Sahel Kazemi


Also see Kazemi pulled over by police for druk driving.

The Tenneseean -- Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was killed in an apparent murder-suicide with a young woman who worked at an Opry Mills restaurant and had been dating him for months. Advertisement McNair, a hometown hero who did extensive charity work in Nashville, had several gunshot wounds, including one to the head. He was found on the sofa of a Second Avenue condominium that he rented, police said. Sahel Kazemi, 20, was found on the floor near him with a single gunshot wound to her head. A pistol was found near her body. Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said investigators were not actively looking for suspects Saturday night but had not ruled out any scenarios. He stopped short of calling the deaths a murder-suicide, but said the police should be able to classify the deaths today after autopsies and forensic work>>>

Also see Kazemi pulled over by police for druk driving.


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Wino raps itself with flag, and desecrate it.

by B77 on

On first few lines you continue abusing the flag and use nationalistic jingles for your own purposes.  There are no constitutional bases for your claims.  US citizens are US citizens, from Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian immigrant, to O. J. Simpson.  All US citizens have the right and do criticize other US Citizens.   People in the US have the right to criticize anybody they want and they do not need to even be a citizen to practice this right, read first amendment and Supreme Court cases regarding that.   Now if you studied constitution carefully, you should have known this fact.

You say you did not go to school to be an American, maybe you should have, because your understanding of US constitution is incomplete.

The rights you have as a US citizen, is given to you by constitution.  You have no additional rights over other US citizens.   Without US constitution you have no rights, what so ever.  Oh by the way the jingles people sing in Alabama is not the law and is not binding.

You said “You have no idea who I am..what I'm about.”  Neither you really know me and really know who I am; otherwise, you would have been more careful with your words.  I am not a guest here.  This is my land now; I have as much rights to it by constitution as you do or Arnold Schwarzenegger does .

Then you follow with unrelated rants about “Therefore, I will not stand idly by and let you attack America, or any of its legitimate migrants that are happy and appreciative to be here. The ones that are not taking advantage or our freedoms, which you do not have in Iran, condemning the US and everything that we stand for, abusing the system..”   Who attacked America?  Is McNier America?  McNier is a shame for America.

You say “Look, amigo, I won't go to Iran and tell you how to be an Iranian if you don't come to USA and tell me how to be an American.”  Amigo, we really have laws here that you should follow otherwise you will end up on the wrong side of the law.  I really think that you should go back to school and learn more about the law, your rights and others rights.

It seems that you do not even know anything about the anthropology either, so I do not even bother lecturing you about it.  I just suggest that you go back to school and learn this too.

Also you do not seem to know the spirit of 2nd amendment to the constitution, and why the founders made it a right for the citizens to bear arms!  Was she driven to commit suicide by McNier?  She did not shoot her ex boy friend when they got separated.    Was there some sort of sex slavery relationship that drove her to it?  Otherwise, finding another guy for a pretty girl like her was easy.  She just needed to be nice to someone else.

You say: “Another important point, McNair did not invent cheating on your wife...lets see..does anyone remember Pres. Bill Clinton, Sen. Larry Craig, Sen. John Ensign…”  They all got caught and paid heavy price for it.  McNier did not get caught until it was too late.  People who get caught and get driving ticket usually are more careful and do not get into bad accidents; whereas, those who do not get caught get into bad accident.  It would have been better for him, if he would have been caught earlier.

You say that “ake a look a Miss Kasemi in that blue..ah...whore outfit??” Now you  talk like Taliban.  They also ask women to wear modest cloth, and Cover themselves.  The way one chooses to wear cloth is a form of expression, again protected by first amendment.   Many rapists have the same argument as you do that since she was wearing such a dress "she was asking for it".  Such arguments have no bases in law, she has the right to wear as she wishes, and you are required by the law to accept her decision.

You really need to go back to school and learn a lot of things.

anonymous fish

nice to meet you.. :-)

by anonymous fish on

Yeah, I'm female.  I rather thought it was obvious from anything I said... but, well, you gotta consider the source of confusion.  :-)

It's always interesting to me how an American ends up on  I myself am married to an Iranian man.  (well, duh).  So I think I can safely say that I've seen the best and the worst, if he is at all typical and I of course think he's anything but "typical".  It's been a pretty rocky ride on the ole Iranian rollercoaster.  You'll find that Iranians are pretty defensive.  Can't argue that much though.  We're a pretty stubborn bunch ourselves.  Your issues are 100% correct.  It's my personal contretemps as well.  I have absolutely no problem with any citizen of the US complaining about issues in the US.  We're obviously not perfect and I understand frustrations that foreigners might have with government policy, etc., especially with their homeland.  But it's the attitude that you're referring to that I despise.  The attitude that they are better than their host country.  So why are they here at all?  But trust me.  Those individuals are the minority here.  Most are fair and caring, intelligent and witty.  Even disagreeing can be fun!  AND a learning experience.

I hope these are the ones who will engage you and that you will respond to.  I haven't had the pleasure to visit Iran yet but it remains my fondest desire... the see the REAL Iran of beauty and culture.

So... "son".  I hope I don't sound condescending to you.  :-)  I just have this feeling that you're much younger than I am and I have these maternal  I want your experience on to be a positive one, as mine is most of the time.  Remember.  We are their guests on, much as they are our guests in the US.   

Play nice!  :-0


To penetrate through thick glass of bias

by B77 on

Anonymous fish  has “self hating complex” and just to make him and others like him see the real story here under their thick glass of hate or self hate I will change the national origins and names in this story, but keep the story the same.

We make McNier , instead of a black man an Arab or Iranian Guy.  He is still 36, have a wife and four kids.   We call him Akhmad Arab.

Now change Sahel with a white American.  She is still 19~20 years old waitress.  We call her Heather White.

Now let’s look at the story one more time:

The executive of big oil company Akhmad Arab  was killed in an apparent murder-suicide with a young woman who worked at an Opry Mills restaurant and had been dating him for months.   Akhamd Arab, a hometown hero who did extensive charity work in Dubai, had several gunshot wounds, including one to the head. He was found on the sofa of a Second Avenue condominium that he rented, police said.

Heather White, 20, was found on the floor near him with a single gunshot wound to her head. A pistol was found near her body. Metro police spokesman Sherlock Holms  said investigators were not actively looking for suspects Saturday night but had not ruled out any scenarios. He stopped short of calling the deaths a murder-suicide, but said the police should be able to classify the deaths today after autopsies and forensic  …

amily and friends were shocked at the news, describing Heather White as a sweet girl who did not have it in her to kill someone. They also said she would not have wanted to kill herself.

"She was enjoying her life," nephew Susan said. "She just had it made, you know, [with] this guy taking care of everything."

Susan said Heather, who went by the name Jenni, met Akhmad Arab while working as a waitress at Dave and Buster's.

Restaurant manager Chris Truelove said of Heather: "She was pretty outgoing. A lot of the guests liked being around her, and she liked being around the guests."

She was slender, with long, black hair and an olive complexion. Her looks were compelling enough that Buckner's two daughters asked Heather to take a picture with them.

Heather told relatives that she refused Akhmad's advances at first. But soon they began dating, and before long he was at her apartment a couple of nights a week - so often that neighbors thought he might be living there.

Susan said Akhmad took Heather on vacations to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Key West, Fla., and his home state of Mississippi. Pictures of the two parasailing together have surfaced on the celebrity Web site

All that would have been exciting for any young woman, but it must have seemed unbelievable for Heather, who dropped out of high school and moved to Nashville from Florida with a boyfriend at age 17, sometimes working two or three jobs to support herself.

Born in Iran, she and her family were persecuted for their Baha'i faith, Susan said.

When Heather was 9, her mother was murdered, according to an account her ex-boyfriend gave The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville. After that, the family fled to Turkey before settling in Florida.

Now read this story and understand what really happened.



Sahel was loving not a gold digger.

by B77 on

I never had a chance of meeting this young person.  However, it appears to me she was very loving.  I do not understand why some people calling her names.  She was normal teenagers who were naïve to trust MaNier.
If she wanted to be a gold digger she could have gone after Middle Eastern guys who are way richer than McNier.
She must have been very angry with McNier.  What did he do to her, which made her kill him and commit suicide?   I do not think, she would have become that angry, if he just wanted to leave her.  It must have been more, much more.  Anyways we will never know.

May she rest in peace and god judge her with the mercy.

anonymous fish

boys boys boys!

by anonymous fish on

Talk about two extremes!  Eric... since you're obviously American I feel I can talk to you with some impunity...:-).  (I feel like I'm talking to my  First.  Your language does not become a gentleman.  Teach by example, not by force.  And lower the caps... you sound way too loud!  I don't think the girl was as much a sinner as you think nor as much a saint as the delusional B77 thinks.  I don't blame him for being defensive of a hamvatan but this goes beyond defending your women.  He is more interested in placing all the blame on McNair.  This is typical of some people.  It's never their fault... it's always someone else's.  He likes to twist words around as evidenced by his statement - "You are suggesting that this is ok because he was black."  I just ignore comments like that.  People attack with nonsense when they have no real credible argument.  I just consider the source...:-)

Anyhoo.  If you are American, I hope you'll stick around.  A couple of points to remember.  Iranians are no different than Americans.  We don't like our people and our country getting shit on.  Neither do they.  Unfortunately, there ARE many who like it enough to LIVE HERE... AND still shit on us.   I resent that big time... but this is the Land of the Free... right?  So let's respect each other.  And this is the most important thing to remember... the one thing I remind myself of every day.  People like B77, and others, do NOT respresent the wonderful Iranian people and culture.  I can't tell you how many people there are here that are truly deserving of your respect, consideration and friendship.  Don't let a few bad apples spoil your time here.  Would you expect Iranians to judge all the US and all Americans on someone like... Cheney, for example?  :-0


anonymous fish

by B77 on

The question is who bought her the alcoholic drinks, since she could not have purchase that herself?  The person buys an under 21 year old drinks is breaking the law and is responsible for all the potential damages.
I do not drink even though I have passed the legal age many many years ago.  Your blanket statement that people start drinking while they are teens is conjuncture.  The correct statement is some people illegally start drinking while they are teen.  Does that make it right, so others should follow them and break the law?  What is the responsibility of adults here?  Should they become an accessory to crime, by providing teen with alcohol? Then why do we have any laws then?
Your statement “You just want to rant and rave on about the "black man who got the Iranian chick".”  Is also not correct.  I would have said the same thing if the guy was any other color.  As a matter of fact. McNeir looked like people from south of Iran.  If you go to Bandar Abas, you will see black Iranians.  Many of them are married with white Iranians and no one cares, we have them in our family too.  The reason that Sahel went out with McNier was that he looked like some Iranian people.  The story is this, she trusted this guy, and he betrayed her trust like many others including his own wife’s trust.  You are suggesting that this is ok because he was black!!!  Breaking the law is ok because he was black!!!

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

I don't think that McNair owned any of the bars she worked in or bought drinks at.  You best be able to provide proof before you decide to determine that HE contributed to her delinquency.  He knew her for 6 months.  I seriously... SERIOUSLY doubt she abstained from alcohol before then.  And I'm quite sure (having had a boyfriend) that she was a virgin.  That is utterly beside the point anyway.  The legal age for consent is 18 years old.  She was way past being a deflowered virgin.

Are you really that naive?  Do you think that any boy or girl waits until they are legal to start drinking?  Haven't you ever heard of a fake ID?  Listen... my older sister financed her way through college "loaning" her college ID to me and my friends in high school. 

Reverse that last question my friend.  What does a 20 year old girl see in a 36 year old man?  The answer is $$ signs.  I couldn't IMAGINE wasting my time when I was 20 on an old man of 36.  I said it before.  No one... and I mean NO ONE... could or did ever "talk" me into doing something I knew was wrong. 

Enough of this.  You don't know this girl and really and truly don't give a rat's ass about her.  You just want to rant and rave on about the "black man who got the Iranian chick".  You are doing more discredit to her memory than anyone else could.  Leave it... and her... alone.


anonymous fish

by B77 on

My friend you know you cannot even buy alcoholic drinks until you are 21 anywhere in US.  She was 19! Or starch 20.   So, she could not have even bought alcohol herself!  Who do you guess, gave this underage teenager alcoholic drinks?  Who do you think contributed to delinquency of this teenager?  Who created this circumstance for this teenager?  I know in California, if teenagers get into an accident or commit a crime while legally drunk, the courts would consider the person who has provided alcohol for them legally responsible.   I ask you my friend, who provided alcohol for this teen?  What business does a 36 year old married man  with four children has with a under age girl?

Actually her family should sue his estate for damages.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

just curious as to where you're coming from with the under-age and/or molestation angle?

eric.  you went a little overboard my friend.  play fair and apologize.  :-)


These two songs dedicated to Sahel

by B77 on

Aerosmith-Janie's Got a Gun


Sweet Child O' Mine Music Video


May she rest in peace.


WTF is wrong with you people?

by پیام on

Iranians are being massacared and only thing you do in whining around here?


Khak bar sare khengetoon.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

With all due respect, it appears that this girl is being excused left and right, whether it is because she was led to believe a bunch of false promises by a married man or because of the circumstances surrounding her childhood.

These things happen every day and without a doubt represent a sadness and hardship that I do not wish upon anyone.

But I am reading these posts and I am seeing how she is being looked upon as a victim, and I'm sorry, but I just don't see it that way.

She made choices. Obviously they were very bad choices. And the cost of those choices she made was not just her life and Steve McNair's life, but the costs being paid by two families. One who lost Sahel, and one who lost a husband and father in Steve McNair.

Steve McNair is no saint in any of this. But to pay with his life?

In recent years, I have noticed a trend that I, for one, find very disturbing. And it probably coincides with the fact that I became a first time parent nearly six years ago. There seems to be no sense of urgency in instilling in our children the values you mentioned so that they can navigate this minefield. And it is a trend that is becoming acceptable. This apathy is ruining us as a society.

An entertainer is idolized in death as he was 25 years ago, despite the common knowledge that he purposely abused his body with narcotics, and broke the law in order to do so, while a woman who bravely and valiantly fought cancer first privately, then publicly, passes, and her death is relegated to the point of being an afterthought. And she probably didn't use nearly as much painkilling drugs during her illness.

It's not that I think Farrah Fawcett was a better person than Michael Jackson. I didn't know either one of them. I was saddened to learn of both of their deaths, mainly because they are both fixtures from the time of my childhood who sadly are now gone.

But now, society romanticizes behaviors that were once taboo. And this is yet another example of it. Yes, I feel bad that two lives were lost. I feel horrible about it. It's tragic, especially for the survivors. But this pattern and trend of "oh, he/she had a rough life" as true as that may be, is leading us further down the wrong path to where we're going to become numb to it.

And I, for one, find that very scary and dangerous.

American Dream

Sahel Kazemi and Michael Jackson changed news

by American Dream on

The Iranian election results and protests were on the front pages of newspapers in the United States.  With the untimely death of Michael Jackson and Mr. McNair put the issue in Iran on the bottom of page 6 in newspapers all over the United States.  Yesterday, I asked my friend at happy hour about any update about Iran.  My friend responded by saying, "Dude, Saddam was executed several years ago, there is no reason to worry about Iran anymore, the flow of oil is steady."



Another reason I am proud of Sahel

by B77 on

Think of how many other young girls, like heself, sahel saved.  The new girl friend is just another one.  

How many man now think twice, before taking advantage of another venerable girl?

Think that girl she potentially saved is your sister, your daughter, your relative, your blood, your skin.

The problem is that US media is glamorizing a life style that leads to distraction of people’s lives.  From the day these gladiators are in the college they are promoting life style of sleaze balls, drunks, and drug addicts.  A life style with value system that says cheating in your wife is ok as long as you do not get caught, drinking is cool, drugs are ok, and taking advantage of venerable people is the way of winners!  Losers and nerds are those people who do not do these things.   

Murder and Hero are just point of views here are some example:
Napoleon Bonaparte
Changiz Khan  

I am a US citizen and If she would not have killed herself and I was chosen as her juror, I would not convicted her to more than man slather.  This is a lot to say because I am a man, you could just imagine how would a women juror feels about it.  

Oh by the way Jakarta, from the examination of her credit card, it shows that he was making her to buy things for him.  I really think that he was pimping or extorting money from her.   She was making payment on the car.

So sleaze balls, Iranian kind like Kaveh or  other  kind such McNeir,  be aware:  Hurting girls (people) and abusing girls (people) have no good ending, it eventually catch up with you.

So may we say a prayer for Sahel’s soul.

May Sahel rest in Peace, as peaceful as her name.



To: Kaveh Nouraee

by sadchicagodad on

While I cannot ascribe to B77's attempts to make Sahel into some sort of Iranian heroine or a shir zan who exacted her revenge before making a gallent exit from this world, neither can I find it within me to condemn this poor girl with the vigor and intensity that you do.  Surely, she must have been under enormous emotional pressure to have resorted to such an extreme.  She is as much a victim as are McNair and his familiy.  This is a horrible tragedy for everyone involved. 

I am not in any way excusing her crime, but there must have been many events in her sad and short life over the years that pushed her beyond the breaking point so that she felt compelled to end two precious lives on the night in question. Referring to her as a skank or repeatedly saying that she spread her legs for a married man does not do her justice.  She is an example to every parent of young girls (or boys) of what can go terribly wrong when we as parents fail our children by not instilling in them the values that they will need as young adults to navigate the minefield that we call life. 

Sahel is neither a hero nor a villian; she was simply a very young woman who lacked the coping skills to deal with the tragic situation in which she became ensnared.  If anything we ought to feel sad for this poor lost soul...not angry...or...self-rightous.  I hope that she now finds the peace that surely eluded her in this life.   

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Proud of a murderer who spreads her legs to get things from married men?

Wow, such values you have.


I am proud of her

by B77 on



Let us get the facts about her.

She lost her mom at age 9.

Raised in foreign country by a relative.

No one to tell her what is right or wrong.

No one to fall back to.

Now a man seduces her, take advantage of her and destroys her life.  

She does not get mad, she gets even.

I think if McNeir’s wife was half the women Sahel was, she should have done it long time ago.  Then again McNier's wife was a patsy and a push over.

On the other hand, Sahel was from great heritage of people who get even and are not going to take it.  McNier did not know that how many abused women in her native land have killed their husbands by poison, or other methods.  McNier used to deal with patsies and pushovers like his wife.

Yes she made mistakes, but who hasn't.
It has been said that those who will stand against injustice and dye are martyrs.  She stood her ground, she was brave.  She died for her cause. Is she a martyr?  Only god knows.

It has been said good die young, and she was young.

We are proud of you for standing your ground and fighting for your rights.

May you rest in peace, Sahel.



You judge with the

by jamh on

You judge with the polarized glasses of morality. But survival always trumps morality.

So you are a young girl working on your own as a waitress in Nashville. You are bubbly and pretty and think you should be someone else, a better life somewhere else. You are young but also in debt, your credit card bills are piling up as life in the US of A is not exactly a bed of roses.

Then you meet someone, someone famous, rich, who sweeps you off your feet with cars, appartments overlooking the ball park, parasailing trips. You go from hell to heaven. And he promises you things, soon all your troubles will be over. There are parties and booze and drugs. And how can you say no? This is his life, and you are in love.

I propose that the DUI incident was the needle that broke her back. Things were not going as planned. That appartment was to be vacated for a younger and prettier girl. She could see it in his eyes, the end. The going back to serve on dirty old men. From limelight to an obscurity that will never ever change.

If you see the video of her arrest, you will see that the men do not go with her to the station. They don't defend her. Perhaps they laugh. And there she is. Now in prison. No one cares.

She will show them all.  What she's made of.




by she is trash (not verified) on

there is no justification. she took his life. and she was a coward and took her own as well. black man should learn his lesson messing with these white chicks/foreigners.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

Read a little closer my friend.  She was paying rent on HER apartment.  She was paying two car payments because she was trying to sell hers and had not yet done so... she was also making payments on the ESCALADE that he bought FOR her on her birthday after making a pretty big downpayment on it.  And what would it make her if he was making her payments... him a married man and her his girlfriend?  Please don't be calling him names like you've done.  It unfortunately opens the door for comparison.  Your last question also bears some consideration.  Why did she?


as stated

by dessertfox (not verified) on

i would like to disagree with the comments of iranian dudee that american women are modern whore and sluts. remember dudee that america is made up of many nationalities and iranians are one of them. don't you think that womwn in other countries including yours are not doing what american women are doing as what you have alleged? it's the same anywhere dudee even if it is done secretely in other countries but the deeds are the same it's against moral.
stop thinking and pretending to be pure and perfect there are none.
women are women and they are here to be loved and given the respect a man can do.
do not blame a culture to have turned women into what the are in other country.
do you have a girlfriend ?????? seems you are disperate in everything.


About Being Hit on

by KouroshS on

You should not confused being hit on the head or in the face, so as to say, Leave me the Fu... alone, With being flirted with. That is a common mistake.


Iranian doodie

by KouroshS on

One of the very important characteristic in men is their ability to stick and maintain their word and promises. You have promised several time to not return and that you are done with this subject, Yet you have done the exact opposite. That shows that there is not much of A "man" in you. And then you make fun of all other men for having small size... and all other kinds of weaknesse...

What exactlyy are you exposing about the "average american" and the society as a whole? Your rotten to the core and twisted impression of them is your "exposing" of them? You Jump from average american to American women, and call them materialistic whores of the first degree. Are you confused or is there just so much pressure, stored in you as a result of months and years of successive failures in life, that you have just got to find a way to release it? That is like passing gass from your mouth.

The American socierty is so disgusting that allows all forms and types of cultures and groups to intermingle, That allows variuos forms of expression of your ideas, and also allows one to use their own judgemnet and wisdom to make the call and follow a certain social trend?

The same society that provides you and dipshits like you all kinds of educational and economical opportunities, only for you to come here and pick on one aspect of this society that as it happens, is shared universally and is seen in so many other countries, and put the entire country on trial?

Those women who happen to meet your dumb and ignorant modern definition, are the ones who fall into the traps of men like you, Those who are pressured into unwanted relationships and are tricked and decievde into doing all kinds of unmentionable acts.  people like you are the real parasites.

the desire to become an american originates from the desire to adopt the lifestyle that allows an individual the right to exercise his free will and just to enlighten your ignorant mind, there is an annual increase to embrace such an opportunity, The only real sad thing is that people are faced with legal barriers imposed by the Immigration system and the government, and that has come about because of the long range of abuses and insults that were committed by people such as yourself. Making comments such as the ones you made.

You should be getting back to smoking weed and charging up your "manghal" rather than making comments on how strongly iranians adhere to theirs or other cultures.


Was McNair a pimp or a gigolo?

by B77 (not verified) on

Was McNair a pimp or a gigolo?

The 36 year old guy -- Steve McNair -- made his 19 year old Iranian girlfriend to pay for Apt and his car from her credit card.


I can not figure out if he was a pimp or a gigolo or both? Could someone enlighten me? Why she went out with him. He could have chosen millions of successful Iranian guys?




by Iraniandudeee on

Majority of the Afghan and Paki girls I've seen hit on me and my iranian friends constantly ... I have seen more iranian dudes with Afghan and paki girls than the other way around.

It might be because you are short ugly dirt poor midgets with small d!cks.

Long live Iranian power :)




by Iraniandudeee on

Majority of the Afghan and Paki girls I've seen hit on me and my iranian friends constantly ... I have seen more iranian dudes with Afghan and paki girls than the other way around.

It might be because you are short ugly dirt poor midgets with small d!cks.

Long live Iranian power :)



I don't understand why some

by Anonymous124445 (not verified) on

I don't understand why some Iranians here on this website are upset that this crazy girl went out with a black dude. Iranians are not White, they are middle eastern and in the US, middle eastern is less than black, so please come off the high horse, thank you.


Ego and the damage it causes

by Myles P (not verified) on

Ego and the damage it causes knows no color... no matter the body or nation that houses it. Plenty of egos on this site too, quick to defend their "heritage" because of what another ego has done, that defense becoming offense used to tear down the "heritage" of another in order to mask our insecurity, to save face. Saleh was trying to save face too albeit to a very extreme degree. It's not the degree that's important though, it's the principle. The egoic need to defend itself against perceived threats to its security at all costs(sometimes to the death) is a principle we, like it or not, whether we want to or not, and with or without conscience, live by. In so doing we contribute to an atmosphere where tragedies like this one can occur even if we aren't necessarily victims ourselves. To one degree or another, World.

Peace and Love... One day.


Murder Suicide is now a fact according to Tennesee Police

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

See Article:




AN EVENING OF SOLIDARITY- 7/9/09 Art Institute of Chicago

by Democracy4Iran (not verified) on




Kaveh Ehsani: DePaul University
Mohsen Ghanefar: Northwestern University
Norma Claire Moruzzi: UIC
Danny Postel: No War on Iran Coalition
Rabbi Brant Rosen: Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation of Evanston
Ahmad Sadri: Lake Forest College
Negin Sharifzadeh: School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Faith Wilding: School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Free and Open to the Public
Date: Thursday July 9, 2009
Time: 7pm
Ballroom at MacLean Center, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S.
Michigan Ave