Riot police in action

Moving against protesters in Tehran's Vanak Square day after presidential election



Yes, shah was an Angel. An

by Dariush (not verified) on

Yes, shah was an Angel. An Angel of death. He ordered to shoot at the demonstrators, unlike what IRI is doing.

Now compare it to what U.S. would do to people, if people set buses and buildings on fire after the election. Let us be honest and compare!


Would it be?

by Nifky (not verified) on

Would it be ok if they said Obama won and then people came out in the streets to riot? Same scenario would play out in any country. You need law and order! You guys expect for the government to allow anarchy?


oh....where art thou JIMMY CARTER....

by ali56 (not verified) on

to cry human rights???? may god bless the shah who was an angel compared to these bastards....
this is what you get when you let akhoonds rule a country...
javid iran


Ray dobareh

by Iranyvaliazad on

Mebinid IRI chegooneh hag ra be mardom medand .... Man megam dobareh ray bedid ... 


ای کاش


ای کاش من هم می‌تونستم الان در این شرایط بغرنج و حیاتی در کنار هموطنانم سف بکشم و از رای که دادیم دفاع کنم.