Cypriot police confront protesters

Iranian protesters forced to leave

Iranian protesters in Cyprus are approached by Cypriot police who ask them to leave. When they resist at least one of them is attacked and moved away. The remaining protesters "protest!" Sad:


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You misunderstand Mr Shirazi

by John on

I have no problem with a government supervising and controlling its affairs;  the hypocrisy is in WGM's belief that it is acceptable to crush opposition and stifle freedom of speech in Cypress just because it is also being done in the totalitarian IRI.

Don't pretend that the basiji who we have seen assaulting their fellow citizens are the same ones as those who faught against Iraq from 1980 to 1988.  The (very large) distinction is that those people were defending their country against an invading force, whereas the modern basiji are assaulting and killing their fellow citizens, and the violence is being done without provocation, some of it apparently for the sheer pleasure that the basiji derive from it.

You criticize Iranian-Californians for wearing sunglasses, makeup and scarves, yet just imagine instead what all of these educated, intelligent, entrepreneurial, wealthy people could do for Iran if they were still living there.  Wouldn't you rather have a country enriched by these thousands (or millions) of Iranians instead of one without them?

Mr Shirazi


by Mr Shirazi on


Do you know the facts? Please enlighten us. Were there adequate police resources available to supervise the protest and ensure things didn't get out of hand? Few countries in the world will allow any sort of protest without some authoritarian supervision. Did they require pre-approval and authorisation to hold this protest and did they inform the relevant authorities on specifics like nature of protest, numbers, etc? I'm not up to date with Cyprotic legislation regarding this, but its certainly the case in many jurisdictions, and since these Iranians decided to make Cyprus their new home they need to ensure that they abide by the rules! Oh by the way.. there would be no Iran today (Islamic Republic or otherwise) if it wasn't for Basij, where were you in 80-88?

Speaking of hypocrisy, don't worry these guys "protesting" have you covered. I'm sure the majority of them hold IRI passports and visit the Islamic Republic Of Iran via Imam Khomeini Airport at least once a year! This is evident by the way many of them obsucre their facial features with eyewear (wow! Iranians love wearing sunglasses.. even here in scorching summers 42-46C so many people don't wear them!! Maybe they're just very fashionable? haha .. yeah I'm sure that's it!), facepaint and scarfs (very popular in US protests I noticed amongst bay area SanFran hippies), etc. They don't want to be recognised and lose their Iran visiting privileges. Ofcourse many will tell you some baloney that its to protect their family still in Iran or some other handy excuse..


آقای جان جان


این ولگرد رو بی‌خیال، خر قبرسی رو بیشتر نمیبایست توقع داشت. این بسیجی‌‌ها نشادر زدن به ماتحتش رم کرده.‌ای بابا چه حرفا...


WGM is a blatant hypocrit

by John on

WGM, with every posting of yours you demonstrate with absolute clarity that you are a political and social dinosaur.  In most civilized states, dissent and freedom of speech is an absolute right.  Do you not realize that by posting your thoughts on this site that you are actually practising the reverse of that which you want for others?  You are exercising your right of self-expression at the same time that you seek to deny others this same right.  Such hypocrisy.  If you are not currently living in the IRI paradise, then perhaps you should considering relocation.  I'm sure that you would enjoy employment as a basiji thug;  each and every one of them seems to think that he is performing a public duty through their beatings, intimidation, repression and terrorism.


Nope, generally only in totalitarian states like Iran.

by پیام on

What you see here is conflict of interests. And please have your self checked please. you seem to be a sympathizer of violence, wherever it is. Wether in Iran or elswhere, you seem to be the first cheerleader around.


Illegal Protests anywhere are crushed.

by wgm1919 on



Finacial ties between Cyprus and IRI are the main cause of this.

by پیام on

Like Dubai, Cyprus is an Iranian banking proxy these days. By losing one of their major clients, they would risk losing lots of income and in this diar economic situation, any earned nickle/penny is much appreciated. So I am not surprised that they defend IRI embassy with this kind of brutality.