Human rights?

Ami Horowitz interviews an Iranian Diplomat

If it weren't so embarrassing, this could be really funny. And this guy is really a diplomat? Unbelievable. Here's the clip description:


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I lot of you guys are pretty

by Ami Horowitz (not verified) on

I lot of you guys are pretty rough in your comments. Believe it or not I have a real love for the Iranian people. My mother and her family are Iranian. Yes I am a Jew but so what? Is that a crime? "Zio-Nazi"
"To simplify, they are a$$holes. God will punish them in time" It is because of people like Mashty who posted these comments that you are on the outside looking in.
His mother not hugging him enough is not an excuse.

I am simply pointing out that Iran needs to change and those brave people on the streets right now are stnding up to make those changes.


Israelis are used to lie, deception and trickery

by Mashty (not verified) on

This has become part of the Zio_jewish culture that is very dominant in Israel. They are deceptive, liars and use any means of trickery to show those who have found their true nature as bad people.

It is exactly this kind of deception and hate creation by Zio-Jews that has given them the name of Zio-Nazi that they deserve.

To simplify, they are a$$holes. God will punish them in time.


Attention : Kargar

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

Dear Kargar Aziz,

You are absolutely correct, my mistake. I never meant to disrespect those who do work very hard for living, I should have called that guy in the video , useless piece of trash would have been more appropriate.

Abarmard- Why is it so had for you to believe that IR hires only idiots like themselves? They are dime a dozen. Start with anatinejad and the rest.




Payam jan, please go down the page and read what I am saying to see what I am supporting and arguing.  What I am talking about is a deceitful approach in the interview intended to distract from the abuse committed in the 'conference on racism', not to mention the most flagrant act of racism and apartheid in the world!!  As for this guy, what I am saying is that he is an anonymous guy (like most on this site) who is inarticulate with bad English.  In my book, his bad English is neither here nor there.  But who is he?!!!!!!!   I don't care about defending Iranian diplomats.  If they are right on an issue I defend them, if not, I don't.  Defence of my country's rights and protecting it from threats is what determines my judgement.


Warmongers and IRI supporters

by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

have a lot in common, with one major difference. IRI supporters seem to have no problem with HOMEGROWN TYRANNY (specially if the tyrants are anti-American), they only seem to care if the TYRANNY is an external force. But so long as its HOMEGROWN (and anti-American) then, they suddenly go blind to the massive abuses of the Iranian nation.

There's only one thing worse than a hezbollahi, and that is an Iranian leftists who supports the hezbollahi regime (out of spite, hatred and jealousy of America), even though the mullahs have slaughtered the left for the last 30 years! Isn't it ironically sadistic to support the mullahs, which the left does vociferously, out of jealousy and hatred for America? The greatest traitors in the last century of Iran's history were those who chose IDEOLOGY over country.

I have met the enemy of Iran and it is the extremely ugly face of Islam and its biggest supporters, the traitors on the left!

It's amazing to read posts by the likes of M. Shahabi and N. Parsi -- it makes a patriotic mind go numb. These clown seem to have no problem with the turbaned terrorists running Iran into the ground -- all they seem to care about is America and Israel and the "plight of the Palestinians" (who by the way, helped Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war -- as Arafat once said, "Iranians are our friends, but the Iraqis are our brothers.")

And yet, all these leftists and Islamists (bastard children of Omar) cry for is the plight of the Palestianians more than the goddamn Arabs do!!! It's sickening how much Muslim Iranians try to be more "Arab" than the Arabs themselve, most of whom couldn't give a rat's ass about the Palestianians!

For once, how about you IRI apologists worry about the plight of the Iranian nation and the sad state of our affairs? How about you worry a bit more about our HOMEGROWN terrorists???


Mehrnaz jan;

by پیام on

Yes I hate IRI. And I am proud of it. And believe me these kind of people are in charge of Iran right now. I have been witnessing worse cases. So I am not surprised by this clown's interview with whoever this zionist guy is.

And please stop defending these sorry ass IRI agents. The most of them are incompetent doushbags who do not care for Iranians. They are just in the game for the fame and the money and to spread islamism troughout Iran/world. Main objective of these suckers is to eventually eradicate any left over of our true Iranian herritage.

Javad Yassari

His name is Javad?!!

by Javad Yassari on

His name is Javad Islampanah, and he is the IRI represntative in the Human Right Commision in Geneva?

Say it isn't so!  I can take the "Javad" and "Javadi" ennuendoes, but this is just too much.  Why couldn't his name be something else?  I'm distraught!


We need to change our attitude

by kargar (not verified) on

Couple of guys here refer to this guy as HAMAL. Hamal is a laborer who carries loads here and there to make a living for himself and his family. He is not a burden on society nor a guest of society. Another title that is used by some people is AMALEH, another hardworking member of the society. Please stop insulting these hardworking people by using their trade to label other people.


this hamal is IRI

by kalehdaar (not verified) on

this hamal is IRI represntative in the human right commision, in Geneva, his nam is Javad Islampannah.

anonymous fish

no one is blinded by hate for gods sake

by anonymous fish on

it's just a stupid video.  i seriously doubt anyone is fooled into thinking it's real. 


Dear Fred

by Anonymous-kaveh (not verified) on

Don't waste your time. Some people never learn!


The Real joke is on Ami

by X (not verified) on

The Real joke is on Ami Horowitz!


به اين هم ميگن آدم؟

1 Hamvatan (not verified)

اين حمال ديگه كيه ؟ هر چى آدمِ بى سواد توىِ دستگاه كار دادن بهش. هر چى آدمِ حسابى يا خارج هستن يا زندون


I agree, does this so called

by AnonymousPerson (not verified) on

I agree, does this so called diplomat have a name? or title? Is this guy just pulling a lame version of Ali G.?

by the way Joe, for a someone born and raised in the U.S. you sure do sound like a fob!


Thank you Joe!


You tell them.  They are so blind with hate, they cannot see!

Joe L.

With respect to my Iranian friends

by Joe L. on

With respect to all my Iranian friends I like to say that this guy aint the sad case. What's sad is those of you who buy this crab as a real thing.

Peace out.


Only fools would buy this - Come on you can't be that uninformed

by Abarmard on

If anyone here truly believes that this little guy got an "appointment" in some street to meet an unknown individual (The Iranian diplomat?) then you must become a bit concerned about your level of information in regard to Iran.

How about I go to the streets, find some Jewish individual and call him an Israeli diplomat, show you a clip from Netanyahu and have him make a fool out of the Israeli government! You would buy that too?




by MiNeum71 on

This guy is unbelievable, too sad to laugh about.



This video is Fake! The guy

by Observer12 (not verified) on

This video is Fake! The guy is a paid actor by Jewish lobby members he is not a Diplomat.


Funny stuff

by MRX1 on

but please don't call these low life islamo facists diplomat. calling them diplomat is an insult to all genuine diplomats out there.


You ain't seen nothing yet!

by Dampaayee (not verified) on

Take a short trip to Iran if you can, go to one of the government ministeries and see for yourselves what government employees look like, what their offices look like and how they work .. amazing


I think the so called diplomat is a cafe owner near shahr Ray

by پیام on

And he learned his English off the sattelite channels. What a diplomat, look who's is in charge of our country these days :(


Facts are facts

by Fred on

Your views along that of your lobby happen to correlate nicely with the rest of the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies, a coincidence it might be but a demonstrable fact nevertheless. The warmongering label is passé think of something else to deflect truth-tellers.


Fred (Who?!!)


Thank you for the publicity!  Perhaps I can give you a word of advice.  I know there is an economic downturn but can't they at least employ someone who can read, or perhaps change the tape?!

Mehrnaz Shahabi, Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) 

However, my membership of this honourable campaign to defend my country against sanctions and war and foreign interference, is not all that I am.  My views expressed on this site on all issues are my own; this is my natural home; unlike you whose MASKED presence on this site has one purpose only, that is, to spread hatred of Iran and vicious warmongering. 


CASMII lobby to the rescue

by Fred on

Leave it to the  CASMII lobbyist  to defend the Islamist republic.


Who is the diplomat?


I don't see a name and whether it is a diplomat or a member of an NGO, or some entourage of the Iranian delegation. 

Anyhow, what I see is a man whose English is not good (unlike the American Mr Horowitz!! Well Done!) who, in a conference on racism, is being asked questions about human rights in Iran which is admittedly not a glowing topic, on the camera.  He is not even articulate enough or prepared enough (unlike Mr Horowitz) to tell Mr Horowitz that gay rights are very new in the West itself, as are women's rights and they are ongoing struggles!  He is saying people are free to practice what they want at home but not in public.  

But the question is: Why should this chap, on a Conference on Racism, be answering questions on human rights in Iran?  Were the American delegation or Israeli delegation asked and answered questions about human rights in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine?  They bloody walked out at the first mention of the racist state in the conference on racism!!!

Mr Horowitz could have more honourably asked the American delegation or the Israeli delegation or their few Western racist cronies about their views on the racist treatment and the human rights of the Palestinians in the context of the Conference on Racism in which the discussion on the Apartheid state was forbidden.



This guy is amazing!

by Gordzade (not verified) on

And by "this guy" I mean Ami Horowitz! He is really good. The poor "diplomat" just went to his trap. Great job, Ami.


Thank you

by Homaa (not verified) on

Ami Horowitz is a young American Jewish filmmaker!