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Very funny exchange with the police


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Ahmed from Bahrain

It reminds me a decade ago

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

I was in mashad with a friend driving and approaching this chaotic and busy roundabout. We were so close to this other driver who was just inching his way in. The traffic ploiceman saw him and approached him with a comic tone in his voice;

"chera inkadar ghir meerizi. Baba gazeto bigeer wa boro deegeh."

I just cracked up, the policeman was encouraging him to go through the red light. In Tehran and Mashad, just keep moving, no matter what colour is the traffic light.

I love this sort of life. Evryone is cool like they have just had some hoochi koochi. That is the Iran that I adore. I vote for this dude to replace Ahmedinejad and Ayatullah Khumsnahsi.

Hell, I forgotam not Eyranian. Nobody counts my vote!!

Ahmed from Bahrain


you could

by MehammadAli on

drive however the hell you want on these streets old man, i wont mess with you. just please try not to hurt nobody, or somebodys gonna come bitching at me... if you see that dude again bezan to saresh, violence, he takes it... i mean he understands it


Bezan to saresh

by MehammadAli on

marteekeh neero entezaami, behesh begoo bereh beh yeki deegeh geer bedeh, koss kesh, Semper Fidelis


Only in Iran...

by siminkhanum on


Thank you Ghormeh sabzi, I loved it! It happens only in Iran!

P.S. Ghormeh sabzi is my favorite persian food!


I am just glad that...

by yolanda on

I am just glad that everyone is happy & friendly and there is no baton and no basiji attack, thank God! We need peace!

Shirin Vazin

Got a good laugh!

by Shirin Vazin on


Your comment is so true and funny. I can't stop laughing when I think s.o would kiss a police officer in Amerika!

Ahmed from Bahrain

I love it

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

imagine if this was America; boy, you'd be in a heap of trouble.

As for kissing a policeman, well that would sure be classed as sexual harassment.

Ahmed from Bahrain


قربون فرهنگ.


هر کی‌ چند تا گاو و گوسفند داشته فروخته، camry خریده. فرهنگ رانندگی‌
دا ایران صفر هست، و در مشهد زیر صفر هست. من خودم چند هفته پیش مشهد بودم.