BBC Persian TV promo

New station competes with VOA



God bless the West, the British and the U.S.

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

Prince Charles has stated that he will abolish the Monarchy once he become a King and turn the U.K. into a Republic.

The U.S. is ahead of the U.K. in that high speed type of government.

Voice of America and the BBC Farsi version will abolish all idiocy in Iran.

70 million Iranians and the handful of scum bags in L.A. must listen to the voice of reason from the BBC Farsi and the Voice of America Farsi version.

This is the wave of the future.

And why not?

God bless the Free World.

It has been 30 years since the Shah fled Iran. January 1979-January 2009. Thank God. God bless America. And why not?

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Rather pleasant to

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

hear presenters speak properly.


BBC Persian TV by ex- BBC Journalist!

by Setareh Persian (not verified) on

Read this, you will find how it is works!



No Thanks!

by Anonymouszzzzzzz (not verified) on

I want genuine content delivered in a form that doesn't insult my intlligence with self promoting propeganda and BS. Something that's hard to come by in the western system, which is why we never get the real news, we have to go out and seek it.



by music lover (not verified) on

Thanks Javaneh and S-amin for your links about the music.


BBC Wants us Informed !!

by masoudA on

Oh ye -  The British Just love us and want to inform us.   Especialy if they can inform !! us from Hooshang Amirahmadi prespective.

Mr. Javid - if by professionalism you mean the wistle and bells or more news about Kamran and Houman (this time with Ebi) - No - but no thanks.  


Haji is someone familiar to us in America...

by Saman on

George W. Bush.


The good ol' reliable Brits, who always write all the scenarios

by Daee Jaan (not verified) on

As far as I can remember the Brits have always been more than extra careful not to, in any way, offend the turbaned oligarchy in Iran.

Why are they all of a sudden showing Iranian men with neckties and Iranian women with full make-up and no Islamic headscarves or chador?!! What kind of message are they trying to send?

Don't be fooled! historically, they've always got loads of tricks up their sleeves.


The music at the beginning

by S-Amin (not verified) on

It is a sweet and kind of persianized version of famous bbc news countdown music. Listen high quality of the original version in the link below:
Bill Bailey, British stand up comedian and musician mocked this music - audiences get the point because they're also British and hear this quite a few times a day:


A miniature of the real Beeb!

by BBC watcher (not verified) on

For those of you who reside outside the UK, this may come as a surprsie but not for us who have lived through the BBC for many decades. I say lived through the BBC because, unlike the VOA or CNN, the BBC is a British Institution. Hardly a day is passed without the BBC influencing some aspect of the British way of life - least of all no Englishman would leave home before checking the weather - another British Institution - on the Beeb.

This latest addition to the BBC empire, BBC Persian TV, draws on the massive pool, or an ocean rather, of expetise and exprience gained by the BBC since its birth in 1922. Therefore, no surprise that they come across as highly impressive and professional. This is not something that the VOA Persian can compete with. From their opening titles, its background music, the name of the programs, to the dress code of its presenetrs, all and all are BBC standard stuff, viewed by millions across the UK on a daily basis. THERE IS NOTHGING IRANIAN about their present production style (they may change it later though).

With a tens of British-Iranians added to its payroll, the BBC's Foreign Service - a subsidary the of the British Foreign Office (equivalent of the American State Department)is now in a position to deliver its message, whatever the British government may dictate, when the right time comes. Between now and that time in the future, their job is to gain respectability and trust and attract a huge audience of loyal followers.

But what is the message that tey are going to deliver. Of course, News! But what news. This is the same news as was boradcast some thirty years ago, precisely to the date, and effectively orchestrated the upheavals that were later named "the revolution". How? Simple but subtle. Here is a smaple of the BCC-eaq News reporting:

"Unconfirmed sources suggest that there will be a million-strong gathering at the Shahyad Square tomorrrow on the orders of Ayatollah Khomeini".

"Unconfirmed sources" is the legally correct way of putting it. In other words, if you accuse the BBC of instigating civil unrest, they can legally defend themselves by pointing at the "unconfirmed sources" qualifire! BUT the avarage Iranian man and woman who have listend to this piece of "news" had no interest in the legallity of the contents. All they remeber from the message is they there will a huge gathering at The Sahyad the nest day - a gathering that a large body of them have listend to the same piece of "news" the night before!

There will a race by the Iranians to get a chance to appear on the Persian Beeb. After all, it is pretigeous to do so.

There wil be bright days ahead for the BBC. There will be gloomy days ahred for Iran.


great news.... so I thought!

by javaneh29 on

I looked for bbc farsi on sky and alas, was unable to find it!  Feeling a little annoyed, I have written to Sky and made enquiries about it's availability.

The bbc have this to say about the new channel:


So as it is, it seems you guys can get it over there in the US but I can't in the UK! Great. 

 The music is called : the music 1999 and was created for the bbc news by a chap called David Lowe, here's the youtube link:




The importance of visual media.

by پیام on

Every great power in the world realises that in order to represent their views on issues, they need easy accessable media for the audiences that they seek to change the opinions of. US has it's CNN and VOA that broadcast in every possible language, Iran has the English speaking channel Press TV and GB has it's BBC that allready broadcasts in Arabic. Adding a Persian speaking channel to their repertoir increases their audience and gets their message around the world. Welcome to globalisation and the new way of enslaving your mind (propagenda) or as some put it  winning hearts and minds.


Majid jan - right on!!!

by farrad02 on

Since we know BBC doesn't spend this much money for the sake and benefit of the Iranian people (especially in today's economic and budgetary constraints), then you must find the Porteghal Foroosh!!!!



professionalism Mr, JJ

by hajiagha on


yes we learn

last week I was working out drywalls and taping and plastering was so cold plaster was freezing before I try to work with them over drywalls man and you seat in war place like Mexico with Mexican ***** have drink and talk about human right ? this is 13 years of my life under british system like slaves

do you ever working hard you or BBC guy to understand human right


معتاد لاس و گاس



nice comment you have I liked .

and why soon I will back for first time in Iran.

what I saw from this British people in Canada in British Columbia

racism and racism and racism and living under discrimination.

some things else also making me so mad

and JJ I was like this man as my brother

untile he did not respect to my privacy my art as cartoons  as owner not him,

I told JJ many times please remove my politic cartoons from Iranian


معتاد لاس و گاس





سالها پیش معتاد شده بودم هر جمئه شب برم لاس و گاس یکشنبه ظهر برگردم، چار صد پانصد دلار باخته، دویست دلار بنزین و هتل و غذا و کوفت و زهر مار، بیخواب، مگسی، عنق تا.....

یه آخر هفته تلفن زدم به همون هتل کازینو و گفتم این آخر هفته گرفتارم و نمیتونم بیام، از اونجاییکه منو تا خر خره آلوده کردین و خودمم کرم دارم....... می‌شه لطفا" منو هشتصد دلار چارج کنین و بذارین این آخر هفته به بد بختیم برسم؟ بفرما اینم شماره کردیت کارت !!

آقایون بی‌ بی‌ سی‌........ما چقد باید بدیم که از ما بکشین بیرون و فرو کنین به.....مثلا"..... نروژی ها؟ یا..... اهالی ما سا چست....یا کستاریکا !!!!!


مرا به خیر تو امید نیست......سوراخ‌های دیگه هم هست سر جدت ! میدونم کرم از خود ما ملته که یاد نمیگیریم ولی‌ حضرت عباسی هنوز جاش میسوزه بی‌ انصاف! 



I love the BBC,

by Princess on

with it's excellent and intelligent programming. Delighted to hear about this. Thanks! 


the more the better

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Iranian are thirsty for any kind of news or information other than IRI propaganda. The more the better. As reported by all media, IRI kicked out all BBC news crew from Iran last week.

Manoucher Avaznia

یاد نامه

Manoucher Avaznia

یاد نامه ی احمد شاملو به بی بی سی خیر.  دمکراسیهای غربی حرامزاده ترین پدیده تاریخند.  از این پس بانگ دمکراسی را از دهان گرگ پیر استعمار بشنوید.  یادتان که هست چطور مشروطیت ایران از دیگهای پلوی سفارت انگلیس در آمد و تا تحت الحمایه شدن کشور پیش رفت و پس یکسره به چکمه پوشی رضاخان دست نشانده رسید. داستان هفتاد و چند ملیونی عموسام برای عرضه ی مرغوبترین دمکرسی که یادتان نرفته. واقعأ که هرچه آن خسرو کند شیرین بود.


screw the brits!

by ali123 (not verified) on

I would never watch a second of this even if they paid me!
maybe it's just me, but the british are the NUMBER ONE REASON the akhoonds are in power- they have looked at iranians as a buncha illiterate peasants that don't deserve the vast oil wealth that their country sits on. they think of iran as their gift from god! pure and simple that is why we are in the mess we are in today. and don't forget that it was the same crappy bbc that help khomeini spread his bs right before the fiasco of 79!
so I would boycott them just like I have for the past 30 years!


This looks great.  BBC

by desi on

This looks great.  BBC programming have always been much better than ours. 

ebi amirhosseini

Re:Steps above the norm!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Please re/read" Faraamooshkhaane &.." by zendeh-yaad " Raaeen",you'll find more about Anglophils!!!hahahaha


Ebi aka Haaji


Well, well, well..

by Eddi (not verified) on

The more we have, the less we know.



by music lover (not verified) on

I'm not sure how I feel, since I'm kinda skeptical about their true objectives. I liked the music at the beginning of the clip. Does anyone know the name of it? Composer? It is awesome.


Identify the flag of your flagship news before anchoring at once

by Ab Danesh (not verified) on

Sink, Sank, Sunk.



Please Identify your ship before anchoring

by Hassa Danesh (not verified) on

You Are not using the Pirate flag! Or do yuo?



Steps above the norm!

by Khar777 aka Prez e Mahboob (not verified) on

PS. Hajj Ebi Vazir e Mohtaram e Hajj, Daraie Va Sabt e Ahval; all along we have suspected that you are in cahoots with Inglisiha! :o))



by 1DARIUSHAGHA (not verified) on



Identity: Identify Yourself Please ...

by Abol Danesh, Ph.D. From UCR (not verified) on


Which flag is this BBC persian TV using? Hope it is not the scarey pirate flag...

X &:(


اگر انگلیس دلش برای ما سوخته

امیر کبیر در صف بسیار طولانی خیار شور از پنج صبح (not verified)

قیمت تریاک را در ایران افزایش دهد که قدری کمک به اقتصاد برادران افغان ما بشود.

باور بفرمائیدتریاک و هروئین وارداتی از افغانستان به ایران توسط محموله های سیاسی سفارت انگلستان چنان به ارزانی در اختیار جوانان ما در ایران قرار میگیرد که انسان دلش برای برادران افغان میسوزد که این تنها کالای تولیدی آن کشور را ایرانیان پولدار به پشیزی میخرند و دود میکنند و یا تزریق میکنند.

سفیر انگلستان باید در این سیاست انگلستان در مستعمره ایران تجدید نظر کند.

بی بی سی هم برای عمه شان خوب است. ما ترجیح میدهیم با برادران عرب و برادران یهودی در اسرائیل میانه خوبی داشته باشیم تا آنکه به مزخرفات انگلیس گوش کنیم.