Stalinist Show Trials in Tehran

Fareed Zakaria commentary

This week Zakaria is concerned about the show trials in Iran, particularly one surrounding a fellow Newsweek journalist:


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by KouroshS on

Does not understand persian. He would not know what damet garm and afareen means. DOn't scare him.

Truth Seeker


by Truth Seeker on

He forgot to mention Guantanamo and Abu ghraib




Well he just forgot.. Yea!



by Saman on

and true. Thanks Fareed.

gitdoun ver.2.0

Way to Go Fareed !!!

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

bravo.. bravo !!! keep it coming Fareed !!!!


Excellent Comparison Fareed

by Fair on

Thank you for calling a duck a duck.

And thank you for doing your part in reminding the world what animals the Islamic republic are. The kind of animals that George Orwell so clearly described.

These show trials are exactly the same, and the comparison is about internal politics in a country struck by an ideological revolution. It has nothing to do with foreign expansionist military power, something that Iran is completely void of.

And the Islamic republic is as Iranian as genghis khan. Furthermore, for all the Nazi loving Reza Khan did, he was never as Nazi as Khamenei.

And finally, you are very pathetic for your ridiculous account of Ashraf going to the USSR. What kind of idiots do you think the audience here are, and how much (or little) did they have to pay you to say such garbage?

Damet garm Fareed, keep up the great work.






American Dream

Fareed is looking out for Maazyaar

by American Dream on

No one on television even knows anything is going on in Iran.  The majority of the world has already forgotton where Iran is.  No doubt, the Islamic Republic of Iran is as Iranian as a Persian Rug.  Hopefully, everything with these trials will end up well and this dude Maazyaar will be free in the near future.  That being said the news report was specifically made for Fareed's chum Maazyaar. 

And lets be real, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not the USSR, the Islamic Republic of Iran could never have a leader on the world scene like Stalin.  It's just one big bogus comparison.

Stalin was vital in Hitler's destruction in World War 2.  

During World War 2 Iran was liberated by the Allied Powers and the dictatorship of Reza Khan came to an abrupt end in 1941.

Reza Khan was a Nazi lover and a good friend of Adolf Hitler.

That being said, the Stalin comparison is way off.

After World War 2 the USSR occupied parts of Northern Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi sent his twin sister  Ashraf Pahlavi to the USSR to get the soviets out of northern Iran.  

Ashraf Pahlavi slept with Stalin and Stalin agreed to pull out troops from northern Iran.  Stalin also gave Ashraf a used coat as a gift.

That being said, the Stalin comparison was done in poor taste.  We deserve better from our journalists.



Thank you, Fareed, for supporting Iranian people

by yolanda on

I e-mailed Fareed before and thanked him for nailing the unofficial IRI spokesman, Mohammed Marandi a couple of weeks ago. The producers of CNN's GPS do read e-mail feedback. If you want to contact Fareed, please send your e-mail to:


Islamic republic NOT Islamic republic of IRAN ( IRI )

by Freedom5 on

Darius K  ,

First I know how much you love Iran thus i would not call the regime in Iran IRI. I would call it Islamic republic. I know there is more Islamic republic ( i.e Pakistan) but the most infamous type of it is in our country. This regime simply does not have any Iranian identity.




by Afshin_Afshar on




I think his message would have carried more weight

by Bavafa on

If his own government had not held many hundred people prisoners for years without even charging them.

Having said that, I don't mean to diminish the condemnation in this and all show trials.



An unfortunate event

by Benyamin on

I have stated this before and I say it again, the people on trial are not threatened with normal physical abuse but something far more darker but dear and precious to each and everyone of them, the type of abuse and torture that makes any "sane" person to surrender to whatever the abuser is dictating to them! I believe whoever is fighting for freedom in Iran is already a brave selfless person and they proven already that fear has no room in thier books, as long as it is about them and them only. but the IRI torturers know that therefore they are implimenting the "ultimate tactic" to get what they want, such as threats like raping the prisoners kids or killing their parents in fake accidents or their wives and so on. so, my hat is off to all of the "confessors" and I just want to tell them "please confess and get your freedom" you should protect your families and yourself and that is your "right" and I am proud of you.

Darius Kadivar

Well Said Fareed !

by Darius Kadivar on


You Nailed It Fareed Jaan !

Thank You for Your continuous efforts in highlighting this Treacherous Regime !


Iraneh Azad

Right on the Money Fareed!

by Iraneh Azad on

Please don't stop exposing these animals.

Maryam Hojjat

Bravo, Freed

by Maryam Hojjat on

You are helping IRANIANS.  THANKS

Down with IRI 

Ali P.

Well Said!

by Ali P. on

Fareed Zakaria!