Mohammad Aliakbari

"Healer and energy therapist"

Throughout recent years, Aliakbari's healing sessions have been filled to capacity with patients who are suffering incurable ailments. Some people, however, believe him to be a crook. Though he says he is a devout Muslim and his abilities are "God's tools," IRI imprisoned and tried him for fraud a few years ago (see this link for example).


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Bull crap

by KouroshS on

What he preaches and prescribes is something that people can do on their own if they only had set time, maybe a few hours aside, on their own everyday. It is meditation. That is all this is. Why would we need proper instruction for doing something the mechanism of which is inherent in all of us?

IF he did not accept payment from some people, it was because he was trying to market himself and did not want to push it, at least for now.


"IRI tried him for being fraud"? It takes one to know one!

by gol-dust on

i don't know him!


What a "MASHANG" bunch of

by bihonar on

What a "MASHANG" bunch of people. I am not disappointed though. I have seen worse.

gitdoun ver.2.0

he visited south california

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i met Mohammad Ali Akbari in 2001? or 2002? when he visited Los Angeles. He had a healing session at I.M.A.N. (iranian muslim association of north-america)   he is genuinely a kind person who wants to help people but from my personal experience, as well as reports from others, his healing is only TEMPORARY. whatever illness or ailment he cures u of returns after a few weeks. But it's entirely possible he had permanently cured others while i and my friends were the lemons/exceptions in the batch.

i think if there is an allegation of fraud it is stemmed from him charging $$$ for these healing sessions when the benefits are short lived. But in all fairness to the man i did see alooot of people who did not pay but still received healing. i really liked the guy he was very kind to me personally and i wish him well.


One of the characteristics that Iranians share with Americans.

by پیام on

Like Americans, Iranians are also "khorafati" ( see, we are not that diffrent). What is next, baptizing in "zayandeh rood".