Dutch girl speaks Persian fluently


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is nice place I move in to have fun

by hajiagha on


یکی از برنامه های من برای اینده اگر به ایران برگردم اگاه کردن مردم ایران در مورد فرهنگ غرب و مخصوصا کانادا است با ژاپنی و چینی من صحبت می کنم انها خجالت می کشند بگویند اسیائی هستند با ایرانی صحبت می کنم ارام می گوید ترا به خدا فارسی حرف نزن می فهمند ما ایرانی هستیم تو خیابا ن ها قدم می زنم همه رنگ مو زدند و شده اند بلوند ابی چشم حتی افریقا ئی .ان وقت دولت کانادا می گوید ما بهترین دمکراسی داریم و احترام با انسان ها


Take is easy baba!!!

by Davoud (not verified) on

There is no doubt that we Iranians suffer from the inferiority complex. One Dutch girl, studying Persian language at the university, has learned to speak Farsi and we are all so excited about it! If you study English then you will speak English. If you study French then you sill speak French. She studyied Farsi. By the way, as soon as she finishes her study she will be hired by Dutch Foreign Ministry and will be sent to Iran to spy under the diplomatic cover.


Afarin bar Neinke. Neinke az

by Mehdi N (not verified) on

Afarin bar Neinke. Neinke az kheili dokhtarhaye Irani, Iranitare. :D


Unbelievable!! Remarkable!!

by nicksaf on

You are the best! I have not seen anyone as perfect as you speaks Farsi. God bless.. I know you work so hard and took lots of time to take lessons and learn this language, it is amazing. Good for you, I wish you the best. My ex (American) as well speaks pretty good Farsi, but not nearly as good as yours. My daughter also in process of learning. How did you manage to learn so well?? I praise your interest, patience, and love of the language. Learing a language is not only speaking, but knowing the culture, music, and respect.

You are an individual that we Iraninan are proud of to see.  

A fan of Iran, Esfahan!


I am very impressed!!

by heydar (not verified) on

Good for you, this woman brings an amazing role of Iranian language & culture to this world. I want everyone to know how hard and how long she had to work to speak this wonnderfully. She is the best I have seen so far and may God bless her to bring our language, culture, music and food pleasant to everyone thru this interview.



by DC Shirzan (not verified) on

Affarin, Marhaba!!! I would love to learn more about her training program. The program must have been an intensive one. I am so impressed! Amazing!

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Anonymous1 LOL

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Me too!


Wow, very bahal.

by پیام on

Very cool.


Just Amazing

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

LOL. She speaks Farsi better than I do. She is amazing.



by tehrooni (not verified) on

She speaks Farsi as well as, if not better than a native speaker. It was really amazing to watch!

Loved to listen to her. The refreshing part about her as a foreigner is that she has the full command of spoken Farsi language, i.e., colloquial and conversational Farsi, as opposed to those who speak the way Farsi is written.

Thank you for taping and posting this! :)


Nice job, Nienke

by Anonymous-persian (not verified) on

Keep it up and next time perform us a Persian song, please.



by barefoot on

Hahahaha "jat khaali" - that was the best part.  :)   She's amazing!