Navid Shirazi

"Beverly Hills 90210"

A character played by Michael Steger, Navid Shirazi is a West Beverly Hills High student and politico. He is of Persian decent. In this episode he introduces his pregnant girlfriend to his "Iranian" parents.


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this is outrageous, lol at

by hahahaaaaaa (not verified) on

this is outrageous, lol
at least he didn't killed by the that case, it would be much worse for community irooooooni!! LOOOL


They are not cheap parents.

by Mehdi X (not verified) on

They are not cheap parents. The boy seems crazy and will loose heat toward that bitch later...



by MiNeum71 on

Beverly Hills 90210 was an annoying show, but 90210 is even worse. Who watches this - sorry - shit?



Cheesy Indeed!

by ghalam-doon on

I think they should have had Farsi subtitles for the so called Farsi dialogue...for the Farsi speaking audience that is.



by پیام on

wacky overall performance, great dialogue though ;)


I really like

by Passer By (not verified) on

the kid is good handsome and funny.


I approve

by Anonymousss (not verified) on

This is good. Yes, indeed, it's very, very cheesy. Atrocious accents as well. But it's nevertheless a more accurate representation of (LA) Iranians than anything else we've seen from Hollywood. It's at least a normal role and overall a positive thing.


I hate the fake persian

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

I hate the fake persian accent... not cool, and very annoying....



by Cyrus the Persian King (not verified) on

pretty sweet, at least we're portrayed as civilized for once! quit the whining. you people are utterly impossible to satisfy.


horrid accents!

by Anonymousyukh (not verified) on

horrid accents!


Navid is Awesome!

by Assal (not verified) on

Okay, I'm going to out on a limb and admit that I am an avid 90210 watcher (the original version and the new version). I wanted to share a few points with you all that I think are important.

1. This show is a very popular show among people under 25. Millions of people in America watch it regularly and have fought to keep it from being cancelled when the initial ratings were poor. Since the fan outpouring of support, the show's writing has been consistently getting better and better.

2. Certain characters on the show are very likeable while others are super-annoying. I find it refreshing that Navid's character is mature, funny, smart, and genuinely easy to like. You can't tell from a single clip if you don't watch from the beginning, but take my word for it; he steals away scenes and the fans love him because he's honest and real and not at all stereotypical.

3. I despise actors who are willing to work in Hollywood and play the roles of terrorists with thick accents. Navid Shirazi isn't conventional and average, sure, I mean his dad is rich because he is is a porno-movie producer!! :) (Seriously!! LMAO!) But, if you catch the April 27, 2009, episode of the show where is proposing to his pregnant teenage girlfriend (not his baby--he's a virgin), you'll LOVE HIS ACTING AND LOVE HIM!

4. I'm just glad that when my friends watch this show, they'll say to themselves.... "Hey, he's Iranian, like Assal. Cool."

As long as he's not playing a terrorist, let's stop being such assholes and just give the kid some recognition! It wouldn't hurt us to see the glass half-full every once in a while, would it?

Ali P.

Cheesy indeed!

by Ali P. on

We are NOT happy, when they depict us the way we are !

We are NOT happy , when they depict us the was we are not!

Nag, nag, nag... :-)


That terrible acting makes

by A B (not verified) on

That terrible acting makes me want to shoot myself! What's with the phony accents? Is this the typical jewish iranian family of Beverly Hills? These "actors" are way over paid. Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing!



by Nifky (not verified) on

LOL, that was funny, typical Persian parents and nice unexpected punch at the end. LOL!


very cheesy

by Anonymous252 (not verified) on

very cheesy