Shia leadership after Montazeri

Who will be Marja Taghlid?

تا سال ۱۳۶۷ آیت الله منتظری از دید همه محافل مذهبی و حکومتی در ایران بالاترین مقام مذهبی در کشور بود و تنها مرجع با صلاحیت برای جانشینی آیت الله خمینی. اعتراض آگاهانه و عامدانه ی او به اعدامهای گسترده ی زندانیان سیاسی در تابستان سال ۱۳۶۷ اگر چه باعث خلع او از قائم مقامی ولایت فقیه شد ولی از مقام علمی او کم نکرد. شاید حتی با توجه به موضعگیریهای او درسالهای بعد از خلع چه در مسائل فقهی و چه مسائل سیاسی و اجتماعی بشود گفت آیت الله منتظری گام بیشتری به طرف اجتهاد به امور مدرن و امروزی برداشت .با مرگ آیت الله منتظری طبیعی ترین سؤال اینست که چه کسی جای او را خواهد گرفت. مقام دینی آیت الله منتظری چه بود و چه کسی جای اورا به عنوان رهبر مذهبی خواهد گرفت؟


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Bahram G

Akhoonds are parasites

by Bahram G on

What useful work akhoonds do to earn a living? Those who venerate akhoonds may say what useful work the clergy of other religions do? Well, they have a point. Who really needs clergy? Sure, maybe for marriage ceremonies, funerals and things like that. Yet, non-clergy can do all that just as well.

But marje taghlid? Haven't you heard this poem? khalgh ra taghlideshan bar baad daad; ay do sad lanat bar in taghlid baad.

Yeah, it is a travesty for anyone to blindly emulate or imitate any other person. We are humans, right? We suppose to use our own brains and hopefully make good decisions about all matters of our lives. What some akhoond shipisho knows about things that we need to take his word for it? No akhoond. No clergy of any stripes. No parasites.


Do Iranian people NEED...

by Monda on

another marja e taghlid?!! Kojaye kaaran BBC et al!


In other words ….

by didani on

BBC is deciding who is going to replace Montazeri  (and like we need one anyways!), and  who is this guy in Paris (and like I want to know)?



by aaminian on

You said it perfectly!  If human beings could tap into their individual brain powers, religion WILL become obsolete somewhere down the tracks in our evolutionary process.  After all, religions were invented by human beings so that we can cope with our fears (of death etc.), which ultimately, stem from lack of knowing.


Or in case of akhoonda, wouldn't it be

by Bavafa on

 "Adaab ra az ke amokhti, az bee adaban"



Be your own marjae taghlid.

by پیام on

God didn't give you brains to be wasted, use your own brain and decide what is wrong and right.



by Emil on

Isn't that usually monkeys imitate (Taghlid) and follow things in nature...monkey see, monkey do...

So is a Marja Taghlid a reference for monkeys to Taghlid and follow...?