Roxana Saberi

Journalist arrested in Iran

NPR: Authorities in Iran have arrested and detained an American freelance journalist who has reported for NPR, the BBC and other news organizations. Roxana Saberi, 31, was born in the United States to an Iranian-born father and Japanese-born mother. Saberi moved to Iran six years ago and was arrested in Tehran almost a month ago. In an interview with NPR, her father, Reza Saberi, said he last heard from her on Feb. 10. "She called from an unknown place and said she's been kept in detention," he said from Fargo, N.D., where her family lives. He said she had been in detention for 10 days at that point. "She said that she had bought a bottle of wine and the person that sold it had reported it and then they came and arrested her," he said, adding that that was just an excuse to arrest her >>>



IRI already changed its allegations...

by News... (not verified) on

IRI changed its accusation couple of days ago. Accordingly, she is not accused of buying wine anymore, but now is accused of reportage with a revoked journalist license.

FYI, having a journalist license is NOT a requirement under the iranian laws, but rather often asked for by the authorities.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Anyone who's here claiming that she was really arrested for buying wine is 1) either a total idiot, or 2) is

disingenuously trying to justify the actions of this criminal regime. 

And yes, Alborzi, IRI is all about freindship and respect when it comes to journalists, especially those of Iranian origin.  Do us a favor then.  Please call Zahra Kazemi's family and tell them that.  She experienced IRI's love and friendship first hand....

WTF is wrong with you people, trying to blame this young woman for another IRI thug job?!!!!!  Are you so desparate to find a silver lining in the clusterf**ck that is the IRI that you are now justifying the conduct of its intelligence services?

vaghean keh....   


Do you know Roxanna?

by gludt on

Miss Saberi is a most intelligent, thoughtful and respected young lady.  Roxanna would NEVER break any law, here or abroad.  Please pray for her safety and return to our beloved country.  Also remember her family & friends who love her dearly and are worried sick about this  


If this lady had even a

by Arya manesh (not verified) on

If this lady had even a little bit wisdom, she wouldn't take a picture with Khatami who at the time was the President of a Terrorist entity in Iran called republic of Islam.


For some, "arrested" equals "guilty"

by Akira (not verified) on

Slavish23: "She broke the law, she should of known better"

How do you know she broke the law?

How do you what she's charged with? Have you read the court transcripts? Have you spoken with her lawyer? Do you even know if she's had a trial yet? Do you know if she was framed? Do you know if she was slandered? Do you know if she was arrested for not paying a bribe?

No. You know nothing. Because you're an idiot.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I feel very bad for her. But I am also proud of her for having the freaking guts to go to Iran and do her work. I'm grateful for her for being intelligent and gutsy and putting her @ss on the line instead of just blogging from a western country. good for her. I hope she is OK and will come out of this able to talk about this ordeal. This is part of the process. 


Dumb journalist or ignorant commentator?

by aynak on


Does the term --ALLEGEDLY-- mean anything to the convict first commentators, who think accusation is same as being guilty?

Asssuming she did buy a bootle of wine, which is against the Islamic law, shouldn't she go to a court, be convicted and then be sentenced on this "crime"?

Since when, purchasing even a bottle of wine under Islamic Republics laws, makes the accused incommunicado?  She has not been heard from since 3 days after her arrest according to her father.

Next,  we will find, she is held at Evin, I guess that's also another routine for purchares of alocohol in Iran?

By all account, she is being held by Irans secret serive and not the police.   I guess that's also normal for purchase of alochal?


Am I dumb, or are defenders of Iran's secret police pretending to be dumb?


She and Doctor Maleknazri M.D.

by News... (not verified) on

She was not buying wine; that was a set up. IRI routinely targets anyone they do not like and find a reason to arrest them or set them up and accuse them of something unislamic for domestic/international consumption.

As for Doc. Fariboros Maleknazri, M.D. and his comments, there are only 3 possibilities:

1. Doc believes in what he says.

2. Doc does not believe in what he says, but believes he can fool others of a rosy picture home.

3. He wants to perform his religious duty and hopefully be rewarded in after-life with a bite at the virgins that his emam promised his followers.

Now which one is it? Let's analyze:

1. He can't believe in what he says since if things were as rosy in iran as he portrays, he himslef would be living there instead of on the lap of the great satan.

2. I don't think he believes iranians are so stupid to believe him at this day and age, specially those who have "chosen" to run away from IRI, who would almost certainly be living in iran if islamic republic did not exist. Listen Doc, iranians are not as stupid as they were in 1979.

3. I think this is the most likely scenario. Doc thinks that he is performing his islamic duty by sacrificing iran for islam the same way that abraham tried to sacrifice ishmail in service of god, the same way that his Emam said that even if only one iranian remains alive [and the rest die] that would be enough for islam. Any he almost certainly expects some rewards in after-life, maybe in form of some of those 72 virgins that Emam promised him.

But listen Doc: I have news for you. As a matter of fact, I saw your Emam in my sleep last night. First I was terrified thinking that I had seen the devil himself, until he introduced himself as your Emam khomeini, now in charge of hell. He said that he had thrown out the devil and sat in his place in the hell. I asked him about how he could get a hold of so many virgins in hell to reward his followers. First he lied as usual, but I found out the truth when he said that two of his virgins are margaret thacher and golda meir. Apparently ayatollah khalkhali is in charge of the virgin generation department there, recycling and repairing old ugly maids and stamping them as brand new virgins with Emam's seal of approval and personal guarantee. So don't count on receiving any virgins there. Maybe you get lucky, if you manage to tell a lot of big fat lies and emam really likes you, he may assign you some old maids masquerading as virgins; likes of golda meir and margaret tacher.

I told emam that his followers would find out that his virgins are no virgin. Emam said, and I quote, "Are you kidding me! Those gullibles who believed me in 1979, those idiots who threw out shah only to replace him with me and my gang, would believe anything that I say, even if I sell them old maids as new virgins, as I did in 1979, they would still cheer and scream that 'roohe mani khomeini, do*** khari khomeini'...".

I woke up at this time, shaking and terrified, that I had seen the devil himself. Lanat bar emam and the rest of straitors and short-sellers of iran


اقا شراب چیه!

پطرس (not verified)

اب جو بخور اونم ابجو `شمس` - گاماس گاماس

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Shmuck is who Shmuck says

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Everyone is drinking in Iran.

Actually, the per capita consumption of alchol in Tehran is the highest in the world!

She was trapped, you Shmuck!



by Sialashgar on

Why do you thing we live outside Iran? Because you can't drink alcohole in Iran.You think you can go to Iran an do whatever you want?



a dumb journalist!

by blah (not verified) on

Journalists firs job is to understand the country, it's norms and rules. She obviously failed in that. She should have known better to buy wine in Iran. How dumb could she be. I am sorry for her, but, especially as a journalist she should have known better.

She played with fire and got burned! That's all there is to it.


Mr. Kadivar,He wants you exchanged for her!

by iranian 1 (not verified) on

Anoynemous 7 wants you exchanged for her so we do not have to see your pro monarchy articles in French that we do not understand or other unrelated clips for a while:))


Slow news day?

by Siavash23 (not verified) on

She broke the law, she should of known better, end of story.
Why do we need a big song and dance everytime a precious Iranian-American gets arrested for misconduct in Iran?
Lemme guess.. because its an "illegitimate government and is totally illegal and all its "laws" are all wrong and so therefore null and void and so therefore don't count?"


God bless her and save her. The US can't.

by Akira (not verified) on

Was she very brave, or very naive?

Can't Obama, with his soaring oratory and mystical charisma do something to help his Muslim sister? I heard the whole world loves him.


Some of the people in here

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Some of the people in here have totally lost it!
So basically, what you guys are saying is that she deserves what she gets? Because, she broke the law? Since when Iranian themselves were law abiding people? past or present! sharia or civil! If a relative of these gents were arrested for what ever reason, these characters would suddenly put the principles they preach and endorse in this forum and shove it ... !

Timsar Arteshbod, P.H.D. Fatollah N. ;-)


How shameful!

by farrad02 on

There is no end to that stupid regime's follies! Talk about shooting yourself in the proverbial foot! Arresting an NPR reporter. If there is one US based news outlet that goes out of its way to broadcast pro-IRI news and commentary it's NPR. And these idiots arrest NPR's reporter in Tehran!

Go figure!


If there is such a thing as the Best comment of the day....

by Mordam (not verified) on

I'd like to nominate "I never seize to wonder " as today's winner!




by I never seize to wonder (not verified) on

One of our friends wrote "Faribors Maleknasri M.D., it bothers me greatly that an educated man, a physician,"

I ask, how do you know? One may venture that M.D. here stands for "M"entally "D"isturbed, or "M"ental and "D"eranged, or "M"ud-slinging "D"istractor, or a host of other befitting acronyms.

That said, an academic degree is not a guarator of sound judgement. This guy is clearly the living, breathing, alas; writing proof of this statement.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Hossein Derakhshan Still Under Arrest ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Since Hossein was a Feature Writer on, I think it would be a minimum to Remind everyone of his Predicament:


As for Anonym7, I did not quite get your Joke... Sorry ...


How Many times I must say this...

by Danesh (not verified) on

Don't stand next to Mohammad Khatami for phtographic occasion unless he is officially in a public ceremony who has replaced his current attire (aba, amameh) with a new two piece suit an tie(forget three piece for a while would you) one with of course trimed beard who has become a candidate for the minister of education in the new? old imperial government.

If not then you will be in trouble.

Singed and seald.




by abadani (not verified) on

you keep yapping your bs.....


SAVAMA at its worst once again

by aynak on


SAVAMA agaents are incpable of providing security for the nuclear scientists who get "mysteriously" murdered by true foriegn agents, on a routine basis. Yet when it comes to Iranian women journalists or researchers they are good at arresting them, in the case of Zahra Kazemi brutally murdering her --with the help of Saeed Mortazavi-- and in this case fabricating charges of purchasing a bottle of wine --give us a fuking break--?    And we never really heard what was the full story of Esha Momeni?


Since the status of each one of these women were known --Roxana is a freelance journalist -- so was Zahra, is the  message sent here that noone is safe in Iran?   Not even journalists?


In the interest of  defending journalists and their safety, we should ask and Mr.Javid to keep this front page photo, until Roxana is free and safe.


to Faribors Maleknasri M.D.

by Farzad (not verified) on

You repeat yourself every time someone brings up the plight of defenseless individuals in Iran. We got your point, please STFU...


Kadivar for Roxana? (to Alborzi)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Alborzi, maybe behind the scene our local journalist (Kadivar) can be swapped with Roxana. We'll miss Kadivar for a while but I am sure we can take that.


Hope she will be freed soon

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Iran is country of friendship and respect. What they do not respond to is to pressure. She will be freed
only if behind the scene there is an effort to free her.


wish her release soon (to Kadivar)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kadivar, I wish her release soon. However, next time she wants wine, as a fellow journalist you need to get her some good Shirazi wine and deliver it personally .... don't forget a CD of 'ma librte de pnser'

Darius Kadivar

FYI/VEVAK ( IRI's Secret Services) denounced in French Book

by Darius Kadivar on

VEVAK ( IRI's Secret Services) denounced in French Book To be Released in April


K Nassery

The wine sounds like a rouse to me.

by K Nassery on

Faribors Maleknasri M.D., it bothers me greatly that an educated man, a physician, could make the comment that you made comparing the arrest of this young female journalist to the terrorists/captured men at Guantanamo Bay.  She wasn't a combatant/misplaced person in a war zone.  She is a professional journalist doing her job in Iran. 

 I don't believe that she was dumb enough to go into pubic and try to buy a bottle of wine either. It sounds like a set up to me.

My concern for her safety reminded me of the female Canadian photographer/journalist who was murdered in Iran.  The description of her body from her own mother haunts me.  How could thay rip her apart like that?  That is true evil.

I pray that this young journalist is released and allowed to return to safety in the West.


To: lucifercus

by Say What? (not verified) on

Although Roxana is a half-Iranian, she is the daughter of an Iranian man; this means that she is a citizen of Iranian. She can't really be deported since only "foreigners" are subject to deportation.

Since Iranian women are not allowed to pass their nationality to their children, Roxana would be considered a "foreigner" if she were the daughter of an Iranian woman and a foreign father. This is not the case, however. In such a situation, it would be better for her because the authorities could simply slap her on the wrist and deport her.

Since Roxana is a citizen of Iran, she will probably be held to a much harsher standard than if she were technically a foreigner. She can be punished, but she can't be deported and she can't be stripped of her Iranian nationality. Let's hope that she is shown a bit of mercy.