Ramin Bahrani

New film, "Goodbye Solo"

Ramin Bahrani's new film 'Goodbye Solo' opens in theaters on March 27, 2009. Check out www.goodbyesolomovie.com for all the latest playdates. Roger Ebert calls the film "A force of nature!" And The New York Times says 'Goodbye Solo' has "an uncanny ability to enlarge your perception of the world."


Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Werner Herzog with Ramin Bahrani introduces

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

"Aguirre, the Wrath of God"



Good Job, Dear Ramin.

by Karim Sharif (not verified) on

Ramin is my wife's "pesar Amoo", he is indeed very talented and we are also very proud of him.
I hope to see your movie and yourself in Dallas soon.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Thanks for sharing

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

It is a very heart warming picture. 

Arash M-K


my talented nephew!

by simin khanum (not verified) on

Ramin Bahrani is a very talented young man who happens to be my dear nephew and we are all proud of him!