Reza Shah's last home

Last residence in exile, Johannesburg, South Africa

After occupation of Iran by Allied forces during World War II, Reza Shah was forced into exile in British territories, first to Mauritius, then to Durban and finally Johannesburg, South Africa, where he died on July 26, 1944, of heart ailment from which he had been complaining for many years.



Nice clip but ...

by hichkas77 (not verified) on

ALthough Reza Shah did many good things for Iran, let's not forget that Pahlavi dynesty in general formed the basis for estbalishment of the Islamic Republic.


Abarmard - The late Shah did

by Birgitte Bardot (not verified) on

Abarmard - The late Shah did bring his fathers mumified body back to Iran, and he built him a huge mausoleum which the ugly and stupid mullahs and their equally ugly and stupid followers turned in to a public toilet! I think Reza Shah rests next to the late Shah of Iran in Cairo today.

God bless the father of modern Iran, Reza Shah the Great, and his son Shahanshah Aryamehr! May history do them justice!


درود به روان

سینا (not verified)

درود به روان هردو پادشاه پهلوی که نوکر بیگانگان نشدند و بهمین دلیل برکنار شدند. یکی پایه های ایران جدید را بنیان نهاد و دیگری با لغو نظام ارباب و رعیتی بزرگترین خدمت را به توده های فقیر ایران نمود. برداشتن ارباب و رعیتی را تنها میتوان با لغو برده داری توسط لینکلن مقایسه کرد. گناهی که خوانین هرگز بر پادشاه نبخشیدند


ابر مرد عزیز،


پیکر شاه فقید در دهه ۶۰ میلادی توسط محمدرضا شاه به ایران برگردانده شد و ایشان در شاه عبدل عظیم دفن شد. بعد از انقلاب صادق خلخالی حکم تخریب آرامگاه ایشان و ناصرددین شاه را داد و تا به امروز معلوم نیست که بد از این واقیععه وحشیانه پیکر این بزرگ مرد در کجا دفن شده است. 



I always wondered

by Abarmard on

As a powerful continuation of 2500 years Shahanshahi, the Shah of Iran did not try to bring his father back to Iran!?

That would be the first thing I would do, it gives pride to the people and makes sense for the Shah too. I am sure there are many things about this that I don't know about so anyone know what was the deal?

Darius Kadivar

Truly Iran's Napoleon

by Darius Kadivar on

Interesting documentary and strange that even under the IRI they keep being fascinated by Reza Shah The Great despite having shamlessly destroyed his tomb in 1979. After all he was the architect of Modern Iran ...

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Rest in Peace. Great leader.

by hapoo (not verified) on

Rest in Peace. Great leader.


amazing - Reza Shah looks tired

by shirazie (not verified) on

Great Video .

I lived in Pretoria, S Africa for two years and I wished I knew about this house. Met a lot of wonderful people who have visited Iran through Iranian Oil Company relationships.

1. The sad part is - Reza Shah looked tired and out of place (home sick). we need to allow our deposed leaders to finish their lifes in dignity in Iran. At least the Shah allowed my hero Dr. Mosssdagh live and die in Iran

2. Notice all the steel bars in front of windows and doors. That is due to violent break ins in Joburg and through out SA.

Thanks again.


It would be interesting to

by Fatollah (not verified) on

It would be interesting to know what and where Iran would be today if Iran was not inavded in 1941. Just a thought!

Reza Shah did good.


Cheh khhooneh haqiraneh?! go see mullahs' palaces in Iran

by Khoda biamorz (not verified) on

Khoda roohesh ro qarine rahmat koneh

Cheh ajab Reza Shah ro goftand Reza Shah. digeh fohsh e bad o birah nadadand.


Drood bar Roohe Paakash

by Anonymous-irany (not verified) on

He was a great king and did many good things for Iran and Iranians. We need someone like him to save Iran from evil Mullahs.


Durood bar ravane

by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

Sardar sepah javid shahanshay Iran.