Mousavi-Ahmadinejad debate

TV debate less than a week before the presidential elections

AP: The main pro-reform candidate in next week's presidential elections accused Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday of undercutting Iran's international standing by questioning the Holocaust. In a nationally televised debate, Mir Hossen Mousavi said Iran has been "downgraded" in the eyes of world by President Ahmadinejad's firebrand style and statements. Just hours earlier, Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a "big deception" and claimed Israel uses it to sway international support. "Our nation's dignity has been harmed. We've been degraded. There has been increasing tension (under Ahmadinejad)... Is it in our interests?" Mousavi said during the face-to-face debate broadcast live across Iran >>>

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People beware! Ahmadinejad

by TruthSeeker (not verified) on

People beware!
Ahmadinejad is a JEWISH born. check this link :

He pretends to be Muslim. He's a very dangerous man. Even Israel supports his re-election ! His mission is to lead us to war.


Thank you

by Fair on

Dear Parham and Captain,

Thank you for your appreciation, you are very kind.

Dear Esfandiar,

What debts inherited from the Shah? Iran had a surplus and was lending money to other countries by 1979 (please correct me if I am wrong with facts and references). Same goes for the "propsering economy until 1986". As I recall, unemployment and inflation were rampant, and millions of Iranians fled the country, and many civilian goods were rationed (with a very thriving black market), and the Iranian currency collapsed extensively, going from 70 rials/dollar in 1979 to greater than 1400 rials per dollar in 1986. And with all due respect, the constitution of the Islamic republic is the ROOT of the problem, as the only law it allows the rule of is one with the explicit approval of an unelected leader who holds that position for life unless a body that he approves him brings him down. If you think such a constitution is basis for reform, I am baffled by your thinking (please educate me as to what I am missing if possible?)

I would like to add one more note- do you see the tone- the outright hostility and almost threatening way that AN talks to Mousavi? Keep in mind that this is how he treats someone he claims he likes, and is a close relative of the leader. Just think how much tolerance there would be for a qualified, honorable, democratic Iranian political figure such as Dr. Bakhtiar, or any one of the student leaders in such a system.

I am sorry, but I do not see how this system can be reformed into a democracy, ever. It may be reformable to an Islamic republic whose headscarves are more relaxed, and the frequency of chants of "Death to America" goes down, and in which western airliners can be traded with pistachios and carpets.







by Esfandiar (not verified) on

Mir Hussein Mousavi was the man who got the country through the War,and through the terrorism and insurrection waged by Furqan and the treacherous Muhjahedeene Khalq. He paid off Iran's debts inherited from the Shah while Iraq went bankrupt to the tune of $120bn of debt accumulated.

Few remember that Iran's Economy even prospered until 1986 when the oil price collapsed.

Mousavi believes in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the rule of law. That is the basis for reform in the country: implementing the Constitution and defending the law.



به سیم آخر زدن



چهار سال پیش وقتی رفسنجانی خیلی امیدوار بود که انتخابات رو ببره حضرت رهبر ترتیبی دادند که نه تنها ایشون  انتخابات رو ببازه بلکه به بی سر و پائی مثل احمدی نژاد ببازه! به این میگن تودهنی مضاعف!

بعد از ترس انتقام گیری بعدی ایشون رو منصوب کردن به مقام ر ئیس مجمع تشخیص مصلحت!


قدیم تر ها وقتی مطرب ها میرفتن یک مجلسی برای اجرای برنامه  آخر شب که میشد و بیشتر مهمون ها رفته بودن، صاحبخونه خسته، خود مطرب ها هم مست و خسته و خواب آلود بودند موقع اجرای آخرین آهنگ  هر چی تو چنته داشتن میریختن بیرون  یا اصطلاحاً «به سیم آخر» میزدند، بعبارت دیگه........ما که رفتنی هستیم..................

در مقابل دود چراغ خورده هایی مثل «رفسنجانی» ها این احمدی نژاد حکم اون «بچه پر رو» ئی رو داره که لاتهای قدیم مینداختن جلو تا حریفشون رو برای درگیری اصلی تحریک کنن!

حالا این احمدی نژاد به اتکای کی داره همه رو لجن مال میکنه و به سیم آخر میزنه باید چیز جالبی باشه و شرط میبندم این قضایا هیچ دخلی به انتخابات نداره و با انجام انتخابات هم تموم نمیشه

یه داستان سرنوشت سازی تازه اومده رو صحنه با بازیگر هایی که دیگه شمشیر رو از رو بستن!


Bitter reality!

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

حقوق بشری که از تعالیم اسلام سرچشمه میگیره را سی ساله داریم میبینیم. مردیم ازین همه حقوق بشر.بابا اینقدر به مردم حقوق ندین. نکنه تموم بشه!
فعلا که هر چی حقوق و مزایای و ثروتهای ناشی از حقوق بشره به جيب مدافعان ولی فقیه و آقا زادگان و حامیان و ترویج دهندگان تعاليم اسلامی رفته . کاش ۷۰ مليون مردم ايران را هم بشر حساب ميکردن. راستی داريوش و کوروش هم جزو ارتش اسلامی بودن که به ايران تجاوز کردن ؟ آيا داریوش و کوروش هم مثل موسوی و رييسش خمينی دستور تجاوز به دختران مسلمان و کمونيست ايرانی را در زندانها دادن؟ اگه تجاوزجنسی به زندانيان زن جزو حقوق بشر است لطفا بگيد موسوی بره در مورد این همه حقوق بشر خواهر و مادر خودش و بقیه همفکرانش اجرا کنه. زنان ايرانی حق رفتن به دوبی و زير شيوخ اسلام خوابيدن را نميخوان. حق معتاد شدن جوانان و فقر و گدايی در خيابانها رو هم نميخوان. آيا موسوی حاضره هانا عبدی و ديگر به ناحق رفته به زندانها را آزاد کنه؟ معلومه که نه. موسوی داريوش و کوروش که نيست. پيرو اسلام و تجاوز و غارت و جنگ طلبی و خوابيدن با دختر بچه های ۹ ساله است. اسلام اسلام است و عزت و شرف اسلام در همين جنگ و خون ريزی و قتل و تجاوز و ظلم و دزدی و تقیه و دروغ گوئی است. موسوی هرگز به اسلام و امام خمینی خيانت نخواهد کرد.
به زودی موسوی رييس جمهور خواهد شد و پدری از دمار مردم در خواهد آورد که مردم به احمدی نژاد خواهند گفت خدا پدرش را بيامرزد. چقدر خوب بود. حداقل اون يه وعده دروغی در مورد پول نفت ميداد و یا وقتی به بسیجیها اجازه تجاوز به زهرا بنی یعقوب را میداد میگفت که خودکشی کرده و قصدی نبود. حالا ديگر دوره به قدرت رسيدن مدافعان رسمی تجاوز به دختران زندانی طبق دین اسلام است


Sadeghe Hedayat

by Goosfand on

Be ghole zendeh yaud Hedayat:

Ta khar hast bauyad savaur shod (from Cararavaneh Islam).   The sarcasm was towards iranian people.


The saddest thing is

by BK (not verified) on

AN and Mousavi et al know that they no longer need to lie to people and pretend all has been well under this regime. They are now quite happy to OPENLY admit their ineptitude, corruption and disastrous rule over Iran and argue with each other with impunity on national TV.

And what is particularly sad about this is that this bunch knows there is nothing that people can do about the situation. People have no recourse of any kind to bring about fundamental and lasting change in Iran.

People's "choice" is either to vote for one faction of the ruling religious elite or for another faction of the same religious elite with no more than the thickness of cigarette paper between them. Either way, the Islamic Republic elite get to continue to rule, so they might as well bring their personal ambitious power plays out into the open and pretend they are engaging into open and democratic debate.

I know I'm repreating myself in saying this, but quite honestly the Islamic Repubic bigwigs have proven to be very clever in retaining their grip on power and their plans are working to perfection. Just a shame for people that this bunch has shown none of this cleverness in actually running the country under competent governance, under a truly democratic and free system, and improve the miserable life of millions of ordinary Iranians.



by capt_ayhab on

Such a worthy 2Rials and such a valuable vel kharji. ;-)

Enjoyed your write up. Platform for both candidate is pure and simple. The Imam, and not the nation.


Your write up on opposition, and how fragmented it is basically nailed it. I do wish that the opposition realizes that as well.

Thanks gents for great comments. I enjoyed them





by Parham on

I definitely agree with your conclusion there, except these days it's not 2 rials anymore, but 20,000! :)
Btw, I always enjoy reading your comments. Keep'em coming!


Face the bitter reality

by BK (not verified) on

Although ever since they took over it's been clear the Islamic Republic does not need people's vote to rule, elements within the regime realize that as more and more international attention is focused on Iran and that in the age of internet, satellite TV, mobile phones etc it is almost impossible to keep things hush hush, they need some of kind of legitimacy - and the best kind being popular mandate through high participation in the (s)election - they need to get people out to take part in the so called vote.

And as I said, what better motivation to make people feel compelled to vote than to get rid of an obnoxious and narrow-minded religious zealot like AN. I honestly don’t blame the millions of bad-bakht Iranians who, in their total despair and lack of an alternative, cannot see any other choice, but to cast a vote in favour of someone like Mousavi. And you can bet your bottom dollar the Islamic Republic knows this and is counting on it.

The AN/Mousavi debate has been publicized heavily in the Western media. The IR is winning propaganda war so easily; it's a travesty to call it a war. The so called opposition (what little of it there is) is as usual fractious, amateurish and totally hopeless. It is not even on the same planet as IRI when it comes to PR.

In fact, the opposition is so hopeless that IRI has created its own internal opposition, the so called Reform movement with the likes of Khatami, Mousavi etc.

Unless some kind of miraculous event takes place, you need to prepare yourself for the bitter reality that the ancient land of Iran is lost to the Islamic Republic and its fanatical leaders and hordes armed thugs probably for the next 100 years. And there is no silver lining on the horizon.............none whatsoever.

Tip your hats off to the Islamic Republic supporters here like Q, Jelaho, Abarmard etc because make no mistake, they and their masters in Iran are the winners and have earned the right to celebrate and gloat (which I see, they are already busy doing).


This debate just convinces me more of the root problem...

by Fair on

...and therefore to not vote in this election.

Before I go on, I must say I deeply respect everybody's decision, since this is an important event and there is no right answer, but just would like to share my 2 rials...

The pattern I see in this debate is telling- Mousavi criticizes problems under AN, AN answers back "were things any different in your government?". And both always hide behind the "Imam" for safety and shower him with praise.

Therein lies the problem.

The root of all these problems is the line brought to our country by the "Imam". AN is right to bring up Mousavi's reign as not being any better, but is not right to blame it on Mousavi. The problems under Mousavi 20 years ago and under AN today are not due to Mousavi or AN. They are due to the existence and nature of the Islamic Republic, as founded and envisioned by the "Imam", who is untouchable, even 20 years after his death. Ironically, the Shah and Saddam, both foreign backed dictators according to their opponents, are not nearly as above criticism as this man.

Mousavi does not have ANY platform for reform, or meaningful changes in the stance of the country. He will not do anything different about the nuclear issue, and therefore the threat of war will not even be less in my opinion, after assessing these two candidates. Their differences are tactical, not strategic, and they fundamentally represent the same destructive ideology and line that has ravaged our country for 30 years. And they say so proudly themselves.

AN is right to say "Did you start just getting worried about this stuff now? Were you not worried about this 10, 20, 30 years ago?". He is absolutely right, if Mousavi is genuinely worried about this stuff, he should have ABANDONED the Islamic republic decades ago and joined (or helped form) an opposition.

I will not vote for either of these. We should put our energy on changing the strategy of our country, not the tactics. We should finally recognize as a nation, it is time for mullahs to go.

Just my 2 rials worth.




I Think[I scare myself too]

by capt_ayhab on

The paramount hope should be that the person taking the office has got wee bit of humanity in his being to give tad bit of breathing room to people in Iran. For they, your family, my family, the common people who bare the weight of this regime on their tired and weak shoulders have earned it and deserve it.

It is so easy for us[myself included] abroad to sit in our comfortable homes/offices and preach[lengesh kon]. This is not to say that we do not understand their plight, nor it is to say that partaking in election is legitimizing the regime. For the regime with hooks and crooks were legitimized by the fraudulent referendum they conducted back in 1979.

It is getting redundant and boringly repetitive to recite atrocities of the regime, since there is a majority consensus over the fact that how corrupt and how criminal they ALL are.

Rather than rehashing the obvious, and short of organizing powerful and well leaded coup against the regime, we must try and help the people of Iran who might want a different EVIL to make their lives miserable for the next 4 years. MAY BE, may be now that this election is such a focal point in international arena, if a moderate EVIL taking office going to alleviate threat of looming war and attacks from Israel or US, then the immediate attention should be given to curtail this threat.

Again these are all wishful thinking, Mousavi has tremendous amount of blood on his hands, and as a previous leader[PM] has proven to be incapable person, but so as long as his election can create more favorable international image of Iran, then all these talks of sanction and threat of war MIGHT have a chance to cool off.

True and sustainable change and democracy WILL rise from within the county, and not from LA or London. All we can hope to do is to stand support, lend our voices, our funds, and our readiness to be part of the change when it occurs. 

As to the debate, I have mixed emotions about it. Regime is desperately seeking to portray itself as a democracy. We can see this desperation in manner in which this election been ran. Ever so minutely they are trying to resemble US election. They know that despite rhetoric, they desperately need international approval on their elections so it is highly possible for them to make sure that the election proceeds in an orderly fashion without possibility of any party being able to claim election fraud.

This is just my humble observation and I know I could be wrong. But we can not deny the fact that regime has realized that it needs a face lift in order to get back to international economy to salvage its bankrupt state.





by Parham on

Let's not congratulate ourselves too much either: They also know they're dealing with people who would choose the easy way out (or what they think/pretend is the easy way out) rather than defend their rights.


BK : exact!

by Souri on

In my book, Mousavi = Ahmadinejad + Corruption

So, if I were in Iran and had to vote, I would still vote Ahmadinejad.


Smart strategy by the Islamic Republic

by BK (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad has proven to be such a disaster for Iran, that although most ordinary Iranians are fed up with this regime, in the absence of any credible opposition (and whatever opposition there was it has long since been decimated by the Islamic Republic), they are so desperate to get rid of this odious man that they will vote for anyone, even the likes of Moussavi, who, despite being thoroughly incompetent, corrupt and narrow-minded himself (his tenure as PM being a testament to that), is at least not quite as repulsive as the loathsome Ahmadinejad.

You gotta admit, the Islamic Republic sure knows how to formulate a strategy to get people to vote. Inflict on people the worst possible person – i.e. AN – as the country’s president so that even the most fervent anti-IR/anti-vote Iranians will persuade themselves to vote just to get rid of this nightmare, thereby giving the IRI the excuse to claim popular mandate for its tyrannical and repressive rule.

It’s a hell of a strategy.

Darius Kadivar

My two cents

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for sharing your point of view. However that has not been my impression. I know that he writes Regularly for Al Ahram newspapers and he has a good knowledge of Arabic which he speaks fluently. I have noticed that he often has solid arguments and offers evidence for his views based on fact. I don't always share everything he says but I have found that he has been particularly well documented on the geo strategic dillemas in the region as well as the different alliances between various groups and countries.

I fully shared his views for instance regarding the Gaza Crisis and the way Iran's regime tried to take advantage of the tragedy to gain support for HAMAS rather than the PLO.

This is something that now even a candidate like Moussavi has been criticizing Ahmadinejad for his dangerous adventurism in this very debate.

Nourizadeh and Sazegara know many of the current people running Iran today because they were former revolutionaries themselves. So they know who these people are deep inside and what are the different loyalties or enmities between them. Something that most Western Medias do not have access to because they don't share the same experience.

So his views are always worth listening to and I personally find them quite insightful.




To Darius jaan

by My two cents (not verified) on

I might be mistaken but it seems to me that Nourizadeh's loyalty lies with the Saudie government, and not necessarily with Iranian people or Iran in general.

He does not seem to care who will be the president ( although he favored Karrubi) as long as Saudis are satisfied and happy.

Darius Kadivar

Better Debates on VOA Persian ...

by Darius Kadivar on

All Those IRI Apologists who were calling VOA Persian as a War Mongering Fox Like Channel criticizing them for saying the Truth about the nature of the IRI should be ashamed of themselves.

You should look at their excellent programs like Tasveereh Khabar or Rooyeh Khat which gives voice to all opinions and takes calls from Iran.

This is todays program about Obama's speach in Egypt.


Last Night's program was much more in relation with the Mousavi Ahmadinejad debate.

People Like Chalanghi, Nourizadeh or even former Revolutionary guard Sazegara give unique and professional insights into the realities of the political challenges that face Iran's regime in its relation to the West. Not just the usual politically correct stuff you hear on the BBC Persian.

More and more people who were criticizing this channel as being a platform for the Iranian Opposition are not only dishonest but hypocritical.

The latest people including from the current establishment such as Karoubis spokesman accepted to come and debate on live.

Where as none of the other candidates nor spokesmen have ever responded to the recurrent invitations to these groups to come and speak and debate freely.


Where as More and more Iranian human Rights activists as well as unionists and other political groups be them right or left have come and spoken bravely and regardless of the risks of being arrested.

I SALUTE VOA for their Objectivity and I should Add Genuine Patriotism towards their compatriots back home.

And SHAME on those who Reduced VOA Persian to mediocre LA TV's only to divide Iranians outside and to shut down any critics towards the Regime in IRan.

As for the BBC they have a long way to come to catch up the professionalism of the VOA Journalists.





To SmartAss: if so then why the hech did we revolt in 1979?

by Ironic (not verified) on

"Looking further into the future, I hope that, overall, all Iranians are mature enough to handle more freedom and do not abuse it. Pushing "too fast" towards liberalism, itself, can have devastating consequences in the form of major backward progress. "

seems like déjà vu or I should say entendu!! that is more or less what the late Shah kept saying when he wanted to justfiy his repressive rule that people in Iran were not ready or mature enough to handle true freedom.

How sad that after all these years, some people have thw nerve to resort to the same ol' flaky pretexts to justify REPRESSION!



by Daryush on

You must live in Iran. You are wise.

Iran is horrible in many ways but believe me when I say that it's not all the government. People need to grow. I also believe that we are maturing. People there are mostly susul fokoli talaa and I won't call them "revolutionaries". They won't lift a finger for their own mothers.

I am not going to say who I will vote for, but my wishes are the same as yours for the future of Iran.



To MR./Ms. SmartAss: another pro-IR fool BSing

by Smart Alec (not verified) on

I say Khameneii should appoint you to run the country then we will have the second invasion of Talebans this time into Iran.


Anyway you look at it this is exciting

by SmartAss (not verified) on

The only people unhappy about this debate are the "revolution crowd," those who want widespread violence, disruption and killing in Iran - like MKO, right-wing-Israelis and the rest of the losers. This debate is a clear sign that the system, as well as the people in Iran, are moving towards more maturity. Anybody denying it is just blind. Looking further into the future, I hope that, overall, all Iranians are mature enough to handle more freedom and do not abuse it. Pushing "too fast" towards liberalism, itself, can have devastating consequences in the form of major backward progress. A "total freedom" means a "no-freedom." As the nation moves forward, they need to put in place "restrictions" that safeguards "freedoms." Otherwise there will be "too much" freedom, which is really freedom where there shouldn't be any, which eventually leads to less freedom.

For example, we don't want freedom to kill randomly, or casually violate other's right to ownership - that type of freedom leads to less freedom in the long run. We also don't want freedom of press to translate into anybody publishing any trash and cause further social damage. Authorities might abuse what these concepts mean but a society can find out for itself and fight for true freedom and not the fake one. That is what maturity is.


To some...

by Benyamin on

I don`t believe it was a "siah bazi"!

I believe the IRI is aging and with it its founding characters.This change and whatever direction it is taking has made some of  the old thinkers and founders to get pushed to the side and the new forces and new ideas(although most islamic) are surfacing. These new forces could be even more hardline than before or much more liberal than before, meaning the gap between the left and the right is widening and the hard right is getting blood thirstier and left is shaping to more solid left that would not be a push over anymore.

Whoever, that thinks these clowns were just acting is wrong. to show someone`s wife`s pic. on TV. is no act it is "real" and serious even to talk about it is hard for many hardliners. I do believe that political parties,groups,people, oppostions and so on are slowly but surely surfacing, it must be interesting to see what will happen the next 4 years no matter who is in power  after what AHMADINEJAD did at the debate. 


To Concerned-Iranian

by Mansour F. (not verified) on

These so called free Iranians outside Iran do not COUNT! they just jump up and down and tear themselves apart ONLY and ONLY for their own self-serving needs and agendas.

Nobody in their right mind inside Iran follows them or takes them seriously ANY MORE if ever.

Believe me people inside Iran are much smarter than these folks and know what they are all about.

They will vote or not vote REGARDLESS OF these people.



Mousavi-Ahmadinejad debate

by Rend Ayyaar (not verified) on

After watching the debate:
1. Ahmadinejad was by far the most eloquent of the two. Mousavi did not show mastery of his language for instance frequent use of "chiz".
2. Ahmadinejad showed his fighting spirit and tried to project himself as the champion of the "little people". I beleive by naming names, he succeeded in his attempt.
3. Ahmadinejad advisors are by far more innovative in using effective debate techniques.
4. Mousavi, although seemed genuinely concern about the direction country is taking, does not have the fighting punch ability of Ahmadinejad.
5. Mousavi, was clearly put into a defensive position by repeated personal attacks of Ahmadinejad.
6. Ahmadinejad feels threatened by population dissatisfaction and internal pressures of old guards of the system so he finds that his best defence is an offence.
7. Ahmadinejad has managed to alienate many in positions of power which can cost him dearly in terms of effective governance if re-ellected.
8. Mousavi's position was not strengthened by this debate.
9. Given the unruly nature of Ahmadinejad and weak disposition of Mousavi, and mistrustof karoubi, the powerplayers may shift their resources to ellect Rezaie.


To Mansour F.

by Concerned-Iranian (not verified) on

Thank you, You are right Sir...

Iranians inside Iran are hostages in their own country and unfortunately don't have other choices but to choose between these two clowns... (Supporters of Iran Eslami!)

However, so called free Iranians outside Iran who get excited and directly and indirectly sympahtize and support the Evil Islamic Republic are the ones I was referring to...


Concerned- Iranian

Free Iran and Iranians



Here we go again...!

by Shehr-e Hert (not verified) on

I don't know who the winner of last night's debate was, but I'm sure as hell that the loser is the nation. Look, if these characters are the best of the best the system can "permit" us to vote for, we're in deep doodoo.
After 100 years of yearning for democracy, I have officially come to the conclusion that I will vote for Mahmood so he can continue to chew into the foundations of this regime. Mousavi is just another Khatami with the function of prolonging the regime's tenure.


Speak Farsi you idiots

by No-Arabic (not verified) on

Why are they speaking Arabic to start the debate? Koran can be spoken in farsi. Using Arabic is an insult to our independence. When we call "cars" Khodro and change other western words to Farsi, then why when it comes to Arabic it's ok to use it and then we insist that we are not Arabs. Last but not least, history has shown that any one who uses relegion to justify his/her action is nothing but a scam artist.


To Concerned-Iranian

by Mansour F. (not verified) on

They get it but knowingly allow themseves to be fooled and played around with because they do not YET see a viable tangible alternative to IRI.

The so called "real" opposition outside Iran have been fighting amongst one another for the last 30 years. The ones inside are either dead, dying or languishing in IRI jails, what do you expect?


Zaer zaer

by Iran Dell (not verified) on

islam and its murderer regime well have to Go no moor-tagiyeh=Dorog game is over