Khamenei, American hostage

Meeting after takeover of U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979

بازدید آیت الله سید علی خامنه ای از کارمندان در بند سفارت امریکا (لانه جاسوسی). وقتی کارمند سفارت امریکا می گوید ایرانی ها خیلی تعارفی هستند و نمی گذارند مهمانشان برود، آقای خامنه ای در پاسخ گفت که اتفاقا این بار ملت ایران دوست ندارند شما این جا باشید و بمانید.


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That's interesting!

by HollyUSA on

My comment was deleted! Hmmmm I wonder which part was unacceptable? Oh that's right...the not so pretty truth I guess. Oh well. Somethings never change ha?

Farah Rusta


by Farah Rusta on

Khamenei's use of the word amanat  (safekeep) in reference to the Shah in the last few seconds of the clip is the punch line of this joke. How could mullahs ask for the return of someone they never owned?!!




The original source for this old video ...

by didani on

Pedestrian's blog is a must read, Pedestrian is the sidewalks of Tehran in quest of glory.


American Dream

John Limbert is a good American

by American Dream on

John Limbert was an American hostage in Iran for 444 days.

The hostage fiasco was the biggest mistake that the I.R.I. did in it's 30 year hisory.

If the hostage crisis did not take place Iran would be viewed as an ally like Saudi Arabia.

What a big mistake.

Everyone and his mother knew that the Shah had terminal cancer as of February 11, 1979.

There was absolutely no way the Shah could have returned to Iran in November 1979.  When the Shah dropped dead in July 27, 1980 no one was surprised.





how ironic, now his people are calling on him for justice

by mahmoudg on

He wanted the late Shah to be returned.  Now the same Iranian people are calling for Khamenei and his regime to be removed and tried.  How ironic......

Darius Kadivar

Hey Ain't That John Limbert an NIAC Advisor with Khamenei ? ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

In Good Company deegeh ! ... LOL


He speaks Excellent Persian. Ideal for Spying by the Way ...

What do You Say Trita ?


John Limbert interviewed for Hostage Crisis Part One --- VOA Documentary

PS: John Limbert's Memoirs were used for an Awful Canadian TV Movie back in 1991 called Iran Days of Crisis aka L'Amerique En Hotage . The actor who played Limbert was Arliss Howard (who is actress Debra Winger's husband ) and Parveneh Limbert , Liberts Persian Wife was played by Alice Krige. Finally The Shah of Iran was portrated by French actor Daniel Gélin. To Be Honest Overall the film was not all that bad just a little too biaised when it came to depicting the events. More Here


wow homor in times of crisis

by Q on

what a valuable tool for coping!