Shah speech, 1976

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Rohesh Shaad, Yadesh Javdan

by SALTY on

I am not a monarchist but I believe that he was a real good man, he loved Iran and was the best thing that happened to it in a long time


To Khosro

by Amir kabir sitting down (not verified) on

Monarchs solidify their survival by reinforcing adherence to ceremonies, the casualty you desire is achieved in state of presidency. Monarchy and casualism don't get along. So, he stood up and gave speech, therefore his servants and his family and subjects should stand and listen. This still far less despotic than the religious ceremonies of the world, that while God himself is compassionate, the petite human in his name becomes so brutal.



Be Understanding

by WisdomIsGood (not verified) on

Negative Judgments against this Wise and Loving Mortal come from an inability to be grateful, appreciative and generous of spirit. An existence between jealousy and blame.

At least we are now starting to develop an understanding of how important it is to truly feel indebted to leaders who give everything they have, including their health for our freedom.

I appreciate this mortal not because he was perfect, he was not, but because he reminded us of how much goodness, beauty, truth and passion matter.

After all he dared believe that Iran is a Free and Immortal Kingdom that can change.

He ultimately showed that he knew how important it is to not lead people to paradise, but to allow people to lead themselves to paradise and always respected peoples free choice.

Iranians will triumph only when the people can honestly choose to stand up for the dignity, character ideals of good people like the shah and can show to themselves and to god that they can use their freedom responsibly to stand for light not darkness.

If the people in the video were being forced to stand up and were doing so out of insincerity then it means they have a weak character. However if they looked at both the good decisions and the mistakes of the shah and upon balance truly appreciated him overall then there's nothing wrong with that.

Today based on the people who run Iran and what they have done to it we have shown that we do not have the wisdom to stand for the dignity, character and reputation of a single good leader. We have also shown we do not have the courage to fight against evil. So who cares, what Obama will do or what Carter did. We ultimately need to lead ourselves. The question is not if we will reach into our souls to find our greatness because we are the children of a Free and Immortal Family, the question is when.

When will we expand our Wisdom and bring our symbol of Freedom Back for Humanity? When will we restore our Immortal Family?


Roohesh shaad

by T.h.e.P.o.p.e. (not verified) on

Noor beh baareh beh ghabresh.



Greatest King in 20th century ???

by Amir Khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

Which Iranian king may I ask would trump HIM AryaMehr from the 19th Century? Or 18th or 17th Century for that matter.

This era is unprecedented as far as I can see. Iran when HIM became king was worse off than India. It was also an occupied country, where people were starving to death from hunger and diseases thanks to allied forces actions during the occupation.

At the time this speech was being made, Iran was the 13th largest economy in the world according to the IMF (International Monetary Fund). At the time this speech was being made, Iran had successfully gone from being a client of the USA, to making the oil consuming countries, USA included, the client of Iran.

Where in our past 400 year history do we have anything similar to the Shahanshah AryaMehr era?

This speech amounts to a "state of the union" speech by HIM 32 years ago. Even today, with rockets sent to space, and WMD projects left, right and center, and a good $600bn of oil revenue to play with, today (the year 2568) we are barely 50th on the list of economies of the world, and still sliding further down.


Tabeeat, bemorzadesh

by mahmoudg on

The greatest king in the 20th century, and one who was leading Persia into one of its greatest moments.   Unfortunatley we went back 500 years into the dark ages, with the advent of Islam into the Persian society.


A little note...

by Parham on

This is actually not a speech to the "majles" (as the title on the main page says) or really to the "parliament", but a speech at the senate to the senate AND the majles ("shoraye melli").


Ruhash Shad

by mirzakhan (not verified) on

May his memory live for ever. He and his father single-handedly catapulted Iran out of feudalism backwards religious back waters into the 20th (21st) century. We were too short sighted to get rid of him and are now suffering terribly for it.

What Iran is Today, and what the Iranian expatriates are today, IS SOLEY BECAUSE OF THE PAHLAVI dynasty. Let there be no doubt about it.


Rooshesh shad

by Hassan agha (not verified) on

Khoda byamozatesh.



by Aboli (not verified) on

the glory days....


Relative Deprivation

by A Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

"Reeyazat Kesh Be be baadaami Besazad"

Some say the key factor behind the downfall of Pahlavi beside the sudden rush of deadly T-sunami population growth was the sudden change in "Psychological" expectation of people about their standard of living despite the improvement.

--it is all in the head--abQl hQssQn Danesh (The Night of Beheading)


I don't understand

by Khosrow (not verified) on

Why should everyone stand up while this guy is talking? What was the meaning of it to him beside a phony sign of respect? Did he ever thought that why should this poor bustards have to listen to my speech in stand up position? It is an amazing mixture of arrogance and ignorance. He sure did caused his own downfall and disgrace and ultimately dug his own grave.


god bless his soul

by bob (not verified) on

mistakes were made in his regime. but we had come so far. the improvement made to the country could have only be made under a dictatorship, sorry to say that!
iran was not ready for a democracy, the country was not fully educated culturally and religious backwardness was still there.

there had been so much done in 50 years, my parents generation have set us back. what that generation did was not the right way to go. they should have accepted his last prime minister and let him do the work.

we are the burnt generation thank you.