13 Aban protests (1)

Green demonstrations in Tehran and other cities

Good clip with personal observations:

Head injury from Basiji stick:

Tehran, 13 Aban, "Marg Bar Khamenei":

13 Aban, Najafabad Azad University

Shiraz University:

Tehran University: "Marg bar asl e velaayat e faghih":

"Iran e sabz e aabaad, bomb e atom nemikhad:"

Raising "Green Flag" at Tehran University:

Amirkabir University students, Polytechnic, Golshan dormitory:

State TV news mentions protesters:

Woman protester stands up and directs crouwd:

Tear gas:

People confront raiot police:

Excellent footage of protests and people taking refuge at a construction site while Basijis arrest two young men outside:

Mofatteh Metro Station, "Esteghlal, azadi, jomhooriye Irani"

Tehran, young woman beaten by Basiji:

Basiji identified among protesters:

Basiji violence:

Look at this one. This one shows people being attacked:

"Obama, Obama, ya ba oona ya ba ma:"



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To: American Dream

by okhtapous on

Not the only way, but it would work.However I am afraid that Obama has no intention of doing anything here. So don't hold your breath. Obama is too busy working out his health reform. 
Plus it is really not America's business to fix Iran. All I ask is for the west to not make it worse. 

The green movement is bogus because it is based on Islam. We need a secular movement. Maybe green will morph into it. If not something else will appear..



Re: i just need 2 minutes with these beepedars....

by okhtapous on

That is what the "religion of peace" stands for. Make no mistake that is exactly where they get inspiration.We should thank: Bazargan; Shariati; Golesorkhi and the rest of the charlatans for this mess. They will go sonner or later. Will we be able to make something better.


Give me liberty,or give me

by timothyfloyd on



American Dream


by American Dream on

You have missed the point.

The point being that only a military attack by NATO with all the rest of the things I wrote can rid Iran of the theocracy.

That being said, the Green Movement is bogus.  They can't do anything but get beat up by the Iranian police forces.

That is being realistic and nothing else.  And that is what is sacred.


American Wet dreamer

by capt_ayhab on

You know what war plans you need to have first?

First......... stop dreaming.

second....... stop crying like a little girl in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are getting day light kicked out of you in those two places.

Third........... When you done wiping your tears off from crying your heart out in those two places then get your sorry being here and ask for atomic attack on Iran.

Forth.......... stop dreaming little man. This crap you have been spewing are way too big for your little mouth.



Neda ye Iran e Azad

American Dream

by Neda ye Iran e Azad on

Sweet dreams! Is that Afghanistan in a better condition or Iraq? We want our country back and we will take it back. You go and have your dream!

سبز سبز تا بهار

American Dream

The irrelevant Green Movement

by American Dream on

The irrelevant Green Movement and it's leader Karoubi and Mousavi are just plain old news.  If it wasn't for the June 2009 election results none of this would be happening.  And Karoubi, a leader of the reform movement has said that he is following the true path of Ayat'Allah Khomayni.  That is all I have to hear.  On this anniversary of the American hostage crisis I condemn all these hooligans and their 30 years of barbaric acts.

There is one way to get rid of them.  A land invasion by NATO forces, aerial bombings,  a couple of atomic bombs, the blocade of the Gulf so that not one item is exported out of Iran.  Land forces must enter Iran through American allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan.  Now is a better time than ever.  With internal problems the theocracy is a free fall mode.

What would the result be:





by yolanda on

I love the video with the title Raising "Green Flag" at Tehran University.

It is super cool and very touching moment! People are very creative! They do everything possible to express themselves. They are super smart!

thanks for posting the cool videos!


!Nice pictures Mona بگو. مرگ بر دیکتاتور بگو. مرگ بر دیکتاتور


Everything is sacred.


Look at this one, till the end:

by پیام on

اینجا فلسطین نیست!!! خیابانهای تهران هست و اینها پلیس اسرائیل نیستند، بلکه نیروهای سپاه هستند:



Mariam Amiri

Shame on bi-gheyrat Basijis !!!!!

by Mariam Amiri on

How can these thugs beat a defenceless woman with a batton?? I am so angry and sad!!

Nousha Arzu


by Nousha Arzu on

"Think tanks, no thanks."

Priceless. Thank you!




People stomping on Khamenei picture

by IRANdokht on


i just need 2 minutes with these beepedars....

by shushtari on

bastards are beating up innocent, unarmed women!

hell is comin to these cowards, very soon.

like bache irany said perfectly, anyone who stands against his people will be brought down


javid iran 



by yolanda on

Since a lady got beat up by a basiji today, I have a revenge video, at 1:57 (1st minute 57th second) of the video, an Iranian lady kicked a policeman (or basiji) twice, yeah!! 



The woman in the video who takes charge and leads the protests

by Onlyiran on

should be declared the leader of this movement from now on.  I want to see her as president of the Republic of Iran some day.  Iranian males--such as myself--have failed Iran and our people miserably.  It's time for a woman to be in charge.

More power to that brave Iranian sister. She has more courage on the tip of her pinky than all of us loudmouths on this site, myself included.   


rohaniye vaghei

by Q on

Montazeri Sanei!



by yolanda on

The woman-beating video is very disturbing! Thank God that at the end of the tape 2 guys and 1 lady tried to stop the beating, wow they are super kind!


     I agree with your post except the 2 words starting with "wh-". You are as good and kind as the 3 people in the video trying to rescue the lady. Good job!




Shame on the women beaters.

by pedro on

Do you call yourself a men, with your batton, and gear beating a women. you have the heart of a dead rat you son of an Arab whore. you will pay for your deeds. you will be sent back to the Arab country to the whore house that your mother was serving the French and british service men. The act of beating a defense less Iranian women shows that you are serving your Arab leaders and have no kin with Iranians. your time will come when the women you wrere beating is going to point the finger at you in the justice court of republic of Iran for the beatings, rapes and torture. You better be prepaired cause you will have to answer to the 70 million iranians.

bacheh irany

let them keep this up!

by bacheh irany on

This regime has obviously not learnd anything from history.....ANY GOVERNMENT THAT OPENLY STANDS AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE WILL GO DOWN. PERIOD. yes it will take time and blood. let the basij/sepah/ whatever the fuck they call themselves keep doing this. they are only digging their own grave...mother fuckers!!


Regime was sending ordinary

by vildemose on

Regime was sending ordinary people SMS 2 make them fear from taking part in the protests. Clashes rprtd at Mofatah/Motahari jctn #13aban

Neda's mother has been arrested at 7 Tir. Many beaten up and arrested at 7 Tir  - unconfirmed

Helicopters are flying so low around 7tir that all windows are shaking. Shooting at 7Tir however is a rumour. only savage beating #13aban

people have been atatcked at Karimkhan they are beating men women and children but people are resisting #13aban

Karroubi has been seen in the crowds confirmed #13aban

crowds shout we will fight we will die we will get our iran back #13aban



Flynt Leverett Eat Your

by vildemose on

Flynt Leverett Eat Your Words Its going to take me some time to collect all the film footage from today's protests across Iran, but the first one is probably the most important one in terms of relaying today's protest message to the world. First footage shgows people of Iran chant 'Obama You are Either on Their Side or on Our Side'.

I have always said the vast majority of numerous American think tanks should be renamed as think tanks no thanks and how useless their researchers and policy advisers are. The likes of Flynt Leverett may think Ahmadienjad won the elections and that Ahamdinejad is in firm control of Iran but today the people of Iran once again proved the Flynt Leveretts should be sent to retirement or to the 'dustbin of history' as his friends in Iran often say.
More from France24 News Agency'


Baseej Women Beaters A

by vildemose on

Baseej Women Beaters

A girl is walking away and a riot guard stops her, she is all alone against the big metal gate, defenseless and not bothering anyone, but an anti-riot guard decides to lash her across the sheens a couple of times with his truncheon. But there is worse to come, another girl is pulled over and this time she is smacked in the face with the truncheon, she is knocked out and when a young man comes to her aid, he too is pulled away and kneed in the face before more women come to their rescue. Also notice the security agent with the camera who is filming the protesters. This is what they do in public, just imagine what they do behind the prisons.

Scum of the earth and their supporters.

Neda ye Iran e Azad


Neda ye Iran e Azad

بنازم غیرت همه شون رو. من فکر نمیکردم با وضعی که سرکوبگرها شروع کردند تظاهرات به جایی برسه اما مردم با اینکه کتک خوردند اما میدون رو خالی نکردند و در عوض بیشتر و مستحکم تر شدند. شمارش معکوس رژیم سریعتر شده

سبز سبز تا بهار




by yolanda on

Wow! The protesters have undampened spirit!  I watched all the videos; I like this collection 'cause the videos are from all over the places, it is just amazing! My favorite one is the music video showing protesters clapping and singing in perfect harmony! It is like a big family!

Thanks for loading the videos so quickly!


Mr. anonymous111.2, Mr. Saeb and Ms. IRANdokht

by capt_ayhab on

As another animal lover and animal owner, after I posted that remark I realized how insensitive I have been toward those mojodate khoda. so,

I do hereby expend my sincere apologizes to all the dirty pigs around the world who were unlucky enough to have given birth to these monsters called baseeji and pasdar. Too bad they did not end up like all those cute piglets, rather they choose to befriend Akhunds.

Is this better my dear man ;-o)



هموطن ایرانی


این نامرد های بسیجی و گارد را نمیتوان خوک هم نامید زیرا اهانت به خوک میشود. این ها همان ضحاک خون خوار انسان خوار  مار به دوش تازی هستند كه از برون تا عمق درون فاسد و گندیده اند و بوی تعفن هر یکشان آبادی ها و شهر ها را مستهجن مینماید. از انسان بودن فقط ظاهری بیشتر نیستند.  


I agree

by IRANdokht on

Pigs are also delicious and provide the other white meat!

btw, watching these videos that started coming out at midnight last night does a number on your nerves. It's June-July all over again... 


Thanks for collecting all the footage GS



Captain Jaan

by anonymous111.2 on

As an animal lover I must ask you to stop insulting pigs.  Claiming that they are related to Pasdaars takes away the respect that they deserve as harmless animals and contributers to our ecosystem.


Mr. Saeb

by capt_ayhab on

جناب صائب

یک زن روسپی از روی ناچاری تن به اون کار میده، ولی‌ یک پاسدار از رحم یک انسان به بار نیومده بلکه زادهٔ یک خوک کثیف است