Roohollah Mir Noorollahi

2009 Asian Juniors Body Building Champion, below 65kg


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برزو گو زو


With all due respect to this gentleman, bodybuilders were not regarded as serious athletes in Iran. After all the lifting, they could not lift like major weightlifters. And they never ran or did anything cardiovascular, because that would have melted their muscles! That's why they called them Borzoo Goozoo! Lots of hot air!

They just pumped up and looked pretty!



by HEVAK on




He's not as ripped as me

by Iraniandudeee on




"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb


Wow, unbelievable!

by پیام on

Greatly sculpted body.


Good job...

by Emil on

Nice I'm jealous...Ms Arbab should have invited him to the LA bikini fashion show...


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Congrats! I was under the impression that symmetry was a big factor in championship bodybuilding. Mir Noroollahi's abs are quite a bit higher on the right side. Is there an exception for abs?


a 10 for sure

by ahmad_ on

he deserves gold for his category. congrats

American Dream

Congrats to the Iranian who changed the world of Body Building

by American Dream on

Interesting to note is that he has the same first name as the founder of the Iranian Revolution Ayat'Allah Ruh'Allah Moosavi Khomayni. 

I wonder what Khomayni would have thought about body building.

How Iran has changed in 30 years.


And may everyone get Zulbeeyah, Baamieyeh, Shooleh zard, Halva, and Khoresh ghaymeh.





by yolanda on

I am glad he won...he reminds me of a bronze statue!