Husband beats wife

Drug addict reacts to wife's complaints

Oh My God! What is this? A man is singing in front of what appears to be a portable gas burner used for smoking opium. His wife is in the background complaining about him. He starts singing, posing for the camera, and his wife continues to complain. He gets up and beats her up.


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by KouroshS on

Well thanks a lot for straightening me up and setting me on the right path and declaring my position for me in advance!

Of course that i am against such abuse in everyway, but what you need to realize is that this video should be viewed in a different light than the other one. I know that you are thinking, well they both show abuse, but the atmosphere and the intention and the intensity of the chinese couple was much less than the iranian one. It seemed as if they even realized it themselves and knew what they were doing.  There is difference, which i am sure you are unwilling to acknowledge, betweenn beating your spouse to death (it takes place with the intent tto harm)and tapping  them gently upside the head, without the intention of causing any harm. This latter one does not and is not supposed to humiliate anyone in any way.

I did not merely find and pointed out the hilarious aspect of it, If you noted, I mentioned that in the title, meaing that i would like to see our women to be more brave and be able to stand up for themselves and not be deadbeats. That was my intention which was so cleverly and skillfully twisted around by your misplaced bias.

And just to remind you, In our own culture it is a norm among many elderly couples, To have episodes where they have these mini fights and arguments with each other for various reasons and without any serious intentions to hurt and humiliate the other party, say something they should not be saying.

You are wrong and i am not into settling scores and winning argumenst and making people seeing it my way, as much as you might prefer this method.  You can only "see" this because you are making yourself into believing such a thing and not based on anything that i happened to say. I am quite familiar with your style of arguing.

And i am sorry but i do not trust you  in interpreting my reactions for me , Nope. Just because you can't see my connection to the real pain which was on display clearly for the main clip, does not mean it really is the case. Just because you dont see it does not meanit is not there, Remember?




by IRANdokht on

I realize that you found the video clip that you had posted hilarious. What bothers me is how someone who is so adamantly against physical abuse does not understand that domestic abuse which is inflicted by a mate, be it the husband or the wife, is not only about the physical pain. It's the humiliation that hurts even deeper, it's being disrespected, humiliated, and hurt by someone who's supposed to be the closest person to you, your mate in life. 

You and many people in that video clip found the slapping hilarious! think about it, would you have thought it funny, if it were you being slapped on the head, even by a much smaller woman who was your wife for years? The man in the video was an old man, how would you feel if your own mother slapped your father in public and humiliated him like that? It wouldn't be so much fun to watch anymore, would it?

I can see how you like to continue arguing and proving how right you are and how wrong others are for not seeing it your way. But trust me your reaction shows that you have no idea why domestic abuse is not acceptable, since you don't seem to connect it to the real suffering that it brings, instead you insist bringing up the physical pain alone.



Adam shoo adam = man

by Iran Dell (not verified) on

in abrahamic ideologies woman is a burn out of man=adam just a small boon nat to important.


Video removed???

by KouroshS on

What do they really mean by Violating the terms of use? What is going on.... why did they take if off?



by KouroshS on

Of course she yelled. Didn't you see the end of the clip when the poor thing ran outside?

It does not make any difference. The fact of the matter is that this crime happened and it happened to be in someone's house and not in a back alley somewhere out on the street. Should she be consulted prior to this posting while she is in pain and all she cares about is the pain and the hatred that she has for the person that caused her pain? What difference does it make anyways whether her privacy is being protected or not, She is being abused  in her own home by her own husband, Her honor and dignity is being taken away from her. Which one should be dealth with first?

I never called myself an activist. I don't believe in BS and nonsense designations and formalities. A crime is a crime no matter how and where it happens and YES commenting here or on youtube about it is just the same. there are exceptions to the rule and this is one of them.You are expressing your outrage in both cases.

You can put my clip on here anytime with or without my conset. Hala khyletoon rahat shod?


The video of young Afghan girl just messed me up

by farrad02 on

خاک تو سرتون با اون فرهنگتون. احمق ها، ادعاتون هم میشه با این جنایت هاتون. فکر میکنید که دنیا به این مذهب کثیفتون نهایتاً روی خوشی نشون بده؟ شما محکوم به فنا هستید (شیعه و سنی هر دو)! برین بمیرید!


What does it have to do with

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

What does it have to do with Iran?!! Why do people associate domestic violence to the criminal's nationality?!! I have NEVER seen Americans associate their domestic violence to their culture and nationality!

I have never seen a nation being as self-destructive as Iranians are!!

And JJ is turning this website into some kind of tabloid. Why not change the name of the website to "Ebaumers" or something like that?

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Women's Shelter

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I am a volunteer at a Women's local shelter. I can assure you that violence against women and children occurs within many ethnic groups.

Sad but true. :o(


why do we fear showing the truth?

by betruthful (not verified) on

We are always in a state of "ghaayem kardan."

JJ please continue to post these sorts of stories. Enough with Iran's reputation. Iran's reputation can not be saved. Quit worrying about it.

It's important for Iranians to view themselves through the eyes of the world. Thanks to Internet :)These videos get viewed by Iranians. May be they'll be pushed to change.


I agree with the Mrs.

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

I just copy and paste her comment here.

OGH be tavaaneh OGH

JJ ignores people's right to privacy over and over. I think it's pitiful. I didn't watch it. I wonder if she gave consent to having her face on this site. Just because something is out there doesn't mean we are automatically entitled to look at it.

I only wish that JJ could have somehow shaded her face if possible just to hide her identity in order to respect her privacy.


Dear MiNeum71

by capt_ayhab on

However sad and greusome the clips, but thanks for posting them.

MAY BE some of our human right activist here might realize that life is not just beautiful scene from Iran or beautiful girls belly dancing. MAY BE few more will get active and do something about it.

Good news is, it is easy to get involved. They just need to get off the coach, set aside the popcorn and go help.





privacy my foot........

by capt_ayhab on

Once an item is on the internet, being on you tube or elsewhere privacy is out the door. This is not to sound insensitive but some people are barking off the wrong tree. JJ did not film this nor did he put it on you tube[did you JJ? lol.... joke dude]

By taking up these sorts of issues[privacy shmrivacy], the main problem is getting cloudy. Main issue here is crime against women, domestic violence, male dominated societies[the globe], and perhaps to certain degree NOT wanting to see or believe that such thing exist, and the extend of brutality.

To those who [ugh and ough] and cry privacy, you people need to go to some of these shelters, like my [baby] and I do, and see with your eyes the gruesomeness of the crime that is committed to these helpless women. By trying to play[nazok narenji] or by trying to blame the religion or certain governments you are basically fooling yourselves and basically are trying to IGNORE the fact that it does exist and how brutal and how gruesome it is.

To those [nazok nareji] souls I have one suggestion, DO SOMETHING about it, and stop [losssing] yourselves by bringing up the privacy crap. May be, may be, IF more and more of these video's surface, MAY BE some of you [TALKERS] will get outraged enough[God forbid] that you might wanna do something about it.

So as long as you only want [to talk] about the issue and do nothing about it I suggest that you leave the subject alone, don't watch the clip, do not comment. This is something that everyone can easily do by donating time, funds to the shelters. Take upon yourselves, sponsor one, two or as many as as you can young women and educate them. Help them become brave enough so they can take the stigma out of reporting it.Most often these poor souls end up going back to the same FUCKING BASTARD who has abused them because they have no other place to go. Be their support, be the friends they do not have, be the family they do not have. but till then [looos  o nonor] nashin lotfan >:|

It is not a shame to be a victim of violence, then why in the hell you [nazok narenji] people are trying to bring in the issue of privacy.




Since when does the end justify the means?

by TheMrs on

Sheeshaki, Did she yell, sheeshaki and JJ post this on a web site? Give me a break man.

I would report a crime but I wouldn't film it, post on you tube or post it on my web site. I would go the police. Do you think youtubing and puting a comment here is the same thing as reporting a crime? Some kind of activist you are.

Listen, we all agree that this is a crime and something should be done. I just don't think this is the way to go about it. You may disagree. Fine. Maybe someday we'll see a youtube clip of you here without your consent.



Very, Very Sad

by MiNeum71 on

These things happen much too often. Please enjoy :(((


Beasts are everywhere

by Hajminator on

Don't link this just to Iran. I saw a report about maltreated women in France, and violence for violence what JJ explained of the guy is just a banal form of savagery shown on that report.

I say what JJ explained, coz the clip has been removed from YouTube.

My question is who was filming the sequence? Wasn't it just a stupid prank? I'm wondering, how many people in Iran use a camera to film their daily activities in their houses?



by Worcester Mo (not verified) on

What is the point here? Why are you posting this video? Don't we have enough negative propaganda against Iranians? What is the point of this video? A while back, I asked the same question when a video of random shooting of dogs near Tehran was posted at this site. This website has gone from a source of news, political discourse to random crap. I have been a fan since 1998/1999 and every day I am asking myself why am I bothering. I guess it is like Pavlovian dog reflex; I am hoping for more scenic pictures of Iran. But the site is not what it was in 1999.



by KouroshS on

Screw privacy.

What good is privay when someone is getting the living daylight kicking out of them? Why should we cover up crime in every shape and form for the insignificant and stupid excuse of protecting the victim's privacy? IT is out there for a reason and it should get our attention and we need to look at it so we won't take the path of complicity. Would you not report a crime while walking in the ally or an street to the police, merely out of the respect that you have for the privacy the victim? Cuz if you would not that speaks volumes about you.

Yeah she gave her consent the moment she walked out of the hut to yell and scream and inform the Neighbors!! ... did you not hear? it was so clearly audible.

 what da ya think??


OGH be tavaaneh OGH JJ

by TheMrs on

OGH be tavaaneh OGH

JJ ignores people's right to privacy over and over. I think it's pitiful. I didn't watch it. I wonder if she gave consent to having her face on this site. Just because something is out there doesn't mean we are automatically entitled to look at it.

As far as raising awareness for domestic violence, oh ya, this does so much.






by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

Why don't you focus on the reasons that caused the man to behave like an animal instead of attacking him? Is it just because of using opium? How about those who never smoke and drink but abuse their wives. Isn't an Islamic tradition to beat up women? Let's educate our people about this ahrimanic religion. Let them know that they are Iranians not arabs or turks. Iranian women were the most respected women in pre-islamic era.



by KouroshS on

I am sorry that the hilarious aspect and all the laguhings in the background was lost on you. That was not violence, she merely tapped him in the head and slapped him silly in the face. and she was OLD, really old to inflict any damage at all and for her actions to be considered as violent.

The girl in that clip did not look very young to me. I am not accusing her of not taking her mom's side here, But at times like these, Unless they youngster in question is younger than the age of 10, have certain control over her thoughts and behavior and can potentially contribute to diffusing the situation. I am not expecting her to behave as an adult, but she could do a lot better than to cheer him on and trying to shut her up. She was laguhing throught the whole clip. Did you miss that? Would not you say that was intentional? She was not that helpless as you say.


funny stuff

by MRX1 on

keep it comming! couple of WWF moves though.


Not Disturbing, BRUTAL!

by aaminian on

This barbaric bastard must be put away in a dark, solitary confinement until he rots.  Add to that the gutless idiot who is probably too chicken to intervene!  I am glad you've posted this video as proof that this sort of barbarism is abound in Iran, mostly in smaller towns and villages.

Anyhow, I have to admit, I wish I were there to choke his coward ass.


حالا که چی‌


حالا که چی‌ مثلا؟ چرا این ویدئو مزخرف و تشنج زا رو اینجا گذاشتید جهانشاه جان؟ میدونیم که در ایرانیان دات کام هیچ چیز مقدس نیست، ولی‌ این مزخرفات رو اینجا گذاشتن واقعا بی‌ معناست.




by capt_ayhab on

Your assessment of the whole issue is astonishingly ignorant and chauvinistic to say the least.





by capt_ayhab on

Physical, emotional abuse is prevalent in every corner of the world. Women have always been target of these inhumane and animalistic abuse. 

USA for instance has just recently started to gather information about this brutal and inhumane treatment of women. 



* Nearly 6 million wives will be abused by their husbands in any one year.
* Some 2,000 to 4,000 women are beaten to death annually.
* The nation's police spend one-third of their time responding to domestic-violence calls.
* Battery is the single major cause of injury to women, more significant than auto accidents, rapes or muggings.

So as long as women are silent about these matters, so as long as there are not more severe punishment for abusers, so as long as we do not have full and unconditional protection by law these matters are not not going to get resolved.

can anything be done about it?

YES: rather than wasting time and energy trying to blame these crimes on religions and what nots, GET INVOLVED. Get in touch with progressive women societies in Iran and  in the country of your residence, Donate time, money and compassion.

Just stop wasting your time trying to blame this crime on certain group. It is sicking when some try to serve their political agenda by evading the fact that this is an ugly and prevalent crime all over the world, and not unique to one particular society, country, religion or ethic group.





by IRANdokht on

The children of abused mothers (especially girls) tend to side with the abuser at younger ages. It's a survival technique and has nothing to do with her thinking, it's usually a normal reaction for the very helpless to side with the one who appears strong and threatening. That's why bullies always have an entourage. 

I didn't like to watch that video of the woman smacking the old man's head either. Violence is not acceptable, no matter who does it.



disturbing at so many levels

by IRANdokht on

Besides the fact that he's drunk, he's using opium in the presence of his child, he's ignoring his wife's discontent at first then getting annoyed and later beating and kicking her, her constant nagging when she obviously knows how it ends, having witnesses there who don't really do anything and seem merely amused by his actions, and finally the little girl telling her mom to shut up (listen carefully at the end of the clip), what really surprised me was how common digital camcorders are in Iran that someone used one in such a dump recording this idiot's singing!

Domestic violence happens everywhere, especially amongst drugs and alcohol users. The difference is that women usually fall into the "abused" category easier in a society where there is no support system whether through their families or the government. 



The women in our society should be more like this

by KouroshS on


I totally agree with

by KouroshS on

I totally agree with Captain ayhab and i dont even want to hear that the fact that he is a F... motaad and a drunk, he should be excused and forgiven. F him. A baseball bat is all that is needed. Dumbasses like him should be sent to a remote island and be forced into doing things they have never imagined.

IS this what is going on in a house where women wear the scarf and try to look as islamic as they can? And to the Person who feels sorry for the kid who is watching it. Dude. The girl is egging him on and keeps shouting darde bi darmoon when she goes outside to let everyone know. She shares the guilt to some extent.



by Nifky (not verified) on

My heart goes to that innocent child having to witness this inhumane conduct.