Secret audio: Riot control

Extraordinary recording of security officials meeting to discuss how to deal with future unrest (18 Tir, 1998?)


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Rezai is a speaker as "sardar".

by پیام on

So it must be an old tape since Rezai resigned his military post in presuit of a political post.


all oppressive regimes go through this

by mahmoudg on

process.  They never learn.  The Shah's actions, angelic compared to these thugs, was a failure and so will this regime's.  The good news is that at least most of us will learn that Islam will be finished in this country, at least secularized,  But let there be no doubt that this regime is on its downhill pattern.



by shushtari on

look at this this our nation's military??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

put a picture of our army from 30 years ago.....and compare

that fat#ss is wearing a basebal cap for god sake! he looks like 'goorohban garcia' from the old zorro tv series in iran! 

Kay Kavos

This is not new...

by Kay Kavos on

This is part of a series of files which are rather old, belonging to the Kowsar seminar after 18 Tir events in Tehran (Khatami era). You might want to listen to the whole set of audio files, here:


The posted file is file 8 out of 12. BTW, I assure you things are much worse now than what is being described in these files.


Podcast link does not work

by AryamehrNYC on

Podcast link does not work


Look at the fat cow on the side!!!!!

by curly on

I am sorry this is not related to the topic but is this fat guy for real?????????????? who the hell is he  ? what kind of General is he ? he can not even control his eating habit let alone a country;-)))))))


This is...

by Parham on

... the one from ten years ago, isn't it?


Islamist psych-op

by Fred on

Just after the 1999 student uprising another tape just like this one, besides the video of Saeed Emami’s wife being interrogated, was “leaked”. This sort of psych-op is nothing new and the Islamist cutthroats republic is an old hand at it.


  The punch line is regime’s eyes and ears are everywhere and are well prepared for any and all scenarios so be a good subject and don’t even think of emancipation.


مرگ بر جمهوري اسلامي


مرگ بر جمهوري اسلامي

Jahanshah Javid

Quite a coup

by Jahanshah Javid on

The existence of this recording is quite a coup for the opposition and an embarrassment to the regime. Another dark chapter in the history of the Islamic Republic. A bunch of callous military men whose only goal is to protect and maintain an oppressive state. They know they will be very busy in coming months.