Mass arrest

Iranian police round up of coffee shop patrons in Karaj

Their offense? Un-Islamic behavior/appearance?


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Unbelievable !!!

by Jaybee (not verified) on

As only an outside observer who listened to Iranian students protesting against the Shah when I was in College years back, it is amazing to me that an intelligent, intensely just, honorable, and, for the most part, civilized people can allow themselves to be treated like sheep. If this happened in the US where the Christian right took over society and government to this level for example (believe me they do try), there would be such a back lash that I have not doubt that Christian fanatics would eventually be forced to go underground and hide for fear of justifiable ridicule or worse. But, in Iran the insanity continues and the most ignorant, lying, cowardly, fanatical, and self righteous lunatics run the show. I remember the strong emotions during the 1979 revolution and I am amazed to see Iranians apparantly getting sicker and sicker of this situation, but doing so little about it compared to what they did in 1979 any way. But, the young are speaking out at great risk to themselves. It's always the young people who seem to see things more clearly. God bless the brave students, the women, professionals, average citizens, people of conscience, - and yes even a very few religious people (who know that what is being done in the name of Islam is tagic). If this continues much longer I have no doubt that Iran will be an atheist Nation one day like China perhaps even - you can bet on it !!!).



by nemigam (not verified) on

You are right Anonymoose, What is wrong with Iranians? They dont stick up for eachother and they dont help eachother either. But I guess they have other good qualities, like.... ummm... oh yeah, they can cook pretty good food... ummm, they are generally "nice" (i think!), and ummm, well yes, generally pretty smart and go-getters... but they are not team players for sure--


It is a sad site but

by annonymous (not verified) on

It is a sad site but expected. Expected not so much because of IRI's backward thinking which is true but because this is the natural progress of any nation that is struggling in the path of democracy.

The problem that I've found most of my fellow Iranian diaspora have just as the radical left Iranians had pre 79 revolution is that they keep comparing and expecting Iranian progression toward a social democratic system to be on pace with many of Western societies. Their comparisons brought us IRI and I only hope that those who are expecting a Jeffersonian secular democracy in Iran know the potential consequences of their aspirations if it is "rushed".


This jackass who's standing

by Anonymoose (not verified) on

This jackass who's standing on the second-floor taping this and laughing at his friend's arrest, along with those idiots who just stand around and watch as these people are herded onto this mini-bus are what is wrong with Iran today. No one cares what happens to anyone else...everyone is out for themselves...this is that 30 years of "tan parvari, shekam parvari, va mellat foroshi" akhoondi has taught the new generation of Iranians.

Darius Kadivar

Blame it on him ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

He is the new IRI Apologist Sex Toy ...


Where are MARGE and Jaleho ?


Haji cartoonist

by farrad02 on

Don't you go back to Iran buddy

 اینجوری میکنندت تو مینی بوس بعدش هم تو مینی بوس میکنندت!



Love the way that they are

by nn (not verified) on

Love the way that they are still following the islamic rule of riding the bus!!!!


These people had to much fun

by پیام on

and it's prohibitted to have fun in Iran.


واقعا این

1Dariushagha (not verified)

واقعا این مسخرست.. در واقعه یک فاجعه..به چه مناسبی این همه آدم جوان سوار اتوبوس شدند؟؟؟ رفتن کافی شاپ؟؟؟ پس جوانها کجا برنند؟؟؟ قبرستون؟؟ چرا ما باید چنین کشوری داشته باشیم؟؟؟


فرشته خانم

امیر کبیر متحیر از ملتی که باین روز افتاد (not verified)

بنده با قسمتی از حرف شما مخالفم. آیا شما تاکنون با لات و لوط ایرانی دست به یخه شده اید؟

نیروهای امنیتی آن مملکت متشکل از فاسدترین، لات ترین و بی ناموس ترین پادوهای پیرو خط امامشان هستند که به مادر خوشان رحم نخواهند کرد. همان امامی که با پشتیبانی انگلیس استثمار گر ملتی را باین روز انداخت. از گور او زیارتگاهی ساختند تا در قرنهای آینده شیعیان جهان کور کورانه به زیارت قبرش بیایند و طلب مراد کنند.

چگونه میتوان از مردمی که به یک قهوه خانه رفته اند تا تفریحی کرده باشند انتظار داشت که در مقابل نیروهای امنیتی آن رژیم دست نشانده انگلیس قد بلند کنند؟ کم کشتند و اعدام کردند؟

برای اینست که بنده بارها عرض کردم، تا زمانی که آن دسته ایرانیانی که در خارج هستند نتوانند دشمن اصلی ایران را شناسائی کنند مردم داخل ایران باید در انتظار آن انفجار بزرگ باشند و بامید روزی که در خیابانها بریزند و اموال یکدیگر را چپاول کنند و غارت این و آن. و گوش کنند به بی بی سی و راهنمائی های انگلستان برای انقلاب بعدی شان.

اگر دشمنان اصلی ایران که اول انگلستان است و بعد فرانسه و روس و سپس هندوستان میباشد را بتوانیم بی آبرو کنیم و دستشان را رو کنیم، سایر مخالفان آزادی ما چون آمریکا، چین و اسرائیل را میتوان دعوت به مدارا کرد.

حالا باز یک حمال که در عمرش فقط یک کتاب خوانده و یا فقط یک نمایشنامه دیده میاید و میگوید که بنده خط مشی دائی جان را پیروی میکنم! آخر عقب افتادگی تا چه حد، کی ما ملت بیدار خواهیم شد و لاشه کثیف نوکران انگلیس و روس را از ایران بیرون خواهیم کرد؟

پش هدف از آن درس خواندن ها چه بود؟


move to canada if you not happy

by hajiagha on


good job by Iranian police keep Iran safe


in mellate bishtar az in

by Fereshteh (not verified) on

in mellate bishtar az in hagheshoon nist!!! vaghti mesle goosfand sareshoono mindazan paein va goro gor savar mishan,,,,
farda shabesh ham miran bara emam hossaineshon sine mizanan...