Legendary singer received Bahrain peace award

>>> Watch here


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If booye gandom has enough

by TheMrs on

If booye gandom has enough fans, then daryoush deserves every cent he gets I love him. But I suggest he steps away from the other guy, he is a bit fat and might eat daryoush for lunch.

Man ba docharkheh oomadam!



by Anonymous-tehrany (not verified) on

You still live in the past, in the sassanians era. Time to wake up and face the rality. Since when talking about the history of Iran is considered as Arab bashing? You sound like the Iranians of LA, just thinking about having fun, listening to LA music(Darius), having chelo kebab in Persian resturants, going to vacation in Dubai and .....
Why should we care for our land, haan Mr...

Mariam Amiri

Dawood Hossein

by Mariam Amiri on

The last man who presented Dariush is Dawood Hossien, an Iranian-Kuwaiti comedian and actor, who originally comes from South Iran.


Isn't that an old picture?

by choghok on

I saw a recent pic where is all whit haired and bit mor rounder face. I think this picture most be from some years back.

A good singer and a good role model now that he has quit his drug addiction.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


I love and respect Dariush.

by پیام on

For his music and his efforts in the past last years for a more free Iran. He deserves this price. Wish him more succes in the future. 


Anonymous-Tehrany , its good

by nojanthegreat on

Anonymous-Tehrany , its good for you to know that bahrain past goes to Parthians and Sassanians so in fact they are more persian as some of you arab bashers . and let get happy for mr dariush and hope best for him, no matter how hard is for us to see other iranian who rock . 

Farhad Kashani

Dariush has always been and

by Farhad Kashani on

Dariush has always been and will always be my favorite Iranian singer.

I love his music, his lyrics and his committment to freedom in Iran.




No more bouye gandom now!! it's bouye pool

by Souri on

since he goes to  Dubai for the concert, it is no more for bouye gandom. I mean, not only Dariush, but all of those singers who go to Dubai for concerts.



I like Dariush but after seeing this clip I don't know if I...

by Anonymous-Tehrany (not verified) on

Arabs are enemies of Iran and their religion is against Iran and Iranians that even after 1400 years still kills our people by its child known as IRI.


Was he able to say PersianGulf

by HATEIRI (not verified) on

Shame on him shaking the hand of a sheik who have burnt every map or literature that bears the name Persian Gulf.

I admired Dariush greatly and I still do but I am not sure why he did this one.

Maybe money and greed makes people t sell their soul.

Bahrain in the last world cup qualifying game was carrying tha banner Arabian Gulf forever approved by their rulers and legislatures.

So keep your support for the Arab brothers.

We Iranian are very funny and confused people.


Peace Lover

by Anonymous-iran (not verified) on

Could you stop with your nonsense"Arab-bashing".


This is Old Video, Bravo Dariush Anyway

by Peace Lover (not verified) on

This award happened many years ago (see how young Dariush looks). Still bravo Dariush and Bravo Bahrain, and this has nothing to do with Persian empire, etc. And stop Arab-bashing again. Our old King (Shah) arrested this free spirit and valiant soul (Dariush) because he sounded critical of the corrupt Shah regime.



by Souri on

in agha Arabeh migeh:

Ma kheili delemoun khosheh :-) ke Dariush injast !! 


Mikhastam begam, etefaghan Driush ham hamintor !!

ounam kheili delesh khoshe ke ounjast o az shoma dareh jayezeh migireh........


Native & Nativity

by Abol Hassan Danesh, Relaying this message from Rome (not verified) on

Now that King Dariush is visiting Bahrain he better choose a native bahraini as the governor of this beloved state to further enhance the best interest of the persian empire.

Meanwhile I will speak to the emperor of rome see if he can send his best wine for celebration of new governor at reasonable discount prices...while the persian empire cooperate with the commercial coming and going of commercial roman ship to deliver goods and services in the region at competitive prices...

Darius Kadivar

He chose the right words ...

by Darius Kadivar on


I think Dariush spoke very diplomatically while expressing his wish to see Iran free. The Arab gentlman also spoke Very Well Persian too.