"Jamshid and Khorshid"

Animated film directed by Behrouz Yaghmanian, produced by Nader Yaghmaian

This is great! Trailer of a new Iranian . It has taken several years to make, with voice work of famous Iranian actors and actresses, but has not been able to receive a screening permit in Iran, according to the extensive clip description.

Infor on YouTube: The anime wave swept in from Japan, flooded North American and European markets, and is now slowly lapping on the shores of the rest of the world. Now Iran is hoping to make some anime waves of its own.

Behruz Yaghmaian is hoping to pioneer the anime scene in Iran with a new flick, Jamshid and Khorshid, a cartoon inspired by Persian literature. The First Iranian Feature Animation EVER has a storyline based on Iranian mythology and offers a fun and subtle spiritual messages throughout.

We admit that the film has its weak points, but we sensed a vacuum in Irans cinema in the area of animation, and this was the motivation for us to produce Jamshid and Khorshid, director Yaghmaian said.

A movie like this is a gutsy move in a country like Iran, where media filters are incredibly high, and creativity is strongly restricted.

Administrators of Irans cinema did not support us, said producer Nader Yaghmaian. We worked with all our love and devotion all these years and aimed to promote Irans cinema. But we have not been able to get the opportunity to screen the animation in which over 70 people collaborated.

Character voices were done by well-known actors in the Iranian movie scene, with male voices by Parviz Parastuii, Amin Hayaii, Habib Rezaii and Rambod Javan and female voices by Sorayya Qasemi and Taraneh Alidusti.

For Qasemi, it was an honor. When I work on a foreign film, the production process is less of a concern to me. But my interest in and sensitivity for an Iranian production heightens my sense of pride.

Could Iranime be the next big thing?


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Can't wait to see this in

by desi on

Can't wait to see this in its entirety.  I wish it wasn't so romantically driven.  Great to see Iranians creating anime.  The website link to Project 300 was an awesome bonus.  Talented group of illustrators.  I hope to see them at the comic con this summer.  That would be a great booth!



by Haleh on

This looks really good. ;o)

Loved the singers voice, any idea who he is??




by Zion on

I'd say the style is heavily influenced by Disney movies, especially Aladdin, and not by Japanese anime.


آفرین به


آفرین به فیلمسازان با سلیقه و متفکر ایران عزیزمون. این هم یک مدرک دیگر که ایران تدریجن در حال تغییر هست و این تغییر به دست ایرانیان (داخل ایران) به وجود خواهد آمد، نه با انگولک از خارج و غیر ایرانی‌.

در ضمن دوبلرهای این کارتون همه تک تک هنرمندان درجه یک هستند. خدا حفظشون کنه.




by Iran parast (not verified) on

simoorg slowly rising from its ashes

Darius Kadivar

This website should interest you

by Darius Kadivar on

Project 300


300themovie.info is an ongoing collaborative art project featuring art by artists using the theme of 'ancient Persia'. Driven by an admiration for arts, and united by a common concern about the barbaric and demonic portrayal of Persians in Frank Miller's graphic novel and

the movie 300

, we have come together to show the human side of the Persian Empire through our art. The call for art has just been released and we are still receiving the artworks.

If you are an artist and would like to participate, please send your art to submit at 300themovie dot info .

You can join the growing list and link to us by copying the following line of code on your blog or website. According to technorati, 2,697 websites have already linked to our project page as of March 26, 2006.