Sex in the Islamic World


Muslims may accuse the West of being obsessed with sex and decadence, but their own religion and culture is quite enthralled with it too. This is an updated version of a previous video, complete with a new audio track and new visuals.


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Too funny

by King David (not verified) on


Too funny. I was watching BC Battles on the History Channel. Please tell all the beasts I am sorry.

BBC's Mullah-

I have read the Koran and I'm still Moslem. I completely respect your opinions. I feel however that your view is skewed because of your misguided "facts" that you claim to tell. But, it's cool. To each his own.

Respectfully King David aka "The Beast"
No I'm joking. However, seriously I hope God is pleased with him.


King David

by capt_ayhab on

Calling the genocidal King David a beast is an utter insult to beasts. What have BEASTS done to you man?? ;-)

same way calling Christianity religion of peace is an insult to humanity. May I remind you of WW I and WW II, and rest of the WARS for that fact????

Have great day



The truth can be liberating

by BBC's Mullah (not verified) on

The REAL "beast" was Mohammad, the sexually driven prophet who had 12 wives and one of them, Aisha, was only 8-and-a-half years old! Can you imagine a 63 year-old man having sex with an 8-year old? That's sickening and disgusting -- that's pedophilia, that's the chief prophet of Islam!

Even today's ayatollahs and mullahs believe that sex with 9-year old girls is just fine under Islamic principles. The truth is, this foreign belief system is beastly! And if people were open-minded, and not scared that Allah would turn them into a stone, they would open the Quran and OBJECTIVELY read its passages and come to the same conclution: Islam and its prophets are the real "beasts." As Salman Rushie put it so accurately, they are "Satanic verses."


haha BBC's Mullahs

by King David (not verified) on

No matter how hard you try to demonize Eslam, I'd still be more afraid of King David, that guy was... a "beast."



by PersianGulf (not verified) on

When will we stop apologizing for Islam and its inherent barbarity? There is a lot of anger and violence in every corner of the Quran. Even its heros are combative -- its main prophet supposedly fought some 78 battles. Where are the peace-loving non-violent heroes like Jesus in the Quran?

At least in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus set an example for future leaders like Ghandi and Martin Luther King. All we have in the Quran are men like Mohammad who fought and killed his enemies, leading to imam Hossein who went into battle against a superior enemy, and so we shouldn't be surprised with the kind of holy warriors like Osama Bin Laden in the Islamic world.

Jesus said to "turn the other cheek," meaning if someone slapped you, you should "turn the other cheek" and let him slap you again. Do we have any peace loving pacifist heroes like Jesus in the Quran?


If we did, maybe that would be a good example for others in the Islamic world. As it turns out, todays fanatics follow the examples of imam Hossein and Mohammad, who fought 78 battles.

With examples and heroes like these, is it any wonder that today's Muslims often take up the sword every time they have a complaint against anybody??? In other words, the "actions of a few" are a symptom of a much bigger problem within Islam itslef, and I'm afraid the diagnosis inevitably, if one is open-minded, leads one to believe that Islam is not a peace-loving belief system, specially when it comes to differing people and ideas.


Islamic Countries

by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

It is a form of deception (and ignorance) to always blame the problems of a certain cancer, namely a certain bedouin cancer, on the "actions of a few." Tell me, if you will someone, of ONE prosperous "muslim" country today?

Why is it that ALL muslim counries have this idea, which they get from the Quran itslef, that violence is okay, against women, non-believers, etc. etc. Even in Turkey, which the Europeans are trying so hard to integrate into the EU, has its "Islamic problem" as does France, England, and many other European countries.

Every muslim nation, from Asia to Africa is under the spell of Islamic disorder, or for a lack of a better term, disease. So long as we have the manual itself, the Quran, with all of its venegeful and violent passages, muslim countries will always be backward and in the dark.

The Christians had their reformation and they had a non-violent leader like Jesus, a pacifist ("turn the other cheek" in the face of aggression). Islam is not about turning the other cheek. It is about meeting aggression head on and fighting all forces it deems aggressive. That is the foundation of the problem. Violence is too often the answer to every problem within Islam. So, please, save your "Isalm is about peace" nonsense. Islam is about peace so long as every person on the planet has submitted to Allah, and thus, is a muslim.

Ghandi and Martin Luther King followed in the footsteps of Jesus and non-violence. Osama Bin Laden and many many other Arabs (Khomeini, etc.) followed in the footsteps of "imam" Hossein and Mohammad, who fought 78 battles in his time.

Wafare is the bread and butter of Islamic heroes. Yes, not all Europeans have followed the example of Jesus, but the example is there to be followed. Where do we have a non-violent, pacifist ("turn the other cheek") sort of hero in the Quran???



by capt_ayhab on

My hat off to you sir/madam.

It is refreshing to see open minded people set forth logical and civilized arguments such as yourself.

We allow HATE to fill our hearts and minds against other religions, races and gender, and at the same time, with same breath we talk about equality, freedom of choice, and tolerance. This is what I call hypocrisy in its ugliest form.

So as long as we do not empty our souls from hate and replace it with love, so as long as we hold entire religion/race/gender responsible for the actions of few, this is going to go on. Sadly enough the result is what we see around us, WAR, HATE, BLOODSHED and AGGRESSION. Muslim against Jews, Jews against Arabs, Catholics against Protestants, Shi'a against Sunni, whites against blacks, man against woman, etc etc etc................




Islam is NOT peaceful

by Sassan (not verified) on

Ali R. writes: "The Quran speaks of peace, balance, equality and tolerance for all human beings."

This is clearly NOT true, no matter how much you want to believe it -- specially if you are a non-believer! The Quran is NOT peaceful to those who reject Islam as a belief system.

There are numerous passages in the Quran promoting murder, beheadings, amputation of fingers, toes and limbs of those who do not accept Islam as the word of God. As such, it's not very credible to say that Islam promotes "tolerance for all human beings."

This is DEFINITELY not true!

Islam promotes peace and equality for muslim men, only! There is no true equality for muslim women either. Seriously, why do we need this religion anyway, specially in Iran, where we already have a perfect belief system that is short, sweet and to the point: Good words, good thoughts, good deeds. I don't need charlatans (ayatollahs) and 12 imams (one of whom has been hiding for a 1,000 years) to tell me what God "meant to say."

God is in my heart and my heart says to do good, say good things and think good thoughts, period!!! Why do we need a 1,000 pages of ANY holy book, specially one (Quran) that promotes savagery and hardship for non-believers? It makes absolutely no sense in today's world, none!


As far as I know...the

by feelingoflove1302 (not verified) on

As far as I know...the Christian Bible contains SEXUAL LOVE SONGS...Song of Songs is what one may consider to be a pronographic love story...I have no interest in either way. But the reason for sex in the Bible and in the Quran is to show how beautiful it can be. How one should view sex...not just as an object for our own sexual pleasures to have with as many men or women as we please.

As for this video..."tilled land" is land that has already been prepared for sowing. Past tense my friend. in other words sowing one's is a command to go forth and propogate. People who take anything literaly in religious texts are ignorant in their views. All of these texts are metaphorical and alligorical. Please don't use LITERAL translations. Many people make that mistake. If these Holy books are the word of God...why do people...the lowly...pressume to understand. Never assume you know God's mind.

We all need to respect each religion. Such as is taught in the Quran and taught in the Bible. Turn the other cheek. Love thy neighbor.

I hope this may enlight some...for others it may offend...but sometimes the truth hurts. But yes sexual repression as well as sexual freedom are both extremes. I don't get why this person is just attacking Islam for sexual repression where in Christianity it is also an issue. Take the Catholic preists and nuns in Ireland. Sexual frustration has led these men and women to lash out both sexually, physically and emotionally towards these poor children. Sexual freedom has led to STDs and preteen pregnancy...All should be in moderation.


The Catholic Mexican-American

PS...Didn't want anyone to think I was biast...;)


The Quran taken out of context

by Ali R. (not verified) on

Obviously, this person has taken the verses out of context. In addition, such individuals do not have the knowledge to interpret the Quran. Is he a Muslim? Has he studied Islam for years? Obviously not, he's probably some white boy who decided to post something on youtube just to gain a few views from his controversial, and politically and religiously incorrect claims. You can't have more than one wife if you cannot provide for the first. Permission to rape women in the Quran? I've read the Quran, and no such thing is in any verse of the Quran. The Quran speaks of peace, balance, equality and tolerance for all human beings. Yes, the Islamic fundamentalists have abused Islam for their own personal benefits, but no one has the right to point to the Quran and blame the Word of God for the misdeeds of mankind. Honestly, some people need to think logically sometimes instead of blindly and emotionally. I pray that all people reach this reality sometime in their lives so that the truth can manifest itself throughout our society, one day.


"Concerned Iranian"


Thank you for replying.  No, I am actually referring to CURRENT crimes by Western countries whose complicity with crimes against humanity committed by Israel against Palestinians, for example, has outraged their own humane and concerned populations. Getting nearer home to the UK, where I live, the participation in an illegal inhuman war thousands of miles away in Iraq has killed over a million and devastated a country.  US/UK instigated sanctions prior to the invasion of 2003, is estimated to have killed about a million innocent people.  The fact that these crimes are committed against people with no names and no recourse to justice far away from the clean and democratic 'centres of civilisations' does not make them any less criminal.  And, since you spoke of comparison, you need to also consider the scale and magnitude of these crimes. The point I am making is to be even-handed and honest if we are indeed concerned about humanity and strive for peace, for Iranians and for the rest of humanity.

بنی آدم اعضای یک دیگرند     که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند

با سپاس و شب شما خوش

khaleh mosheh

I agree Chief, this is a propaganda

by khaleh mosheh on

clip and truly unworthy of a serious intellectual discourse. We ought to recognise disinformation prepared as part of an orchestrated campaign to dehumanise and demonise when we see it.



by Concerned-Iranian (not verified) on

Thank you for writing on behalf of Payam S. (Just kidding) :-)

I get your point and you are right... You are probably referring to Europe in the PAST which by the way Sweden was never a colonist and thus was not really involved with hurting other people in other countries... Or you may be referring to the U.S. foreign policy especially in the last unfortunate 8 years and during Bush admin. which the whole world including Europe and Europeans were against it as well...

My point is that fanatic Islamic Governments around the world TODAY (mainly the EVIL I.R.) have committed crimes against humanity in their own countries and against their own defenseless citizens NOW and TODAY!!!

That is an absolute and undeniable fact sister and if you still try to bring in another argument about comparing them with other criminal entities of the PAST and change the main argument/subject to yet another indirect advantage and support of I.R. and justify their criminal actions against humanity and our own people, then I really wonder about your judgment and motives as a concerned human being, let alone a Concerned Iranian!

Let's clean our own back yard first before worrying about other criminal's ...

Much respect back to you...



by capt_ayhab on

Well said.

One of the 10 commandments says:

[You shall not covet your neighbour’s house; you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.]

It uses the word COVET as thought WOMEN are properties, and at the same time condones and approves slavery.

Question is though, Are we to demonize honorable religions of Christianity and Judaism with this one word?




by capt_ayhab on

As a matter of fact I have read some of those garbage called [Resaleh]. In order to accept those rubbish as word of truth one must first recognize akhunds as being true Muslims.

Those trash[Resaleh] are written by bunch of superstitious opportunist akhunds to be fed to the illiterate and superstitious public who can not read nor can comprehend the BOOK[Qur'an] itself.

The clip is sorry excuse for demonizing 1.5 billion Muslims who do not follow the trash that is written in [Resaleh's]. As I said, I have read many of those rubbish, for the fun of it,  however I have not seen the parts you are referring to[case of earth quake and sex with Aunt].I would love to see it as a nice laughter piece, IF you provide the citation.
For an alleged educated person to make those garbage as base for an argument is nothing short of justifying one hate toward billion of people.

We all need to rise above hate, and make room in our hearts to respect people for the faith they hold dear. If we propagate democracy, then we ought to give everyone the freedom to chose what ever it is they want to worship. And not just follow the FADE of demonizing Islam, It getting rather boring to take out of context one or two verse form a huge book[Qur'an] and base our hate and dislike on that one verse.

As one of the commentators pointed out, you can see these types of verses in every single ancient religious book. Can you not?




Religion as law

by jamh on

Religion was the law of the land. Priests were its lawyers, judges. Law of course encompasses all aspects of life including sex and marriage. And most religions are old. They reflect the laws of a 1000 years ago where women were second class citizens at best and property at worse. If you can believe it, rape is not mentioned in the ten commandments. To judge religions fairly you must judge them as a body of law. And if you did that you'll realize that it isn't easy to compare. How to you compare adherence for example? How would you judge Christianity during the Inquisition? Or Judaism during Herod's reign? Should they still be the law of the land? Of course not.




Could you please give reference to 'halal' sex with one's "auntie" in the event of an earthquake? Please give title, author, date, publication, page, and quotation, and I will check it out with interest.


"Concerned Iranian"


You say that "one massive difference between the "Eurocentric idiots" vs the "Criminal Islamofacists" is the fact that (AGAIN TODAY) they do not torture,execute and kill their own citizens so barbaricly and shamelessly!That is an undeniable fact, no matter where you are coming from!". ... Please could you clarify what makes torturing, executing and killing citizens of other countries (and in their millions) any less heinous than one's own compatriots?  

Thank you in advance for your well thought out and peaceful reply. 


Truth is truth

by armeen (not verified) on

No matter if the speaker of this video is a fundamentalist of another creed or ideology, he says the truth and nobody can question such a truth which is as straightforeward as a simple fact that any Iranian school kid knows.


We're not HATERS; Islam teaches HATRED!

by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

Those of us who spew venom at Islam and its perverted prophets are not racists, nor are we haters per se. What we HATE is a foreign (bedouin) belief system that has systemactially destroyed and diminished our standing in the world. What we HATE is a foreign belief system that has tried to systematically ERASE our native Iranian culture since DAY 1 of the first Arab invasion 1,400 years ago (the 1979 revolution being the 2nd Arab invasion of Iran).

In fact, if you want pure unadulterated hatred, all you have to do is go to the text of the Quran, the Arabian Trojan Horse. It is filled with red hot hatred toward any and all non-believers!

And for those who say that Iran achieved great scientific advancement in the "golden age" of Islam, all I have to say is that all those achievements were accomplished IN SPITE of Islam! In fact, we achieved a great deal before the invasion of Alexander, who copied our texts into Greek and send tham back to his teachers, one of whom was Aristotle, and he burned the Persian copies. And God only knows how much Europe benefited from those scientific treasures that were destroyed in Iran by Alexander.

It's amazing to me that we have so many ignorant people in Iran who cry a river for this Arab, "Imam" Hussein who died some 1,400 years ago, and no one weeps for all those Iranians who were raped and slaughtered by Arabs at Qadisiey! It's amazing that no one in Iran weeps for Cyrus or Darius or the great Ferdosi or Rumi, who was persecuted by fanatic muslims his entire life!

Wake up, people! Islam is an Arab belief system, nothing more!!!! Wake up from your 1,400 year dreams of paradise and "Imam" Hossein, the sword wielding Osama Bin Laden of his day! Just open the damn book and read it for yourselves! So many of us claim to be "Muslims," yet the majority of us have never even read the Quran, the slavery manifesto!

Read the damn book! Stop being such sheep! The sunnis are right! You don't need "middle-men" (ayatollahs, hojatolleslams or seyyeds) to interpret the Quran! Read it for yourselves! If you're not ("bozdeh") scared that Allah will turn you into stone or curse you for eternity, you'll see that it is nothing more than HATRED for all those who reject its bedouin fairytales!


To those that still believe Islam is a "victim" here!!!

by Benyamin on

As I stated in my previous comment I have read a few
"Resalahs" and those "Resalahs" are still out there, if you believe that I "hate" Islam or I am a neo-nazi? then why don`t you have a wack at it and read some of those "Resalahs" that are still out there. By the way find the ones that are available to the public in Iran and not those that are designed for muslims outside Iran!

I remember reading these "resalahs" in some sections of these books I felt as if I was watching a porn movies??? and yet they are religious texts.

So please before you decide that most people here are racists and so some of thses texts in conditions I mentioned and then judge it for yourself.

I mean who does even think about having sex at the time of "earth quake" and not even sex with the girl next door but with your own Auntie(ammeh)??? oh by the way according to khomeini that is "Halal"!!!

That kind of mentality is only in mollahs mind and no one else.


Baha'i Lady

by capt_ayhab on

Thanks for your candor  and your beautiful comment.

For rest of the people who have found another vent to demonstrate their utter hate and racism, have at it guys. You are the ones who are full of hate not the other way around.

If you hate[HATE] so much, then show some love if you are capable, which I doubt.





by MiNeum71 on has become the forum for all Neo-NAZIs, "Aryan race" Persian NAZIs, Zionists, MKO, and all the kinds of racists, xenophobes and hatemongers ...

Don't you want to change the drugs you take? :)))



by khoram din (not verified) on

you are Iranian=Iranian culture-you can nat be a muslem way because every line in that book is totally absolute against Iranian cultural and value ofcoors to no that one must have nalej of what Iranian culture stands for and to people how so defending of what is anther the[san]for world to see and still denying! I call this people In Parsi Mordegane Zendeh=Zambis.{Iran7000}


Falls within the protocol of the elder zion.

by GuessWho... (not verified) on

Yet it's so idiotic and elementary it doesn't take a rocket scentists to see through this BS. What's even more idiotic are the fools who express their heartfelt response to the context in which these photos are presented.


Interesting subject!

by Benyamin on

I for one believe that Islam is indeed more about sex than anything else!

I have read a few "Resalleh" written by a few grand " Ayatollahs" and found out to my surprise that most of the texts were about sex and the protocoles of how to relate to the opposit sex and so on and so forth. But I also believe that the religin of Islam has been high jacked by mollahs or religious scholars for making it exclusive only to those that attend some sort of religious school or "madrasah" and that no one else is qualified outside that special group to talk or write about Islam!

the Islam that is here today, isnot for generation X.



Fingers of One Hand

by Baha'i Lady (not verified) on

Sexual repression, sexual rebellion, slavery, and violence are found in all cultures, both Western and Eastern regardless of which religion we consider.

Why vaunt one over another? There are wonderful, faithful people in each religious tradition and there are abusers and prevaricators in each as well.

Religious teachings, especially when they are first introduced, have had a lightening effect on the society where they appeared. . . history bears this out.

It is too easy to hold up offensive rituals and old practices applied out of context from their spiritual and social relevance . . . and condemn them. An eye for an eye used to mean . . . don't kill the offender, spare him and take a part of his body as punishment, not his entire life! This was big news several thousand years ago. Now we commonly interpret the idea as barbaric and rightly so. We have advanced(mostly).

Judaism, Chrisitianity and Islam have all had their great, progressive moments and the reverse, as well. As a Baha'i, I must defend each one because the Teachings of my Faith inform me that all religion has the same source: God. God (Whoever, Whatever He is . . .) has always revealed the same truth but with rules that changed from age to age as society evolved. To me, each great Faith is a progressive chapter of a Divine School of instruction that has been delivered to humanity by a Divine Messenger.

Someone commented that Islamic society was more advanced than Europe in the Middles Ages and it is absolutely true. This is factual demonstration of the principle of Progressive Revelation taught by Baha'u'llah. In a nutshell, newly released Divine Teachings have always led to intellectual and scientific advancement.

The reason why human societies advance but then decline has been caused in the past to our having an unfortunate tendency to ritualize spirituality. This has caused meaningful teachings to lose their inner reality and becoming superficially, materially manifested as human tradition. The clergy of the all religions have led their followers in this problem.

Shall we go on blaming? Attacking? Fighting? The underlying spiritual fundamentals of all great Faiths have been foundational to the lasting civilizations we see all the world over. The human beings who practice them are not perfect. God is.

I am content to embrace all great faiths and their underlying spiritual harmony. Each great Book has promised fulfillment and a Return of the Spirit . . . a peaceful age which shall see no end. The Baha'i Faith, is for me the wehicle of that fulfillment. Check it out at

Baha'u'llah teaches that peace is dependent upon the unity of mankind. So if we unify and throw off rancor and argument, we can have peace. Think of the incalculable good that will do for everyone, everywhere. I'm for it.

So I will defend:
Muslims . . .Jews . . .Christians . . Buddhists, . . .Hindus . . . all human beings . . with my life.

”Be ye as the fingers of one hand, the members of one body.”
- Bahá’u’llah

This is the reality of our present age and the Prescription that will solve our seemingly unsolvable conflicts.


Eslam at it's best.

by پیام on

LOOOOL. Very biased view though. I think the guy is a hezbollahi, one of the Jezus christ hezbollah..


Payam S. !

by Cocerned-Iranian (not verified) on

Take it easy Javan,

You have pretty good ideas and informations about history and you are somewhat right about all the criminal actions that have taken place by all fanatic religions and people in the history of the world and unfortunately in the name of GOD!

However today, one massive difference between the "Eurocentric idiots" vs the "Criminal Islamofacists" is the fact that (AGAIN TODAY) they do not torture,execute and kill their own citizens so barbaricly and shamelessly!That is an undeniable fact, no matter where you are coming from!

Note: We are not talking about histories of the past, We are talking about today and in the Islamic countries such as our own poor country Iran and other fanatic Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanestan, Pakistan vs Democratic European countries, let's say like Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden! Truth really hurts, doesn't it? Please don't take things too personal son.

Religion is for people who can not Feel and Comprehend LOVE and GOD within and on their own, and when it becomes extreme and fanatic especially mixed with the ruling governments who can not respect basic human rights then it becomes an absolute poison for the masses no matter where is originated and practiced from...

" Beauty Arises In The Stillness Of Your Presence"

Shab Behkair,

Peace and Love...


Islam = Submission to Arabs

by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

Islam is against free thinkers, period. That's because Islam is ALL ABOUT "submission."

Islam dictates a master-servant relationship with God, whereas Christianity promotes a father-child relationship with God, not a minor difference indeed! We are all supposed to be slaves -- actually in the eyes of Islam, we are in fact all slaves, and once we submit, once we acknowledge this divine bondage, then we are true muslims.

Sadly, Islam was written by 3 JEWS and one of us, Salman Farsi, the first and greatest Iranian traitor to rebel against the Persian culture. This is why so much of Islam is a repeat of Judaism (circumsion, anti-pork, etc.).

In truth, Islam is a pack of bedouin lies and desert fairytales. And the Quran is the perfect Arabian Trojan Horse, designed to strip our non-Arab identities through brainwashing. Ever wonder why Muslims require Namaz to be performed in Arabic? Doesn't God, who knows all and sees all, understand Persian, French, English or Greek?

Here's the thing, back in the 7th century, the Arabs sought global domination, empire if you will, and they knew this very important fact about empire building: the best way to erase a conquered person's identity is through language. If you get them to adopt the Arabic language, you have won the ultimate prize, i.e., identity, i.e., de facto ethnic cleansing WITHOUT costly warfare!

In fact, before the invasion of Islam, the Syrians, the Egyptians, the Palestinians, the Morrocans, the Lybians and many others -- all had their own native languages, but after the invasion of Islam, these people adopted Arabic as their spoken language and now they are all part of the "Arab" world!

Identities lost without warfare, thanks to the Quran, the Arabian Trojan Horse!

Iran is the only middle-eastern country to not adopt Arabic!!! This is something to be INCREDIBLY PROUD OF!!!!!!!!! And much of this credit goes to the GREAT Ferdosi, who preserved ancient Persian in his masterpiece, Shahnameh!

In short, Islam and the Quran were/are the tools of the nascient Arabian Empire. And it is mind-boggling to me that so many of us, whose ancestors were murdered and pillaged by Arabs, still adhere to this invading Arabian mindset, this bloodthirsty pack of lies (Quran) designed to promote the Arabian empire and culture back in the 7th century.

People, wake up! Islam is full of bedouin balderdash and perverted beliefs. No wonder its chief prophet was a known child molester, who had 12 wives, one of whom was 8 years and 7 months old. Yes, sex was and still is very important hobby for these Islamic perverts -- after all, the mullahs invented the concept of "sigheh," and as such, are the world's most successful pimps!