Iraqi police enter Camp Ashraf

Pressure builds on Mojahedin

BAQUBA, Iraq, May 28 (UPI) -- A group representing an Iranian opposition movement in Iraq claims Iraqi police entered their Diyala enclave at the pressure of the clerical regime in Tehran. Some 3,400 members of the opposition People's Mujahedin of Iran reside at the Camp Ashraf enclave in Diyala province under the protection of the Iraqi army. In a media statement, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an umbrella organization representing the PMOI, claims Iraqi police entered Camp Ashraf on Thursday to answer Iranian calls to "implement bilateral agreements." The U.S. military had offered protection to the PMOI under international law. The Iraqi military assumed security responsibility over Camp Ashraf as part of the bilateral agreement defining U.S. military authority.


Hamid Y. Javanbakht

They are hopeless

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

They're not all crazy, but they're not normal when it comes to dealing with Iran, I suppose one can't expect them to be after all they've been told.



The MEK is key to an Iranian solution

by Hopeful (not verified) on

The MEK is Iran's best hope for taking back their country from the Mullahs. A majority of Iran's population are now demonstrating, more profusely, their discontent with the Ayatollahs failed regime, so the MEK can be a further catalyst in deposing the supreme oppressor. Maryam Rajavi's enlightened ideology is much more in line with the Iranian people's and with President Obama's, and although the US has not taken the PMOI off the terrorist list yet, I feel it is inevitable they will follow Europe's lead. Since the US no longer has to abide by the Bush/Rice policy of appeasing the current Iranian theocracy it can now support the movement towards a positive political change in Iran. Although it is not essential, a US show of support could now be helpful to Rajavi and the Iranian people's resistance movement, thus encouraging them to continue fighting for their basic human rights and equality.


This is what happens to terrorists who sell out their country

by Velenjak1272 (not verified) on

They end up in a cage in Iraq with NO ONE's SYMPATHY.
What goes around comes around.



by Mr. Dooley (not verified) on

As an American, I can tell you that the problem with MKO and camp Ashraf is that it is similar to Camp Gitmo.

There are many terrorist in both camps. If we let out the terrorist, they will commit terrorist acts in the future.

That is exactly what happened to Saeed Sheikh Mohammad, the person who beheaded Daniel Pearl.

Saeed Sheikh Mohammad was in prison, but was let out, once he was let out, he beheaded Daniel Pearl and wired 100,000 to the 9/11 hijackers....

If the MKO is let out, Iran risks another 9/11 of its own at the hands of these MKO terrorists.

If anyone can disagree with that, please post.



by vafa121 (not verified) on

There is not much that most Iranians agree on, especially when it comes to politics. But there is one issue that defies this trend and is almost unanimously agreed upon by all Iranians:
MKO belongs to the trash heep of Iran's political History.
Truly, is there anything more reviling than these traitors, who, had they come to power, would have executed half of their countrymen. Not to mention their treasonous actions in selling out their country to the highest bidder for the last 30 years.
It's about time that they finally get flushed down the toiletbowl of history.
Good riddance!!!!!


Hey you...... NOBODY 500

by Majid on



Me? Majid ? ME doing a "Zoozeh-e Hezbollahi" ??????

You've got to be joking! 

You should've done your home work first and checked my track record for the past 92 weeks before you even openned that can of .....thing!

Just read all other comments here one more time from the very first one......and learn and.............weep!!

And until you learn a thing or two about how Iranians think about MEK (if you ever do learn, which I doubt it) and as I advised you before:


                            ZIP IT & PUT IT'S DOOR........:-)



no more buyers for these political prostitutes?

by Tehran213 (not verified) on

they sold themselves to Saddam.
They tried to sell themselves to France.
They sold themselves to the American neocons.
They sold themselves to the CIA.
I guess there are no more buyers left.


To Ostaad

by Shirin banoo (not verified) on

Mr oostad,
Would you trust Iranian government? Does law get any respect in our country? Do not you remember the massacre of young people in Iran around year 1980-1982? What were their crimes? Reading a paper that was not endorsed by the régime? Are you naïve?
Is there a difference between now and then? My answer is NO. I do live most of the time in Iran and I am assuring you that the situation has not changed. Haven’t you heard news lately? What’s up with the arrest of those journalists? Iran regime does not care about human rights. Killing kids under age, arresting journalist and oppressing women are my evidence.
My point is I do not trust government of Iran and I do not believe that MKA can get any fair trial in Iran and beside as you said “the crimes some of them may have committed carrying out their criminal leaders' orders”. “May have committed” is a key word. MKA lived in total isolation and separated self from everyone else, we do not know what their crimes and what their defense are but I defiantly do not them to Iran to get a fair trial. THERE IS NO A FAIR TRAIL IN IRAN.


We Got the "Translation"!! As usual, it is a Zoozeh-e Hezbollahi

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mjaid the very "respectuful" man of so many talents writes," آنکه با مادر خود زنا کند با دیگران چه ها کند!" as he tries, as usual, to demonize the Mojahedin in his "Mantegh-e Deev" (the so called Zabn-e ma'kus-e Akoondi)!

Exactly! Those who support this criminal regime in Iran; those who constantly demonize the biggest and the most organized part of the Iranian Resistance, the PMOI; those who cant' let go of the spate of the IRI-based anti-Mojahed propagand are akin to those who commit incest and then jump around like a bunch of rabid monkies, and accuse the PMOI as " آنکه با مادر خود زنا کند با دیگران چه ها کند!"

Not that I care for the shy supporters of this criminal regime dime a dozen, but when it comes to accusing others of this criminal slanderous claim, take a look at your own reaction that borders hysteria; you let the mullahs ram your concsience and logic in the name of your animalistic hate of the PMOI, and wnat us to believe that it is the PMOI that is the main culprit?

It is not the PMOI that is guilty of any crime, it is a bunch of Lat O Lompan supporters of this crime ridden corpse who bring themselves to the brink of hate-based sucide every time that the name of the PMOI is raised in this BB.

We got your translation, as usual it is a Zoozeh-ala-Hezbollah!

To the moderator: Please don't censor this post since this character, Majid, seems to have a free reign on this BB when it comes to the PMOI! It is not fair to let this guy free reign in demonizing the PMOI.


Shirin banoo, I agree with you on...

by Ostaad on

protecting the MKO rank and file human rights, despite all the crimes some of them may have committed carrying out their criminal leaders' orders.

For that reason, I think the best way forward would be for the Iranian government to offer general amnesty and fair and open trials for the rank and file, while arrest orders must be issued for their criminal leaders, especailly the Rajavi crime family members. They should be tried in the Hague and sent to Camp Ashraf to spend the rest of their treacherous lives, while the rank and file will either convicted or set free if found innocent of committing any crimes.

They should also be reunited with their children who were taken away from them by their criminal leaders' orders.


Why so much hate?

by Shirin banoo (not verified) on

I am not a supporter of MKA. In matter of fact, I do not agree with their ideas at all, but their rights -as human beings- should be protected. If Iraqi government sends back to Iran, they will be all executed and it will be a shame for anybody who believes in human’s right.
Some of your comments are just scary and full of hate. Have you forgotten massacre of young people by current regime in Iran? Do you really want that mass murder to be repeated?? Violence is not a solution. I never support MKA but at the same time I do not sent those to be killed either.



by Anonymous-Aria (not verified) on

Let me correct you:
I Wish they(MKO) could use that energy to fight the bastard Arabs(Mullahs) who are the real enemy of Iran!


How come ....

by ./. (not verified) on

How come these Massoud and Maryam Parasts are not shouting in Arabic? After all their loyalty was to Saddam !


Husein Mazloom

by Net&yaboo (not verified) on

their days are over just saddom husein mazloom.
peace for all.


Majid jan, great comment.

by پیام on

That sums it up basically.


Misguided KHEANS! Tragedy! How religion can f... you up!

by gol-dust on

Totally brain washed! I wish they could use that energy to fight the bastard Israelis who are the real enemy of Iran!


اجازه بفرمایین من براتون ترجمه کنم........




اعضاء مجاهدین خلق خطاب به نیرو های عراقی ( با مشتهای گره کرده)..........

_ بابا شما چه سازی زدین که ما نرقصیدیم؟

 دست تو دست و شونه به شونهء شما هموطن های خودمون رو به رگبار نبستیم که بستیم!

 وقتی شما حاضر نشدین با هموطن های خودتون در موصل و حلبچه و اربیل بجنگین و صدام از ما استفاده کرد جواب مثبت ندادیم که دادیم!

پس دیگه چه مرگتونه؟

پلیس عراقی:

_ آنکه با مادر خود زنا کند با دیگران چه ها کند!



What goes around comes around

by Anonymous3423 (not verified) on

These are the remnants of the Marxist Islamic cult who:
- Were willing to give Khuzestan to Iraq in return for the rule of King and Queen Rajavi
- Who killed Kurdish civilians in Iraq under orders from their master Saddam
- Who terrorized fellow Iranians before and after the revolution
I almost feel sorry for these bastards until I remember that had they come in poser they would have killed millions of Iranians under the despotic Marxist rule of Sister Maryam.

[BTW, for all the MKO supporters out there. NO I'm not a monarchist or Baseeji. Juts an average Iranian]


These are our Iranian

by bachehtehroon (not verified) on

These are our Iranian brothers and sisters in distress and they need our help. It is insignificant what a Monarchist or a Hezbalahee think about their situation. People of Iran, at least me for one will watch the situation closely. If Iraqi government betrays these Iranian brothers and sisters then we Iranians can not and will not forget and forgive Iraqi government and its actions, and it better answer to the future democratic Iranian government, becuase the government of people by people will hold Iraqi government responsible. It is sick that some powers want to victimize our Iranian brothers and sisters in Ashraf camp to achieive their political and criminal objectives. One more time these are our Iranian brothers and sisters no matter what a monarchist or hezbalahee think.They need our help.

Very sadened and worried and angry.



They deserve each other

by TAJE TEHRAN (not verified) on

These people who act like innocent people do not know what ever happened and is happening to our country and our people is their fault?. Enough is enough shame on you Moojahedin or better yet Monafeghin you are why our country is under moolah,s go to hell and stay there...


Poor poor wretched souls wasting away

by Anonymous-doyyom (not verified) on

I feel sorry for these misguided souls who believe they are engaged in "mobaarezeh" whereas realistically they are wasting their lives away. They could have been productive members of society somewhere in the world but have been relegated to sitting in that camp after having served multiple masters who have abandoned them. I think they need some job training and assistance for re-integration into society - except for the ones who have blood on their hands; i.e. the "management". Yes go ahead and label those who disagree with PMOI as agents of the IRI but at the end of the day IRI and PMOI "sar-o-tah yek karbaas-and", with PMOI possibly ranking far worse. IRI dozdeed-o kosht vali shomaa-haa dozdeedeeno koshteeno khiaanaet kardeen beh aabo khaakeh iran. hanifnejad va baghiyyeh hamchin gharazi az in "bonyaan-gozaari" nadaashtand. tof beh in bonyaan. sad rahmat beh pari bolandeh :-).


Was Hossein a Mazloom? Maybe like Rajavies!

by Anonymous99999 (not verified) on

They say Hossein ay Mazloon! someone need to ask them how a butcher like Hossein who killed thousands of Iranians could be a Mazloon, he was a rapist too.


Ya Baasvaad!! It is Not Traiter, but TRAITOR

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

:-)) Anynymous1: it is not "traiter," but traitor!! And the Mojahedin are indeed TRAITORS as they have really kicked the sorry ass of this criminal regime in Iran to the curb, not once but severl times and, this TRAITORING will continue until Iran is clensed from this regime.

The PMOI is proud of its TRATORING against this regime and your "suznaak" barking on behlaf o these mullahs won't do it; try a new method as its is dated buddy!!


Poor bastards

by Mani817 (not verified) on

This is what happens to people who join a personality cult and then sell themselves to the likes of Saddam and Don Rumsfeld. They end up like animals in a cage with NO ONE's sympathy.

Big Boy

So sad!

by Big Boy on

Poor misguided Iranians.  They are wasting away in the deserts of Iraq.


Ya Hossein, Ya Mazloom?

by Why-Not on

Is that what they are saying?


Maybe Maryam Rajavi from her Paris compound

by Q on

can put some of the Millions they now spend on keeping this aging "army" fed, clothed and trained toward getting these poor souls back to their families, or at least residency in Europe.

Funny, with all the money (US/Israeli money + private scams) they spend on courting European and American politicians and taking pictures with them, never once did they ask for asylum for their own miserable foot soldiers.

The Iraqis have every right, not only to kick them out of their country but to put them on trial for the services they provided the Saddam regime. Real Iraqi officers got put on trial, some got executed, all lost their jobs and their entire military got disbanded. Why should these mercenaries be treated better?


I kind of feel sorry for these people.

by پیام on

Looks like the unevitable end of a cult sect consisting of highly eduacated idealists merged with blood thirsty leaders.


ya massoud?

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

ewwww... such cheesy slogans...getting old.

once a traiter, always a traiter