simplistic to think there is no U.S. operative involved in different regions of Iran as to think there is no IRI operative involved here in but these are business as usual. I wouldn't draw any 'strategic' objective out of this situation, for any country.

It looks more like CIA involvement in creating 'Taleban' and even 'Alqa'deh'. Taleban was supported to fight Russians then it took a life of its own. You can't say Bush era policies were the smartest in the world! 


KARMA is real.

by alipournourbakhsh on

Karma is sweet.  You killed many inocent Iranians and now you are dead yourself.  Karma is not done with the Iranian leadership yet.

Ali Pournourbakhsh

Louie Louie

Don't expect much from Amy Goodman

by Louie Louie on

Last year I saw a video on her show, it was Bonnie Tyler's song "holding out for a hero" while showing Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Morales :o)))))



The gate keeper of the left broke her silence on Iran

by didani on

This is Amy Goodman's first coverage of Iran after the elections (did I miss any?). Like the right and the middle, America's progressive media also has no appetite for covering the Iranian uprising and human rights (lack of)!



by MRX1 on

so I guess the usually suspects zionist, jews and neo cons are off the hook now and now pakistan is among the enemies of our glorious republic.