Nasser Talebzadeh Ordoubadi

Iranian bioweapon researcher dies suspiciously

THE CURRENT AFFAIRS: A US-based Iranian doctor working to discover an antitoxin therapy of biological weapons has purportedly died a “suspicious death.”One of the leading bioweapon researchers and a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, Dr. Nasser Talebzadeh Ordoubadi died on Saturday in what his doctors described as a “suspicious death”.

Media reports have linked Dr. Talebzadeh Ordoubadi’s mysterious death to his notable accomplishments in discovering an antitoxin treatment for bioweapons.

The use of biological and chemical weapons — which is considered illegal under The Hague convention on rules of warfare — is feared by many experts more than the use of nuclear weapons.

Biological weapons can kill, incapacitate, or seriously impede an individual as well as entire cities or places where they are used.

While there are antibiotic and penicillin treatments for different types of bioweapons, some of them such as Botulism and Ricin still remain without any antitoxin or vaccine to cure those subjected to the poisonous weapon.

According to Tabnak, Dr. Talebzadeh’s achievements in finding a cure to bioweapons had made him the target of various accusations from the government of the United States — one of the possessors of biological weapons — since 1992.

In 2000, the Iranian doctor was sentenced to 35 months in prison on charges of health care and mail fraud under the new HIPAA regulations (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

His jail sentence, which prompted him to change his name to Noah McKay, came after years of government attempts to level various accusations against him.

The charges, which were never substantiated, proven or confirmed, included “money laundering, funding Middle Eastern terrorists, and connections to the Russian mafia in Seattle”.

While serving in the federal prison camp in Sheridan, Oregon, he told one of his lawyers “my life is in danger and I should change my name and request transfer to another prison.”


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This is all bullshit. He was

by Yasmin Ordoubadi (not verified) on

This is all bullshit. He was my uncle and he was not researching bioweapons or anything like that that was just a scandal he had to suffer and he died a natural death of aortic dissection. I was at the hospital with him the last two month of his life. You people have no idea. Stop making all this crap about him.

May his soul rest in peace.



by Peter Magurean III (not verified) on

It was a great privilege that I was able to meet and know Dr. Noah personally. His mission was to do only good for his fellow man and for all living beings in the cosmos. Dr. Noah was inspired to find ways to help people heal themselves and the planet from the pain and the degenrative diseases that plague us all.

His concept of wellness and the programs the pragmatic programs he created and was in the process of bringing to the rich, the middle class and the poor was a great example of this man's great empathy.

During the only 15 months or so that I knew him we met and spoke regularly and I arranged to do some radio interviews with him and also volunteered to assist him in editing his writings. He and his team and I spent three gloriuos weeks in the Philippines last November. I watched Dr. Noah's presentations, seminars, book signings, etc, and in every event he captured the imagination and the devotion of all who came in contact with him.

It's a pity that so much inaccurate information is being published about this man of noble intentions.

Dr. Noah suffered terribly for over 75 days in intensive care in a major Portland, Oregon hospital because of his dissected aorta and many complications. Having been in sometimes daily touch with his family and devoted team members, I do not believe there could have been any "suspicious" causes to Noah's passing. This, in my opinion, is all diatribe, created to serve some entities political agenda, and it desecrates his memory.

The Truth is what is important, and for certain what Dr. Noah's medical school classmate, Dr. Bob, has said earlier in this forum, and I quote: "While he is no longer physically with us, his life and message, in his own words, will speak loudly for itself".

If you wish to know more about this very kind and talented man, a great son, husband and father, a sincere and devoted friend to all he met, and above all a dear and glorious physician, read Dr. Noah's most inspiring book, "Wellness At Warp Speed".


King David you are right

by mehrnaz (not verified) on

It is extremely plausible that this great man was assassinated by the US/Israel murderers. Dr Talebzadeh's death falls within the context context you have outlined, particularly so that his doctors testify his death to be suspicious.

Sincere condolences for his tragic loss for all of us who care about humanity and hope that we will continue his path.


هركه را عشق نباشد

Nekbat Azad (not verified)

هركه را عشق نباشد، نتوان زنده شمرد
وآن كه جانش ز محبت اثري يافت، نمرد

تربت پارس، چو جان جسم تو در سينه فشرد
ليك در خاك وطن آتش عشقت نفسرد


Hi Bob

by Benyamin on

I want you to verify what you say here. If you know him, would you please tell us(since you know him for about 30 years) that where was he from and what KIND of family he came from? I am curious how much you knew him.

Thnak you


To King David

by Benyamin on

Intresting artclicles! I also read that HIS doctors decleared his death suspicious. But it is intresting that Israel is doing that and I didn`t know that.

Thank you


چو نزود نبشته

Anonymous007- (not verified)

چو نزود نبشته بود حق فرقت ما
از بهر چه بود جنگ و آن وحشت ما
گر بد بوديم رستي از زحمت ما
ور نيك بديم ياد كن صحبت ما


usa is the only country in the world

by King David (not verified) on

posses ANTHRAX ( weapon grade ) which usa admited suppling it to saddam during iran-iraq war

he was working on antibody which render monoply weapons useless , he said his life is in danger and sought protective custody when he was in jail , his doctors said his death was suspect , meaning death not related to his heart condition

and for what crime he was put in jail in the first place ? russian mafia !

============= in unrelated matter :

In 1997, Mossad sought to murder Masha'l by poisen.

"French and Arab doctors not been able to find evidence as they couldn't find proof in my blood when I was poisoned

Eventually, Isreal provided an antidote which resulted in his recovery

Masha'l said Arafat suffered from the same symptoms that he suffered



by King David (not verified) on

Mossad was behind the death of Ardeshire Hassanpour, a top nuclear scientist at Iran's Isfahan uranium plant, who died in mysterious circumstances from reported "gas poisoning" in 2007.


Mossad known to be master of BLACK DEATH :

Naser president of egypt was killed by mossad by poisening ( it was documented by a french scientist )

Arafat died of unknown poisen


Benyamin is right to the point and Zionistotally out of his mind

by AnonA (not verified) on

Be ghole shaaer,
Gar ghafieh tang ayad;
Zion be jafang ayad!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

In respectful memory

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


دوستان به که از او یاد کنند

دل بی‌ دوست دلی‌ غمگین است

خاک در دیده بسی‌ جان فرساست

سنگ بر سینه بسی‌ سنگین است

هر که باشی‌ و ز هر جا برسی

آخرین منزل هستی‌ اینست

خرم آنکس که درین محنت گاه

خاطری را سبب تسکین است

شعر از پروین اعتصامی برای مزارش


بر سر تربت ما

Fatollah (not verified)

بر سر تربت ما چون گذري همت خواه
كه زيارتگه رندان جهان خواهد بود


The guy had a bad heart

by Amonynomouse (not verified) on

If you read his bio on his web site you realize he had major heart issues since his youth (in 1989 & 2003) See //
I don't find anything suspicious about his death. All the other IRI propaganda is nonsense. It is PRESS TV copying an item from Tabnak (Mohsen Rezai's) web site. The Tabnak news item has a nice anti-semitic spin.
See //
BTW he changed his name way before he went to jail.


This is the man rats like Zion wants us to believe was criminal

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Here is a video of him talking in one of his seminars:

If the moderator could post the video in my comment instead of just leaving the link, I would be gratefull, thank you.


‫هم میهنان گرامی،


‫لطفاً این زیان جان را ول کنید. نگذارید خاطرهء آن بزرگ مرد ب‫یشتر از این خراب شود. خواهشمندم هر کسی یک گفتهء نیک و یا یک پندار نیک حواله ان روانشاد کند.

‫در دم علم تو نامجهولی خوشست     در جان سخنی نیست، تقاضاش خوشست
آتش رويت كه آب گل بریخت              در سواد چشم من آبی خوشست
‫ مردم چشمم كه در خون غرقه بشد      دمبدم گويد كه غرقابی خوشست
‫بردر ميخانه خوانم درس عشق           زانكه باب عاشقی با بی خوشست
بخت ‫حاجمی همچو چشم مست تو   روزگاری شد كه در خوابی خوشست


He was radiant and engaging...

by faryarm on

I met "Noah" at a mutual friends house...

I found him warm ,engaging and one not to forget easily; he had a spiritual sense about him...

Please don't sensationalize his story.. 

God Bless him and his young family



Cyrus_ Zion has already been kicked out once

by loveOfIran (not verified) on

Cyrus_ Zion has already been kicked out once that's why she is using the name 'tsion' instead. of course she does not get the hint. Like a rude houseguest, she continues to make nasty and disrespectful remarks about Iranians while pretending she is the victim! Very shameful. Not even a hint of respect or cordiality toward our culture and country.



by Fatollah (not verified) on

مر یض تشریف داره! یا اینکه امشی لازمه!!! حالا اگه محلش نگذاریم چی میشه


zion the shamless

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

just look at the comments written by zion from the begining to the end.
A hypocrit to the core with a 1000 faces. She changes her colour in an instance.
shamless or what? I realy wonder.


Please Redirect the Conversation

by Bob (not verified) on

There seems to be some obsession by some with using Nasser as a pretext for talking about politics and conspiracies etc... and the facts be damned. That discussion is understandable but why not have it somewhere else where it won't distract from his message?

I have laid out some details in my previous postings-please read them.
The facts of his life and death are fairly straightforward as was his message-
which was about being positive and empowering ourselves and others.

Medically, he died because his aorta dissected. Maybe it is easier to understand or serves the purpose of some people to talk about his being poisoned but that is just not what happened.

Once again, I would encourage you to read his own words and see for yourself what he was about. They are available in his book and on his website.


to Zion

by Benyamin on

Here is the flash point, I am ADULT you on the other hand don`t know what you


Logic matters

by tsion on

Dear Benyamin, is it too hard to see that, based solely on what you just claimed here, there is no contradiction in being loyal to the United States and Israel at the same time? As a matter of simple logic and all that... .

How about you act like adults for a change and focus on this man's life and achievements from now on?



more information regarding the doctor and his accomplishments

by sarshar45 on


To: Everyone

by Benyamin on

This article has been copied from PRESS TV`s news site, I read it there first and then found it here!!! and  I don`t know how many of you know but PRESS TV is an OFFICIAL news agancy of IRI but in english.

As soon as I read it there, I googled his name and many stuff came up and I don`t believe anyone killed him at this point. But that is sunbjected to change.


You and all Zionists are the biggest hypocrete around here . While you are questioning everyone elses motive/loyalty here, You have forgotten that your first and foremost loyalty lies with Israel and not the USA which has provided you with everything you have. In contrast YOU are even a bigger DISloyal "American" than anybody else since the USA has done nothing but support and help and protect you (Jews) and yet your loyalty after all the help and support lies with a different country than the one YOU live in. Whereas we as Iranians have at least reasons to be upset with the USA since all they(USA) have done was the exact opposti of what they did for your BELOVED ISRAEL!!!

So please don`t kid yourself when you attach that kind of statement in your comments. Don`t question other people`s loyalty where yours is far more questionable than any of us.

anonymous fish

how unfortunate

by anonymous fish on

the life and achievements of this man are now relegated to the back seat.  what has taken priority is NOT his vision but a conspiracy of his death... shamelessly promoting their agenda.

and of course i'll be accused of insulting iranians and the pious pukes who think they know me.

i think i'd prefer to focus on his contributions.  but you guys... go right ahead and bask in the glory of self-righteousness.



by tsion on

Look what what we have here! You people are so amusing... .
For those who can read English, all I said had a big IF in front of it. I don't know this guy, had never heard of him. I simply made it clear that IF any of the stuff said here is true, then the logical conclusion should be to point the finger at terrorist organizations first and not the United States government. Funny thing is, I ended my comment by asking that same question of everyone. Why do believe every nonsense that is said about America with such ease. Now this... lol.

Bob what you say sounds reasonable. So he was a scientist who benefited from the progress and freedom the United States had to offer and evidently was doing research to benefit everyone and died of natural causes. End of story. Thanks for sharing that information with us.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I tried to be diplomatic about it, but you're right.


In response

by Bob (not verified) on

Ostaad- thank you for your questions.

I am a surgeon who has known Nasser for almost thirty years, since our first week at medical school. I am a close friend of the family and was a best man at his wedding. I was at the hospital after he was first operated on. I spoke personally with his surgeons, nurses, and family. I am quite familiar with his medical history and what happened with him recently.

As I previously posted, the article is a very fictionalized account of his life which distracts from the conversation he would have wanted us to have.

While I understand the interest in intrigue and conspiracies, I would respectfully encourage people to check out his website and his book. While he is no longer physically with us, his life and message, in his own words, will speak loudly for itself.

anonymous fish

come on!

by anonymous fish on

people... listen to yourselves.  you're accusing zion of the same propogandist BS that you yourselves are guilty of!  don't you see that? 

i went to his website.  it sounds like he truly was a visionary doctor AND person.  of that there is no doubt.  but suspicious death?  the man had major heart issues.  where is the "proof" of a suspicious death.  are there any facts WHATSOEVER proving this?

yet you're all... every one of you... are jumping on the conspiracy wagon without a shred of proof. 

the facts of his trial are documented.  he was proven guilty.  not of money laundering or terrorism, but of criminal fraud. 

i pray that there isn't any truth to these allegations. but just as you want to claim that charges were trumped up against him, you are doing the EXACT SAME THING.

please... be fair.

Kaveh Nouraee

It's very easy and

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's very easy and convenient to link Dr. Ordoubadi's death to his work with bioweapon antitoxins.

His work most certainly piqued the interest of not only the United States, but other countries interested in biological and chemical warfare.

I also understand that he suffered acute congestive heart failure in 1989, the result of viral cardiomyopathy. This virus that attacks the heart muscle could be caused by many things, even something as simple as a cold. Kind of scary when you think about it.

In the end, none of us were there with him, and none of us really know what has happened wiith any level of certainty, other than he has passed away.

Rather than focusing on conspiracy theories and covert plots, I think it's better to offer our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.