Abbasi: Holocaust & reformists

Radical Islamist says Mousavi collaborating with spies

Hasan Abbasi condemns Khatami, Mousavi and other reformists for "collaborating" with "anti-Islam" westerners and "spies":





He is a mental case!



by پیام on

خیلی‌ خنده دار هست که چه گونه این دیوانه مسائلی‌ را که هیچ
ربطی‌ به هم ندارند را به هم گره میزند و در جمعبندی به این نتیجه می‌رسد
که طبق معمول توطئه‌ای به دست دشمنان ایران (؟) طراحی شده است تا ایران را
به خاک سیاه بنشند. این دایناسورها که نسلشان خیلی‌ زودتر باید
منقرض میشد، الان در ایران قدرت را در دست دارند.


His name is Hasan Abbasi ( not Reza).

by پیام on

Based on the same arguments he is using, he is an arab spy in Iran.

American Dream

What happened?

by American Dream on

After the coup there was a change in this guys tone of voice.

Before the coup, he was screaming and yelling...

After the coup, he was speaking in a low tone.

It seems he got his job done.

Either that or the voter fraud that was alleged was a victory for his camp.

Interesting to note, this dude quotes Abbas Milani, a Professor in the United States...

Which reminds me, who was the fool that handed over Iran to the theocracy?


Darius Kadivar

Abbasi Go Ahead Make My Day !

by Darius Kadivar on

Go Ahead Make my day Punk !



On behalf of my people

by OmidKarimi on

Go to hell you sosmar. So his logic is that if other regimes act like barbars and question Islam as a peaceful religion, we must start questioning a genocide? Why not call them out for the alleged racism and discrimination they run instead of jumping to the same policy? Didn't Israel theaten to bomb Iran BECAUSE of Ahmadinejads Holocaust theories? And what does all of this have to do with the Iranian people's rights in the first place? And who is caring more about what the US says, the green movement? Or you Dr. Abbasi. In this speech I hear an insecure propagandist, a Persian Dick Cheney, Frum, Bolton etc. A puppet.


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