Persian Luxury in Paris

Beautiful people!

A wild Persian party in Paris, made by Cyrus Atory.


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by chiiiiiica (not verified) on

What is the name of the songs please?


We have all kind of Iranian...

by پیام on

..Those who invent stuff and do other great stuff that makes us feel proud of being Iranian and those shameless people like those above that get intoxicated on god knows what ( drugs, alcohol) to act the way they do in public. And like that is not enough, the tape it and put it on the web to show off (how is that possible?).

Decline of the Iranian society by acting westernized; kalagh oomad rah raftane kabko yad begire, rah raftane khodesham yadesh raft".


Truely sad.


wild? ???!!! loooool more like the revenge of the nerds

by sheyda (not verified) on

what is wild about this party ? have you been to the parties in tehran?
im sorry but i had to laugh when i saw this video ,its totally lame ,



by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

To make people like you get annoyed, pissed and irritated and ask bitter questions like you did just now, mohaha.. mohahaha

This is nothing compared to some of the house parties in Teheran, Tabriz or Esfahan.. Posting vids from those parties would need an X-rating..


too ugly

by rtayebi1 on

for sure they would not let me in!!!!!! lol



by Anonymousadfasf (not verified) on

It's to demonstrate how junvenile behavior can be promotoed among subcultures and misguided as the ideal western behavior for "being hip and cool"


Can somebody please tell me

by gg (not verified) on

Can somebody please tell me what's the point of putting the video here!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????