Criticizing Basijis

Left-wing politician Majid Ansari criticizes Sepah and Basij for interfering in elections



Very Impressive

by YAGHOUB (not verified) on

Slowly but surely change is coming. I am very pleased. Iranians in every sects and beliefs are smart enough to realize that change and breaking of stagnation is necessary and must be implemented.


The host

by SamSamIIII on


is no other than Saiid Aboutaleb , the so called tv reporter (Bajijii)held for 5 months in Iraq by Americans on charges of espionage while doing war reportage  , returned as a hezbollahi hero & by blessing of Khamenei is now a member of Majlis . And as for Ansari , a truly tested  yawnnnn , same old same old game .





The TV host seems to be talking to his minders!

by farrad02 on

The TV host seems to be hell bent on establishing his point of view, in spite of having been proven wrong by the sharp Mullah! He continues to say "I want to establish my disagreement with you!" Like he is establishing that fact for others who are keeping track of his performance and positions (his minders)!


Thank you Mr Esfahani


Most interesting debate.

 Kind regards 


Debate is always good

by Abarmard on

People will benefit the most when the culture of debate, specially about some "taboo" topics is shown. This will open the road for the true criticism of the key members of the government. That's a good sign of representative democracy.

He said: "In a country that the media is owned by one side.." very well put.



by Benyamin on

It is interesting that in a country like Iran which is the birth place of constitutional parlimentary in middle east  instead of refering to the laws and rules  or her constitution of the country he refers to "someones" will as a source of information.

This is a shame. and nothing else.


Shah Hossein jan,

by پیام on

Reading your comments here, I think you are a haji yourself.


this guy is our left win candidate?

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

this guy is our left win candidate? we are in trouble then!

but he does make sense


Smart Akhond Dumb T.V hosts.

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Akhonds are lot smarter then they look.
And definitely smarter then Westerners and the