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The man who

by Hashemi (not verified) on

shook the core of human civilization and nobody could escape from it. Good or bad? you be the judge.



by Fereshteh (not verified) on

امام جوني احساست چيه؟؟!!
هيچي والله هيچي!
حالا بادا بادا مبارك بادا ... ايشالا مبارك بادا..

Darius Kadivar

HighWay to Hell: AC/DC Concert 1979 ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

One Lady to the Other:

If Only I hadn't repeated the Lyrics of AC/DC back in 79 during the Riots and my parents wouldn't have forced me to take up Classic Music Lessons instead :


Caption 2

by on

Mature french jumbo jet files for disability: "The stress of having transported such a criminal is distroying me" he declared!





on the count of three

by Not_D_Only _1_That_Is (not verified) on

Front violinist: As planned, on the count of three let's pull the stairs. 1-2-.......


کاش همیشه غایب میبود

Literary critic (not verified)

یک نفر میاد که من منتظر دیدنشم
یک نفر میاد که من تشنه بوییدنشم
مثل یه معجزه اسمش تو کتابا اومده
تن اون شعرای عاشقانه گفتن بلده
خالی سفرمونو پر از شقایق میکنه
واسه موجهای سیاه دستا رو قایق میکنه
مثل یه معجزه اسمش تو کتابا اومده
تن اون شعرای عاشقانه گفتن بلده
همیشه غایب من زخمامو مرحم میذاره
همیشه غایب من گریه هامو دوست نداره
نکنه یه وقت نیاد صداش به دادم نرسه
ایینه ها سیا بشه کور بشه چشم ستاره
مثل یه معجزه اسمش تو کتابا اومده
تن اون شعرای عاشقانه گفتن بلده
خشم این پنچره خسته همیشه غایبه
کلید صندوق در بسته همیشه غایبه
نعره اسب سفید قصه مادر بزرگ
بهترین شعرای سر بسته همیشه غایبه
مثل یه معجزه اسمش تو کتابا اومده
تن اون شعرای عاشقانه گفتن بلده
مثل یه معجزه اسمش تو کتابا اومده
تن اون شعرای عاشقانه گفتن بلده
شهیار قنبری

خوانندگان داریوش اقبالی و فریدون فروغی



by ThePope on

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Concerto in D minor for violence and orchestra


and soon the orchestra would be hung...

by Damon Jaan (not verified) on

just a joke, dont get yourself in a shocke


Land Star

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

Which persian rug has a greater value:

Preislamic period rug
Islamic period rug

(Hint: Ghadeem khobeh)

2*2 = ?

mash mandali


by mash mandali on

I don't know what tape you're talking about!

Except the first two lines, the rest is my own "taraavoshaat e maghzi" after seeing the picture.....LOL


Land Star

by A Hassan Danesh, Ph.D. from UCR (not verified) on

Time has changed and the standard has gone way up higher.

I am not going to land in mehrabad with air france period.

I will only land with Air Force One. Not buts and no ifs.

Signed and sealed

Abol the Kaboul


جمعش کنید




جمع کنید این بساط رقاص بازی را، لیکن بعد ازاین نوبت نوحه ست!



دهه زجر و فقر

1Dariushagha (not verified)

Violinist in the back: How disgusting! did you see that akhound just picked his nose?

Violinist in the front: Oh him? that the ali geda, our rahbar!!


Samad agha

by toofan18 (not verified) on

Hich ki namitone msle mo havapaima savarshe,
Samad va olaghesh, imagine that


Dear Mash Mandaly, do you

by Schahram on

Dear Mash Mandaly, do you have the original Tape from that song? I got the whole story, but in a very bad qualitiy. I am searching for the full version in a normal quality.


Dariush, I am happy you get

by Post a new comment (not verified) on

Dariush, I am happy you get the opportunity to express yourself here publicly. Just imagine you would be in Iran. You couldn't openly make these kinds of jokes.

So, thank all of them, because if it weren't them you wouldn't be here where you are now.

I think you owe them something. Don't you think?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Come to think of it...last caption:

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Imam:  What is it about the sound of violins that always gives me that post-coital glow?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay pilot so then new caption:

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Violinist #1: Why do I have to be in such a stupid photo?

Violinist #2: Don't worry. The stupider the better. It's a portend of things to come.


so stupid

by pilot (not verified) on

Being former Iran Air Pilot,I have not seen anything stupid and so phoney like this picture,it is not even B747(no upper deck), Iam not surprise,only stupid mullahs can do it.

Babak Khorramdin

فریبرز ملک نصری م.د

Babak Khorramdin

غصه نخور برادر خدا قسمتت کنه اون دنیا در محضر امام باشی‌.



To Faribors

by Amused (not verified) on

I am sure you were too busy working on your M.D. back then so that 30 years later you can be specialized enough in posting gibberish on this website to amuse us.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Thanks DK it is a SUPER-FANTASTIC PHOTO! :o)

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


Violinist in the back: What do you feel in playing in the airport?

Violinist in the front: Hich ehsaasi nadaaram.

mash mandali

یادتون میاد؟

mash mandali

یادتون میاد؟

یک وقتی از هند اومدم؟
با ما شین بنز اومدم ؟

اونوختا خوب خر نشدین
مطیع رهبر نشدین!

حالا از فرانس اومدم!
با این ایر فرانس اومدم!

گفتم که از بهر صواب
بکنم براتان انقلاب

                                   این انقلاب جان من بَدَ ه؟
                                                  مرگ من بَدَه؟

ضعیفَه بیالون میزَ نَه ! چَه حرفا !
خایَه بمالون میزَنَه ! چَه نقل ها

اون کچَلَه!  پشت کاغذا !  دارَه تو ی چی فوت میکٌنَه؟
دستَه گلا را وردارین از سر رام ! اینا چیَه ؟ طاغوتیَه!!

از فردا صُب من میزنم توی دهن!
هر دهنی که این روزا داد نزَنَه  امام خمینی بت شکن!


بسّهَ دیگَه............ خستَه شدم......... منو ببرین جماران، تا برینم به ایران



Interesting Picture

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I am standung hier
wishing i were there


Interesting Picture

by Arash_1970 on

Is that the 747 that brought Ayatollah Khomeini Home ? Is it in France ? I know that IRI was trying to buy it from France ? Interesting picture.