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Rooster from Lar attacks barking dog


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che khabar e

by javaneh29 on

I see it has been removed from its previous place but continues to be featured as 'Iranian of the day' ..... I would have thought that now more than ever, there are so many who are well deserved to meet that title.

The video was appalling. A tasteless and insensitive post.

And Feshangi .. so sorry for your loss and that you had to see this.


che khabar e


by che khabar e on

Exactly.  It's not like there is a dearth of intelligent or thought provoking articles available to be featured.  This is not arbitrary.  This was a deliberate decision to place this article on the front page as a lead story.  That is disappointing to say the least.


Im puzzled

by javaneh29 on

..... why did you think we would want to see this? is there an value in it? And why has it been posted along the top row of the home page ????



It was very hard

by Feshangi on

for me to see this video and to see both these animals in stress and pain. As owners of animals, we have a duty to take care and protect them while they are under our care.

This piece was particularly upsetting to me because less than 48 hours ago I had to put my dear dog Natalie to sleep.  




This is one of the main

by koorosh10 on

This is one of the main reason that I never, ever want to live in Iran or any country that  animal abuse is not in their vocabulary. I never forget  some of the  memory of my childhood that I saw animals being abuse. I remember car running over cats intentionaly. I saw people killing bird by gun which are called ( tofang sahmai). I saw harmless dog being throw rock at. I always asked my self why, why and why. I know what. Because, we are a complex culture. In persian, we are ( ogdei). I do not think until we start to become good people any form of government make any different for us. The great Ghandi once said that we may judge the character of a sosaiety base on how they treat their animals. Thats why I think western countries in particular The United State are the best place in the world. I walk my dog every day in the park and play with him without being bothered by any body. God bless America. If any body who lives here and does not like it must get out of here.    



by Spaceman on

Just makes me sick to my stomach.... Sick 

che khabar e

what exactly is the point of this?

by che khabar e on

You can see the guy holding the camcorder.  This is pretty freakin' sick and disgusting and inhuman and... and...

Ex.  I hope so.  :-)


Starts from home...

by Saman on

Democracy starts from home.


What's the Objective of Posting This Video?! ...

by aaminian on

... showing animal abuse? That Iranians can hurt animals too?  That we need to call the world's attention to animal abuse in Iran thus diverting the attention from the IRI's human rights abuses?!

If I may borrow the words of my favorite president, Mr. Obama, filming/posting this video on this site is about as "stupid" as it gets.  This is something a teenager would publish/email to his/her friends for a few moments of silly laughs.


Bi sharm-ha

by Iranyvaliazad on

Not long ago, the Iranian newspapers reported the execution of 14 people and not a single person said a word in discuss.  Moslem clerics have change Iranians in a way that killing of people in masses doesn't even make people take notice.  Animal abuse is a good sign that the morality in Iran has been islamilize or in other words it is down the toilet hole.


Animal abuse ...

by perkypersian on

Serial killers start by abusing animals first.

But, in a country where respect for human value does not exist then one should not expect much for animals.

David ET

animal abuse

by David ET on

what a stupid and cruel case of voluntary animal abuse by the owner

ex programmer craig

Poor puppy

by ex programmer craig on

When mom shows up, I bet it's chicken for dinner.