Zereshk Polo with chicken

Food Safari tv show


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To: Desi - you are correct about the chicken

by farrad02 on

This lady's recipes (for both chicken and rice) are influenced by her stay abroad.  The recipes she gives are NOT authentic, but her own version which is apparently influenced by availability of spices and ingredients where she lives and no doubt by her own particular taste!

But the results do look authentic. Let's hope it tasted as good as it looked!




Yummy.  However, I don't

by desi on

Yummy.  However, I don't ever remember making zeresh polo with a chili seasoning or garlic for the chicken.  I thought it was sauteed onions with turmeric, chicken, lemon juice, salt and saffron.  I could be wrong or every province could have their own spin on this recipe.


Is this program British or Canadian?

by farrad02 on

Which network is Food Safari on?



by farrad02 on

She said the purpose of the cloth on the lid was to absorb the steam so it won't go back inthe rice! :-)  

No lady, it's to provide a seal around the lid to prevent it from escaping and create a pressure cooker effect.



Suddenly I feel hungry :)

by پیام on

Great manual for al the "mojarad"s among us.



by yolanda on

IC stands for Iranian.com





What is IC?

by onlyinamrica on

Yolanda jaan can you tell me what IC is?



by yolanda on

I have saved the video! It is super interesting to watch. I like the whole thing except adding butter to the rice. I especially like the colors of the rice: maroon, white, yellow, and green. It looks like a piece of art! My favorite ingredient is saffron!


P.S.    I probably don't have time to cook this dish 'cause I have too much IC. IC is food to my brain! O:)