Kamran Atabaki

Candidate for presidency in Iran on Rangarang TV

People call and tell him off on the phone. This is one example of the kinds of calls he gets:


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To Benyamin

by Nifky (not verified) on


All encyclopedias, history books and fact books say that 98% of Iran is muslim. This number can be cited from numerous sources. I am not even going to take my time to mention any of those sources.

What are your sources that say otherwise that 95+% of Iran is NOT muslim?

You are just talking without any sources behind your back. Meanwhile Davood's facts are backed up by an avalanche of sources.

Stop talking out of your rear benyamin and making up things.



by Abarmard on

The guy is funny


to Davoo-Banayan

by Benyamin on

It is interesting to me how you managed to sum up Iran`s population to 98% shia???

I amnot muslim nor were my ancestors at anytime during islamitaization of Iran and yet my religion was never recognized as non islamic nor a religion. The stats in Iran is nothing but a lie. It may be true that majority are still muslim but that percenatge is definatetely not what you mentioned. there are many groups of people other than shieas living in Iran which have no voice.

So, I ask you not to supress the truth and do not come up with percentages and stats that only the government of Iran believes to be true unless you like to repeat their "karna"

As it comes for Mr. Atabaki anyone and everyone has the right to a dream and only a bunch of sick twisted people act the way they do and say things like that. Although most of them have nothing better to do. To Mr. Atabaki himself I would say changing anyone`s religion is an old idea and wont fly specially in Iran which alot of youth no longer believe in anything anymore.


Is this guy for real?

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

He wants to be the future president of Iran?

Does he know that Shia Islam is the religion of 98% of Iranians.  Iranian Shia Muslims by a majority don't practice Islam but, it is part of their identity.

The Iranian population by far is a Xenophobic community.  They believe anything wrong that happens in Iran is because of some foreign powers interference.  It either the British, Russian or Americans fault if anything goes wrong.

How is this guy who is an apostate according to Shia Islam, and converted out of that religion going to get one vote in any future Iran.

He is absurd and nuts to say the least.

I would advise him to cancel his show and lead a normal life.  He has zero chance of ever becoming a President of any future Iran.


Wat the hell?

by پیام on

What a bunch of lunies!


Man of integrity...

by Anonyed (not verified) on

I think this man Mr Atabaki has a lot of integrity sitting there and listening / answering these calls. He is showing us our darker side...


wrong approach

by Jendeh Kosh (not verified) on

why do Iranian media thinks that they have to have live microphone? That is a very stupid way to fill the program time. Our people are not capable ot having this kind of freedom. California has runied our cultural values.


واقعا كه عجيب

1 Hamvatan (not verified)

ما مردمان با فرهنگ هستيم مثلا؟ اين جمهورى اسلامى واقعا چقدر بد بختن، يك مشت اراذل اوباش استخدام كرده به زنگ بزنن.


What Is the Purpose of This Post?!

by aaminian on

What an unintelligible horse dung!  Maybe this gentleman needs to find a more respectable job.  Better yet, maybe people that post this sort of junk on Iranian.com need to find something more productive in life.


What a great nation

by Masihzadeh (not verified) on

We claim to be the grand father of all civilizations.
What a shame. Thank God is in Persian language.