Crisis over Khomeini "insult"

"Defiling" of portrait divides Iran

New York Times: The opposition has rebutted charges that its supporters were responsible for the trampling, ripping or burning of images of Ayatollah Khomeini that were broadcast on state-controlled television after student protests spread across the nation on Dec. 7. Thousands of students clashed with Basij militia members at universities across Iran, in the largest protest rallies in months. Since then, state television has broadcast images of the damaged pictures. None of the videos showed clearly who was responsible. Over the weekend, thousands of government supporters protested across Iran, denouncing the supposed desecration of the pictures. The supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, denounced the act during a speech to clerics on Sunday, and suggested that the state would continue to use force — rather than dialogue or compromise — to stop future protests. He said that all opposition rallies were illegal and that he would not tolerate any more challenges to the credibility of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s landslide re-election >>>


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hamfekr jaan

by deev on

Love you man, 20+ years in US taken its toll on my spelling =)


MARG BAR JOMHURIYE ESLAMI; Kir to kooneh khomeini

by NOT_AK69 on


what's special

by shushtari on

about a ruthless moron like khomeini???!!!

I p**s on his soul and his grave.....this animal that has the blood of so many innocent iranians on his dirty hands

it's over mullahs.....let the games begin 


Pro-Leader students give

by vildemose on

Pro-Leader students give opposition ultimatum

Fararu | Dec. 13, 2009

Students gathered in the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum in Tehran to protest the desecration of one of the late leader's posters and gave an ultimatum to opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Students chanted slogans such as, "Mousavi, Karroubi, this is your last warning, Muslim students are ready for uprising," "Mousavi is a criminal, try him," as well as slogans in support of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.


According to Fars News Agency, the Bazaar traders closed their shops and staged a protest for the violation of the sanctity of the late Iranian leader's honor.

Protestors chanted slogans such as "Hussein, Hussein, is our motto, Khomeini is our pride," "If Khamenei gives us the order for Jihad, the world cant stop us," and death to the US, UK, Israel, seditionists, anti-[Supreme] Leader groups."

The bazaar was once the financial backbone of the Iranian economy and its cancellation during different historical eras brought the rulers of the country to their knees.

While the Iranian economy is no longer hinged on Bazaar transactions the cancellation of the Bazaar is considered a symbolic form of warning.

Khomeini's daughter has no comment about Imam desecration



Dear Deev

by hamfekr on

دوست عزیز از درستی‌ مطلبی که عنوان کرده ای‌ لذت بردم، فقط
امیدوارم اجازه دهی‌ مطلبی را در خصوص نحوه نگارش خدمتت عرض کنم. ملّا
لغتی بودن هم بلائ جان من است، امیدوارم معذورم داری. "فلانه فردوسی‌"
باید بصورت "فلان فردوسی‌"و " قلبه ندا" باید "قلب ندا" نوشته شود. کسره
ملکی‌ با حرف "ه" نوشته نمیشود. قبل از اینکه( احتمالا ) پیش خودت بگویی
این یکی‌ هم دلش خوشه و چی‌ چی‌ داره میگه؛ به خاطر داشته باشیم که این خط
و زبان- با تمام نواقص و نا‌ خالصی هایش- بخشی از هویت ایرانی‌ ماست. فرق
"قریب" و "غریب" بماند برای بار دیگر.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This is a very important step

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We often tend to hold leaders in "awe". Whether we like it or not Khomeini was a large figure in Iran. He was and is the  IRI. Tearing his picture is a direct attack on the foundations of the IRI. It shows that the new generation has had it with IRI and wants real change. 

The time of Mullahs is coming  to an end in Iran. These are all cracks in their once invincible armor. The more broken taboos the better. No more worshipping leaders. I just hope we don't find some other jerk to follow next! I do worry that we may.


Rahbar praises Imaam

by Khar on


I don`t understand!!!

by Benyamin on

What is the big deal with tearing Khomeini`s picture? what was he? God!!!

It is a good think that people are tearing a "taboo" and growing up. Wether he was a good person or bad is irrelivant since he was meerly a human and nothing else. look what happened to his kids and grand kids they are not even invited to anything that is related to their grand father. This is not a big deal and never was but it is a taboo that is broken now.


با مزه این


با مزه

این یکی‌ را  ببین.  میگه برگردم ایران برم همون تظاهراتی که در آن‌ از
خمینی به عنوان رهبری که قدر خدا هست شرکت کنم.  مگه میشه؟  همون مرتیکه
-خمینی- بود که باعث شد من و فامیلم از ایران بریم و در دنیا سرگردان
بشیم. پس چرا بیام ایران برم به یک تظاهراتی که خاطرهٔ این مرتیکه را
تشویق میکنند؟  معنی‌ نداره.


میدانیم که


میدانیم که تظاهرات کردن در ایران خطرناک هست

ولی‌ چرا دارید عذر خاهیی می‌کنید برای پاره کردن یک عکس از یک آدم کش که با شتر سکس میکرد؟


تظاهرات سوسول؟


آقا/خانم "ناشناسی که غر می زند":


شما که اصلا سوسول نیستید و خیلی هم تخم دارید لطفا از بیرون گود تشریف ببرید داخل گود و لنگش بفرمایید تا این بچه سوسول ها هم یاد بگیرند.  چه اشکالی دارد؟  شما هم چیزی یاد بدهید.   اگر هم تخمش را ندارید هم که همان گوشهء گود بنشینید اما دیگر لااقل غر نزنید.  غر زیادی = زر زیادی


به فلانه چپ فردوسی


یه عکس پاره کردن که اینقدر ننه من قریبم بازی نداره - به فلانه چپ فردوسی عکس پاره شد - قلبه ندا رو پاره کردین چیزی نبود حالا یه عکس مسخره با ارزش شده؟


تظاهرات سوسول


با دیدن این بچه‌ها که حتا میترسن عکس یک ستمگر بزرگ را پاره کنند فکر می‌کنم معلوم شده که موج سبز به جای نخواهد رسید

Shifteh Ansari

"اونی که تقلب کرده، عکسارو پاره کرده"

Shifteh Ansari

Sharif University students, today:



about time we did this

by mahmoudg on

This guy's perverted thought process was a mistake 30 years ago, was a mistake 1400 years ago and is a mistake going forward.  We should question the leadership and criticise them, just as we do here in the US.  However, the people must have the level of education to take these criticisms and make constructive dialogue out of it.  until the day we refrain from killing people for thinking otherwise, Iran will be as backward as the Arabs.


Same Person

by divaneh on

The bastard who ripped Khomeini's picture is the same person who wiped it off the moon. Only if I could get my hand on him...


what they did was very wrong

by azadi5 on

setting a picture on fire is so retro. they should have pissed then sh$# on it.


Toilet paper...

by Emil on

His face looks great on toilet may give it more wiping power too...


I say..

by ghalam-doon on

We should start a new campaign. We should start making videos of ourselves tearing up Khomeini's pictures and post them on YouTube. If we start doing that, then they can't arrest individuals for doing it. This new campaign could be even more popular than the one about forced hijab. There are millions inside and outside Iran who blame Khomeini for this brutal regime. They're more than willing to tear up his picture.

I'll tare his photo anytime!!

by on

I'm so dissapointed at this ass kisser called Mousavi.  Is this what iranians want? Not having the liberty to question a past leader?

I want to be able to question Khomeini. In fact, I consider him responsible for 2 million deaths and 5 million missplaced people among other crimes .

Shame on these students for being appologetic about tearing khomeini's picture. Tearing khomeini's picture is your duty if you want freedom !!! Shame on this mousavi's ridiculous appologetic comment.

Proof that the uprising should not be in support of any leader in particular , but in support of full democracy. One in which ANY leader's picture CAN be torn and any leader can be questioned.





یک نوحه دیگر برای محرم -عکس امام پاره شد


ما سینه زنانیم ‌از جان بی‌ خبر

"عشق!" خمینی زده ما را به سر

عکس امام پاره شد(۲ بار)

زلیل و بیچاره شد(۲ بار)

خانه شان ماتم سرا شد

خاتمی صاحب عزا شد


عکس آقا خورد آتش

سید علی‌ سوخت ز داغش


امام که با یه امضا

کشت اونهمه جوونا  


One more taboo down the toilet!

by PArviz on

During the past 30 years Khomeini has been revered by its followers as an infallible leader. To many others he was nothing but a ruthless and heartless animal who caused the death and destruction of a people and their country.

The regime had done its utmost to keep the position of the "leader" as something sacred and holy. A position that nobody should dare doubt never mind question. Many people have been imprisoned, tortured and killed for having differing opinions about the "leader". But gradually, the people are questioning the most fundamental pillars of this regime. They shout slogans such as "death to the dictator" or tear their posters in public.

The Islamic regime is fast approaching its end. I just hope by the time it falls Iranians have a trustworthy leadership in place to take them forward towards a future they deserve.


Khomeini Picture

by jmyt17 on


Thanks to whom did it.

These jerk changing our History,Nationality, Language every things and trying to connect us to those Arab which even they do not having any idea, why breathing the Air.

I do not think that  any of  Past past past  my Grand-Grand father have chance to visit any Arab Country for a pleasure.

One day we will burn all these jerks pictures and what they brought to my Iran.


gitdoun ver.2.0

B''ot parasti

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

their offense to khomeini's picture being burnt is allll idol worshipping which these clerics intentionally setup back in 1979 when they called Khomeini "IMAM" to connotate that he was a Divine Saint or was an Annointed of God. Again another example of clerics manipulating people's emotions towards religion and spirituality for their agenda of consolidating power. But of course these basij propagandist  will quickly say " no no, we never meant khomeini to be taken as a divine person. imam means he was simply the leader of the revolution" then i ask " why not call him Rahbar instead ?? why not use farsi instead???" that's when the basiji dogs are silent and start calling me an infidel. it's incredible even this guy's tomb is bigger than any of the shrines of the ahlul-bayt. To the clerics and the brainwashed basij followers Khomeini IS Islam. Khomeini is like a important article of their faith. Burning the Picture of Khomeini to these people is on the same level as burning the Quran.


They are way behind! I tore Khomeini's photos in my campus 1981!

by obama on

There were about 7 photos hanging from the table of the khmeini supporters who set up their table and photos as soon as the anti Khomeini students set up their table! 

It was their way of not allowing the oppositions to speak up. I got pissed, and tore all khomeini's photos! fight broke out. Being a boxer i took care of them. Many more came, I don't know from where. Big mess! Campus police came! They were CHOMAGH beh dastha! Really idiots! I would have been dead long time ago, if I were in Iran!