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"Where are you from?" Israeli and Iranian brutality


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Setareh Cheshmakzan

Moderator, why did you delete this?!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

You know, rude kids, I generally have no time for the likes of you; it was clear to me seeing your previous comments that you are racist, ignorant, uninformed and most of all extremely badly brought up, that is, uncultured and rude.  The nearest you are to any culture in Iran, is that of thugs who are beating and killing people in the streets.  You could also do well as torturers in Khahrizac.  So if that junior gangster job application does not work out, you can always be assured a job with the rent-a-thug mob in Iran.

On this thread, I wanted to make clear that no amount of courtesy and good will and even opposition to the IR satisfies you and engages you.  What you are focussed on is the hatred of Arabs and Palestinians.  You are Israeli agents on this website and are all transparent as a puddle of urine on the pavement!  It became clear that it is not possible to engage you in polite intelligent discussion.   My point was made.  Thank you! 

Kambiz, you poor kid.  Ask whoever is in charge of your upbringing to send you to school.  Your future is not very promising.  


hate ir

by nojanthegreat on

people in Iran don't die from hunger ? when was the last time you make a visit.

this events just shows how modern Iran have become and how Iranians live in 21 century .

just think about this:  how Iranians take this pictures? how most of them have cell phones and cameras ?

i find you unfamiliar with today's iran .

people live in good condition ,. most of my family have at least one over seas vacation , which they spend in Dubai and Turkey and European union.

people drive luxury cars which are more expensive than here or in Europe . majority of them are insured and have health benefit.

this recent evenst shows how they are able to not go to work and stay in streets protesting their idaeas .

i love it when ever we  talk about economy or politics in iran people talk about this millions of $ which goverment will send to hamas or Hezbollah they also fail to mention that for last 250 years Iranians pay next to no taxes,

you cant improve  economy with oil money , you do it with tax money.

they are people out there who think we  need to feed iranian people with oil money like welfare state.

grow up ,  now that some of our bravest came to streets , you people here in usa or in eroup are coming out to cash in on this.

in the end of the day most iranian will support arabs ( felistin ) cause and this nonesens that you bring up will fade away.

so relax. put your hate gun  down , life is beuttifull , come out and enjoy it with the rest of us.

putting IRI people on schools roof top and shooting them , is not the answer , we are better than that .


Saman some facts for you crying baby


while you were in you moms belly

At age 11, I lived on my own in Turkey at age 13 I lived in Germany and at age 17 I lived in Canada.

I have met people from all across the globe.

I have met people from Lebanon and Palestine as well as Israelis.

I tell you I have 10 times more respect for Israelis than a nut case Arab Palestinian.

If Arabs had a nuclear bomb do you know where they would have dropped it first? IRAN

Arabs hate Iranian more than they hate Israelis.

so go start sucking on your thumb and wipe the milk from your mouth

By the way thank you for calling me racist that was a compliment

I am a racist Iranian who loves Iran and Iranian people and doesn't give adamn about Palestinians. Sorry dude





by Saman on

Dude ... don't joke your self ... I don't even believe in God. You just haven't traveled enough and I have. We're talking about individual lives here. Stop the racism. We're all human beings. Act like it and respect.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

کامبیز جان داری پیشرفت می کنی

Setareh Cheshmakzan

آفرین !  یادت دادن که عاشقانه عرب ها  درست نیست،  عرب پرست ها واژه درست است؟ کلور بوی!   اما البته نمی تونن یادت بدن که این حرفها ابلهانه و زشته. این  دیگه از ظرفیتشون خارجه!  

ولی ما شما رو لگد نمی زنیم، این کار الاغ هاست دور از جون!  ما به شما یاد می دیم که آدم بشین .  به امید آنروز و به امید ایران آباد و انساندوست :) 

che khabar e

What's the deal IRANdokht?

by che khabar e on

You're obviously pointing your finger at me, again.  Why are you singling me out when I point out that we need to focus our attention on our vatan instead of issues that really aren't our concern?  Why are you dismissing my concern and making it secondary to yours?  Why do you constantly feel the need to distinquish who is and who isn't a true Iranian... or an Iranian at all?  What difference does it make to you?  Is not the wellbeing of Iranians the primary FOCUS here?  Why do you feel the need to belittle everyone who disagrees with you?  Why do you refer to ME as a cyber leader but it does not apply to you when YOU make your pronouncements?

What's the deal?


Setareh jan

by IRANdokht on

If you think violence from anyone, anywhere in the world is inexcusable these people label you right away to discredit you and seek their tribe on you.

People are not of one-track mind, well I guess some are that's why they need to focus on only one thing at a time, but I am speaking about normal people with average brain function. When there is injustice in the world it's quite irresponsible of us to not pay attention and/or justify it because it's not happening in Iran. 

Did you happen to see the video clip of Ziba Shirazi's song performed at UCLA?  She said it beautifully when she was introducing her poem/song. She said she's always been an activist, but once she saw others pay attention to Iran and realized how important that was, she figured she's always had prejudice that made her only focus on Iran. The attention of the world showed her how important it is to pay attention to what's happening everywhere else in the world. 

But that's different than what you're seeing here from so many of this distraught folks. This is specifically about defending Israel.



ستاره، زیاد


ستاره، زیاد ناراحت نشو، وقتش که شد ، شما عرب پرست‌ها رو با لگد میندازیم بیرون

Setareh Cheshmakzan

خانوم ایراندخت

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Thank you.  Amusing indeed!  We should not lose 'focus' even if it is bringing the analogy of a 60 year old crime and bloodshed to highlight the plight of the people in Iran!  LOOOL  

Who are these 'hamvatans' on this site?  Why are they so obsessed with Arabs?!  It seems any mention of Israel in whatever context, attracts a certain crowd who judge Iranian patriotism by the degree to which we hate Palestinians and Arabs, and not the degree to which we support the struggle of our people for democracy, human rights, and a more humane society.  Not even by the degree of the hatred of the IR, I have noticed!!  The criteria seems to be "Don't mentions Israel"!  Have you seen "Don't mention the War!" episode of Fawlty Towers?  Sounds like that, although without the accompanying sense of shame!!!  

Anyway, let them focus, in the meantime pirouz o paayndeh baad Iran.   


وی کنط سی ذ وود فور ذ تریض؟


first of all LOL man keh joonam daroomad ta ino khoondam. Damet garm!

:o))  this is why I love coming to 

and now OUR country needs our HAMVATANS to forget about what parallels they can draw between IRI and ISRAEL's violent nature and follow some cyber leaders who feel so worried we might lose FOCUS and speak of other violators of human rights in the world.




by MargBarIRI on

Damet Garm! You nailed it! Now we have die hard libs preaching to us and comparing the loser PALS who joined Saddam in killing Iranians to our struggle against the mullah ommaty regime. Shame on them for cheapening our struggle. These are typical IRI excuse makers.

There is no comparison to the two struggles. None whatsoever. Although our hearts should be for Palestinian self determination and ultimate statehood, the terrorizing of 70 million Iranians should be our main focus and goal. This is like comparing and equating slavery to gay rights struggle.

This is why two weeks ago when the preacher was yelling marg bar esraeel, the crowd was answering marg bar roousie!


Setareh Cheshmakzan

کامبیز جان شما اسم به این قشنگی و زبان به این زیبایی رو

Setareh Cheshmakzan

با چرت و پرت گفتن، فارسی خراب و آلوده و افکار مسموم به گند نزنید.  خدا شما را بکشه که هم فارسی از شر شما در امون بمونه و هم ایران عزیز!


Setareh Cheshmakzan

خانم چه خبره! کدوم وطن؟ آمریکا، اسرائیل یا ایران؟!!

Setareh Cheshmakzan

من اهل کشیده خوردن نیستم عزیز.  دست زدن هم  ندارم خدارو شکر ولی انگار توی این وبسایت علد حبیطذ دای حارد!  

شما مثل اینکه پیام منو یا نخوندید یا متوجه نشدید.  من گفتم که استفاده از تشابه بین ایران و فلسطین به جهت نشان دادن شدت خشونت گری در مقابل معترضین است.  این در واقع دارد با چنین مقایسه ای شدت درد و مظلومیت مردم ایران را با فلسطینیها مقایسه می کند !!  حالا شما می گویید که چون در این تشابه (اغراقی) جنایات  اسرائیل هم تحت نظر قرار می گیرد، این هدر دادن انرژی است و به  ایران ربطی ندارد؟!!  منظور شما از فوکوس کردن این است که  دیگه وی کنط سی ذ  وود فور ذ تریض؟  !!! بابا ایوالله ..  .. 

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

might be a little dramatic at times but he speaks the truth.  That is why some people react so strongly to him.  He slaps you in the face with it.  And some people just prefer to look the other way.  It's an interesting comparison but a pointless one.  And why are we caring about Palestine and Israel when we're in the grips of the most important movement in years in OUR country.  FOCUS PEOPLE FOCUS.  Don't let your hate and bias against Israel blind you to the evils of the IRI.  Spend your considerable and valuable energy and passion for OUR vatan!


Setareh Cheshmakzan

Dear HateIRI! Please don't hate me too ;)

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

I am baffled you ask me why I live in the US and insinuating I am an IR supporter and a fascist!!!!!  You say you won't talk to me!  All that because I ask you some polite questions?! :)  Oh, well, I was just hoping, as compatriots who both care about Iran and hate this regime, we might have a genuine discussion in our beloved language Farsi ... It was not to be!  So be it!

I still have no intention of returning your insults.  I just clarify and answer your 'queries':

1.  Many people in Iran, that is, many of the protesters, actually not only support Mousavi, many of them also support the IR, whether or not we like it.  Are they fascists?  

If so, how sure are you that Neda, Sohrab, and many others who have been martyred have not supported Mousavi and did not support the IR?  And if they did, which they could have just as likely as they did not, then were they fascists???!!!  without conscience???!!!  You are by this wrong offensive analogy insulting the Green movement in Iran.  The movement is in Iran, my friend, not in Los Angeles, neither is it confined to the affluent north Tehranis.  

2.  I think you misunderstood the analogy and hence your anger.  The analogy between atrocities in Iran and those committed by Israelis against Palestinians was made in reference to how people were brutalised and treated barbarously and not the context and the actual relationship between the oppressed and the oppressor, which would have been completely wrong.  I am afraid your understanding of Israeli Palestinian situation as an equal war is mistaken or biased.  Israeli state is an occupying state that has been brutalising the native population with utter ruthlessness.

You refer to Palestinian terrorism and suicide bombing. I am sure the Iranian regime and its allies can refer (and do refer) to the terrorism of their opposition!!  There is no suicide bombing thankfully because Iran is not Palestine.  There is a depth of despair there of a nation under 60 years of brutal occupation which we are fortunate not to have experienced.  We are not under foreign occupation, we are not dehumanised and we have hope ... Even the reference to violence is exaggerated.  Just look at Sabra and Shatila, or more recently phosphorous bombs in Gaza.  The context and the extent of violence are not comparable and this is not underestimating the IR's crimes and violence against innocent population.  My own family has experienced it first hand; I wouldn't underestimate it ...

3.  I did not make accusation against you!  I said you are repeating a story which has remained totally without evidence.  I think I have seen you do it on another thread.  Is this accusing?!  It is simple; it is either the case of not, no?!  I did not mention Neda.  There are many more than Neda and Sohrab ...  How can they be denied?  But Neda was not raped and sodomised.  That alleged story of rape and sodomy and burning the corpse relates to the story of Taraneh Mousavi which was never substantiated and did not appear in reputable Iranian opposition media.

Calm down and be good pleeeeeese?  We need good people to make something good.  I am not a fascist!!  And God forbid, I wouldn't call you one either!  



بیگانه پرستان


من نمیدونم شما عاشقانه عرب‌ها اسم‌های "ستاره " "ایراندخت" ... انتخاب می‌کنید و نه "سکینه" "فاطمه" ...

 نابود باد میهن فروشان و بیگانه پرستان



To those who try to undermine IRI brutality and barbaric actions


Those who have committed crime against Iranian people must and should brought to justice.

Setareh Cheshmakzan azziz answers to your points:

1. You are saying that they are supporters of Green Movement, which their leader is Moussavi, who is an elite IRI supporter and one of the founders. Therfeore, if you support Mousavi you are supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran who he is part of it. Are all IRI supporters criminal? The same question was asked about the Nazis after they murdered 6 million Jews. My answer is Yes. People have conscious and can think and knowing the brutalities that regime such as IRI and the Nazis have committed anyone supporting is guilty by association.

2. Why not? Did Neda, Sohrab and many of the Iranian victimes ever committed crime agaisnt anyone? Did they ever blew up or have an intention to blow up a cafe or restaurant?

Every Palestinian wants to kill an Israeli and it is vice versa. But they are two countries at war.

Was the Basij at war with Iranian people? 

3. Now you are making accusation and you who first started to promote a logical discussion accuses me of spreading rumors and propaganda. So the Killing of Neda and the rest was a rumor? That is what you are insinuating.

Forgive me if I am not going to reply back to any of you terrorists IRI supporters after this. 

But really why do you live in USA. You guys support the ideology and fascist principles of a Islamic regime who has devoted 30 years and lots of money to terrorism and destruction and hatred.

Why do you guys live here?

You guys hate freedom, democracy, western culture, Jews and non-Mulsims. You guys love Palestine and Palestinians, so why don't you go and live in Gaza?

I know most of you IRI supporters are here to spy on Iranians but listen your time is up no more fun.

It is every Iranians responsibility to identify you guys and report you to FBI. You guys are threat to USA, to Iran and the rest of the world.




Setareh Cheshmakzan

hateiri - can you explain please ?

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

می دونم که شما خیلی عصبانی هستید. من هم همینطور و سایرین هم.  ولی من سر شما داد نمی زنم. بجاش از شما خواهش می کنم مسائلی رو که دارید با این خشم فریاد می زنید آروم و منطقی بحث کنید که برای بقیه قابل درک باشه.  من از شما چند تا سوال دارم:

۱. چرا ادعا می کنید سیما و ایراندخت حامیان این نظام هستند؟  این کاملا برای من روشن است که این دو خانم از جنبش سبز حمایت می کنند و از زورکویی ها، خشونتگری ها و کشتار ها خیلی آزرده اند.  امیدوارم بجای این که باز هم چه به آن ها و چه به من توهین کنید، بتوانید جوابی منطقی و با استدلال و شواهد بدهید

۲. چرا تصور می کنید که خانواده های این شهیدان از اینکه عزیزانشان را با مظلومین فاسطین مقایسه کنند عصبانی خواهند شد؟  مگر جنایات رژیم ایران تقصیر فلسطینی هاست؟ و مگر جنایات رژیم ایران ازهولناکی جنایات و فجایع رژیم صهیونیستی می کاهد؟

۳. چرا از شایعه تایید نشده و بدون شواهد ترانه موسوی استفاده می کنید؟  این موضوع مفصلا بحث شده و هیج شواهدی از صحت آن در دست نیست 


Iranian Daughter murdered by terrorists IRI




Irandokht and Sima and the rest of IRI gang read below:


Please go and tell that to the parents of those of whom they have lost their kids during these demonstrations and 30 years of IRI fascist Islamic brutal and barbaric regime.

Tell them in their face that you also support the palestinian cause and you compare their kids to that palestinian who straps a bomb around his belt to go to a cafe, restaurant and shop to blow up people.

Tell them that you think their daughter who was raped, sodomized, tortured and then set on fire and her beautiful body hid in an rea in order to avoid autopsy is the same as the palestinian wome who went to a wedding and killed the bride and the groom and many more mostly children because they were Jewish.  

Let me tell you right now if anyone tell me that I rip their heads off and then shove it up their......

Am I racist for fightinmg for my People if that is the case I am proud to be a RACIST and I hope all Iranian were and would care for their people.

Do I give a rat a** (JJ has told me not use profanity) about Palestinian and their terrorits cause NO Way, they had their chance and they blew it many times.




This is the head of Basij in

by vildemose on

This is the head of Basij in Tehran and responsible for the bloodbath on the streets. His name is Abollah Araghi. The content of the article is not important (the usual lies) I just want to introduce this criminal to the world:


Remember this face, Radan,

by vildemose on

Remember this face, Radan, Chief of Tehran Police and one of the main ring leaders of the torturers at Kahzirak:

According to eye witnesses, every morning this man used to arrive at Kahzirak by Helicopter and he would select 3 or 4 of the detainees and torture them himself. His favourite tool of torture was a hose which he would use to beat the detainees with until they lost consciousness. Detainees say they were gripped with fear every time they would hear the sound of the helicopter in the morning because they knew that Radan had arrived. Let the world learn this face.


I am with Sima

by IRANdokht on

I can't watch this video clip anymore... all I could think was the slogan 

mardom chera neshastin, Iran shodeh Felestin

anyone who cares for human rights and human lives will be outraged by these abuses, arrests and murders no matter where they happen.



Hatieri, you are a patriot.

by Benyamin on

This is not about "why" israel is doing what it is doing! this about "what" and "how" they go about to reach their goal or target and methods they use, in this case Israel and Iran are compared. To be honest with you I it is a great comparison since Iran(IRI) is crying foul every time something goes wrong in Israel(which also brutal in their own way and I amnot defending thier actions), but Iran(IRI) is doing the same or in my opinion worse than Israel with the difference that Iran(IRI) does it to its  own citizens and Israel to its enemy and that puts Iran(IRI) in worse position.

Those people that "defend" the actions of the IRI or try to rationlalize it are also criminal and all they do is sympythising with those that harmed our youth and encourage crimes against humanity.

Artificial Intelligence

Stupid & Idiotic Comparison

by Artificial Intelligence on

This comparison only minimizes and insults  the Iranian nation's struggle against the basiji velayateh faggi  scum. To compare the Israeli Palestinian conflict, where both sides have committed crimes against each other, to the Islamic Republic's treatment of its own citizens is just preposterous. 


Truth Seeker -- Yes I am a racist but I love my country


for 30 years we have heard how of a victim this palestinians are.

Khomeini in 1981 gave yasser arafat $300 million dollars in national traesure (mainly gold), the irony is when that rat died he was worth $300 million dollars.

For 30 years we have been providing money for Arab causes, while the rest of the country in Iran is dying from hunger and lives in poverty, while our own minorities (Iranian Arabs included) are treated like animals we have focused on palestinians.

Palestinian cheered on the streets when Iranian were dying during Iran-Iraq war.

so since I am defending Iranian national interste will make me a racisi in the eyes of IRI supporters, YES I AM A RACIST.

We should stop supportig terrorists and terrorism, IRI has been killing Israelis and Iranian people.


IRI regime is the most brutal and barbaric regime.

At least Israelis have courts and even treat their enemies with respect

What does IRI do sodomizes 14 year old boy, rapes a girl and burn her bod and decapitates it so her parents can't do an autopsy.







what's the connection

by MRX1 on

Isreal is at war and how it treats it's enemies may be questionable. Be that as it may be Isreal  does not butalize, kill and torture it's own citizens. That's the job of IRI. Perhaps IRI should be compared with some piss poor dictatorships in Africa. Is this another technique by islamo facists to justify their behaviors?  obsession with jews is a menthal disorder!

Truth Seeker

Shame on You to Justify Zionists Crimes

by Truth Seeker on

Racists Iranians are shamelessly justifying Israelis war crimes.

Hear it from their murderous soldiers:


Shame On You!


gitdoun ver.2.0

both have done wrong

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

both israel and the iri have committed human rights violations.... however IRI, in my opinion, is alot more vile since they are attacking, imprisoning, and murdering their OWN CITIZENS !!! and what's worse atleast when netanyahu orders a crackdown his reasons are for national security against foreign groups but when Khamenei orders a crack down he says ......." God told me it's a Divine Assessment!!"


Focus on Iran

by ahvazi on

Felistin does not give a S*** about Iran and Iranians. Koonetoono bara'ee in Felestina enghadr paareh nakonin....

Atleast have repsect for your hamvatans and give them your 100% attention.