Iran Demands An Apology From Hollywood

Comedians Jackie and Dunlap


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hollywood is full of

by filmman (not verified) on

hollywood is full of deviations from normality, Gays immorals and every other kond exist there. some maybe good but the power of money and hunger for wealth leads them to insult any country and any people. Sharon stone was stoned when she insulted the great people of china last year.
so persian community needs to show their anger towards hollywood.
the cohen guy and others perhaps just like the ones who hate those who are better will always be here to criticize persians and history.
The truth is that most of the evil minded and sickening movies made to insult others and most of the porno movies are made by evil minded people and not christians.
is that not the fact?


Jacob Cohen

by BK (not verified) on

Thank you for erudite and eloquent contribution to this topic. You are clearly a highly knowledgeable and open-minded individual on the history of Iran and truly a credit to your country and people. Thanks for educating us, no really…..

……also, Tuesday is a good day for sarcasm, especially when imbeciles present themselves as a target so readily.


Iran and Hollywood. Hollywood Rules

by Jacob Cohen (not verified) on

As an American I love Hollywood. My ancestors were Iranians for several thousand years.

Let me tell you, Iran is one of the most backwards societies in the world.

Moshe Katsav (Hebrew: משה קצב‎, Persian: موسى قصاب)Moshe Katsav was born in Yazd, Iran., and Shaul Mofaz (Hebrew: שאול מופז‎, born 4 November 1948) was born in Tehran Mofaz both immigrated to Israel. They became leaders in Israel.

Iran has been a racist, backwards nation for 3000 years. That is why the Persian Empire fell, that is why the monarchy fell and that is why Iran is piss poor today.

Iranians everywhere should wake up or they shall be crushed by devine powers.

The scum bag Pahlavis backed the Nazis and that is why their dynasty fell. You mess with the best, you will be destroyed like the rest.

America is the best. Forget about the rest.

Ari Siletz

Best Hollywood apology of 2008

by Ari Siletz on


human right

by Anonymous123467 (not verified) on

they should move in Canada live like me in small camper in kamloops -15 cold freezing to die and then going to government and asking for help and they telling me back in 20 days we have so many poor and homeless in front you?



by Benyamin on

I think they have a is funny


Very good!

by farrad02 on

So true! If you want an apology from Hollywood, just get in line and wait your turn! Just think of how many people and countries "Hollywood" has offended!!  This is what closed, dictatorial governments don't understand. And the people in the third world don't relate to this either, because they have not experienced freedom to express themselves!  In a free society, it's kind of silly to demand apology because of someone's self-expression which is what a film really is! 

Darius Kadivar

LOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooL ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Sooooooooo Fuuuuuunny ;0)




Funny sketch

by پیام on

 Lightened me up for sure :) Maybe we shouldn't care that much about the crappy movies that HW produces about Iran.