Salvation Train

Iranian Christian songs for kids in Farsi

Produced by Kelisa Iranian and Mohabat TV >>> More here



من هنوز منتظر


من هنوز منتظر یک کانال زرتشتی محتوا دار هستم بیاد و مارو به ریشهاموون هدایت کنه. مسیحیت مثل اسلام و بقیهی ادیان وارداتی‌ ایرانی‌ نیست، ایرانی‌ فقط زرتشتیست و بس.




by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This is a funny clip, which shows that the other organized religions of Iran are just as nonsensical as the first one. The singer does not even try to sing a decent song. It is rhymeless and meaningless. But then again, it is refekctive of the underlying religion.
lso, what is up with sending kids to the Aseman (sky)? Do they also believe in martyrdom?


I don't think you know

by Parnian (not verified) on

I don't think you know enough about christ and true christianity neither do you know about Isslam to say such a thing. Spirituality is any body's personal right period......


what a joke

by Anonymous33 (not verified) on

Christianity and Islam are built upon exactly the SAME foundation and belief set. The only reason to change from Islam to Christianity is to become more "acceptable" by the US/European community.....hardley a reason to convert one's religion.



by Ajam (not verified) on

Why everything has a crusader flag on it?! Couldn't the train run, or the ship sail without them?!


Evolve kids ... it's 2009

by Saman on

I hope every kid sees this video and rejects all organized religions entirely.