Ahmadinejad endorsed as president

Key figures boycott inauguration ceremony

BBC: Senior Iranian political figures appear to have snubbed the formal endorsement of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president and head of the country's Guardian Council, was among those not at Monday's ceremony, state TV said. Another former president, Mohammad Khatami, was also absent, as was opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi >>>


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American Dream


by American Dream on

Let us review your comments.  My responses are in Bold type. 

you can tell this to yourself if you want. all experts disgree.

Who are these experts?  Uncle Napoleon from the Iranian TV series?

kermit roosevelt was american.

And he was a great American.  Unlike the millions of Iranians who stood by or aided in the dismissal of Prime Minister Mossadegh. 

eisenhower was american.

He was a great leader.  And it is President Eisenhower to you.

churchill was british.

Sir Winston Churchill to you.  By the way, Sir Winston Churchill is not American.  Not everyone can be perfect.

cia agents in us embassy were american .

CIA is a great intelligence service.  Without the CIA, the world would be less safe.

aioc was run by british.

The British discovered Oil in Iran.  Before the discovery of Oil, Iran was Haiti in the middle east. 

the money was in us dollars.

Dollars are great, what would you rather have a Rial or a dollar?


do you understand what coup de tat means? do you know what puppet governments are? it was an american coup. ask anybody who is respected historian.

Puppet government?  You mean Iranians from 1953-1979 were o.k. with a puppet government?

Let us not forget that the Shah was dismissed at the island of Guadeloupe by the West.  If I agree with your argument I must conclude that Iranians are like stupid sheep who will fall for anything.

These historians you write about need to research history a bit more.



  RAN - Roubah

by vildemose on


RAN - Roubah Makkar



American Dreaming

by Anonymous8 on

you can tell this to yourself if you want. all experts disgree.

kermit roosevelt was american

eisenhower was american

churchill was british

cia agents in us embassy were american

aioc was run by british

the money was in us dollars


do you understand what coup de tat means? do you know what puppet governments are? it was an american coup. ask anybody who is respected historian.


American Dream

Saman, 1953?

by American Dream on

General Zahedi was Iranian.

General Nassiri was Iranian.

Shabaan Jafari was Iranian.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was Iranian.

The Rashidian Brothers were Iranian.

Ayat'Allah Kashani was Iranian.

Ashraf Pahlavi was Iranian.

All these above mentioned individuals helped remove Mossadegh from power in 1953 along with the majority of the people who worked in Iran's Bazaars, the merchant class, and Iran's military.

Foreign intervention would not change a thing if there wasn't a majority of people with in Iran that hated Mossadegh.

Iranians should understand in 1953 Iranians removed Mossadegh and brought the Shah back to power.

Anything else would be nonsense.

Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on

Satan too, kissed Zahak's shoulders, where two snakes grew up and were feed by the brains of Persian youths. Shocking repetition of our history, isn't?


چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد



Re: American Dream

by Saman on

A lot of African Americans paid with their blood to see a day like this. Most of them are still suffering.

I'd say God bless America (Obama) for keeping out of Iran's internal issues (unlike 1953) ... but there is no God.

Cheers to all human beings who struggle for freedom.


AN kisses on Ali Khamenie

by persianwoman on

AN kisses on Ali Khamenie shoulder the way arabs do.  What he is trying to tell the word.  Are we Arab?  I hope not.


I wonder why people didn't

by Dariush on

I wonder why people didn't start a riot whe this idiot rigged the election?



anon 8: Good retort. LOL

by vildemose on

anon 8: Good retort. LOL


American Dream,

by Anonymous8 on

one thing they both have in common. they both do it in the name of god. we are more alike than you think. the oath is code of conduct based in law.

law was invented in the middle east. just like philosphy, politics, human rights, science, farming, etc.

we are alway glad to see other people adopt our ideas. you are welcome.

American Dream

I know a better clip

by American Dream on

That's not a real country.

I have a clip from a REAL country.  Check it out:


Pure Awesomeness that rocks even more than 2,500 years of history in less than a few minutes.

God Bless America.



Next stage: Arresting

by vildemose on

Next stage: Arresting Mousavi and Kahrobi et al.




by vildemose on

Iran's Guards turn on Ahmadinejad
By Shahir Shahidsaless





۲۲ خرداد ۱۳۸۸ برگ غمگینی شد از فلاکت مردم ایران تحت سلطهٔ این جانیان خونخوار


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Iranian people respond to Leaders of Islamic Republic

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Ali Geda, Antari and the rest of you mother......, Please enjoy :


Your days are numbered!!!


from: Mollah's blog

by vildemose on

 شرکت کرده بودند خارج از سه دسته یا گروه نبودند

۱-گرگها: اینها کسانی بودند که دست‌شان توی تقلب در انتخابات و سرکوبهای بعد از آن بوده و در واقع عاملین اصلی کودتا هستند مثل خامنه‌ای٬ جنتی٬ یزدی٬ گروهبان گارسیا٬ حسین بی‌شریعتمداری و فرماندهان سپاه و وزیر کشور و غیره.
خب. حضور آنها در این مراسم یک امر طبیعی بود. بالاخره اینها در انتخابات تقلب کرده بودند و خودشان هم باید بیایند و بقیه کارشان را تکمیل کنند.

۲- گروه گوسفندها: این گروه یک مشت هالو هستند که تنها دلیل حضورشان را در این مراسم جلوگیری از تضعیف نظام میدانند مثل لاریجانی و شاهرودی و قالیباف و غیره. اینها مثل یک بره در مقابل چنگال گرگها آماده تسلیم‌اند.

۳- گروه لاشخورها و کرکس‌ها: کسانی مثل محسن رضایی که از هر طریق میخواهند به پست و مقام برسند. اینها تعدادشان بیشتر از دو گروه فوق است. نگاهی به عکسها بیاندازید بخوبی متوجه می شوید. اینها فقط آمده بودند که اسمشان توی لیست دست‌مال بدستهای بیت رهبری نوشته شود.
ای خاک بر سر این جور انسان‌نماهای پست و بی‌خاصیت!

۴- گروه پرندگان و چرندگان: تعدادی از نمایندگان سفارت‌خانه‌های کشورهای افریقایی و عرب که فقط بخاطر بعضی از ملاحظات فی‌مابین در این مراسم حاضر شده بودند. کاری هم نداشتند که احمدی‌نژاد باشد یا هر خر دیگری.

آقا جان! من علت حضور همه را فهمیدم الا دلیل حضور یکنفر را.
آخه یکی به من بگه این «واحدی» مجری تلویزیون که سابقا برنامه «صبح بخیرایران» را اجرا میکرد توی مراسم تنفیذ چیکار میکرد؟؟!
یکی نیست بپرسد تو از رجال سیاسی مملکتی؟ از مقامات لشگری هستی؟ از مسئولین سابق نظام هستی؟ رئیس صدا و سیما هستی و یا بوده‌ای؟ آخه تو این وسط چیکاره‌ای که مثل یک پشگل افتاده‌ای توی یک مشت تپاله؟



Dear Javaneh

by minadadvar on

You have a good point.  They are probably scared of retaliation by people, as they should be.


Little Tweet

Moral/Islamic dilemma

by Little Tweet on

Furniture: halal or haram? is there a shortage of chairs in Iran? why are some people hiding behind the curtain? peek-a-boo!


They must be feeling anxious Mina jaan

by javaneh29 on

They probably half expect a bomb to go off either in reality or metaphorically in the aftermath!

Anyway they take themselves far more seriously than almost the whole of rest of the world.



Court Room ?

by minadadvar on

Pay attention to the faces and postures. They all look miserable, apprehensive and tense. As if,  waiting to be put on trial for their crimes.  A/N 's body language indicates fear/anxiety.


And few words from Mashhad Rep. (Mr A Hole)

by Why-Not on

Babak Khorramdin

وطن فروشان در مراسم تنفیذ

Babak Khorramdin

احمد نجفی بازیگر سینما و تلویزیون نرخ روز خور عکس سوم


رضایی مارمولک 


محمدرضا شریفی‌نیا 


حسین رضازاده ، محمد مایلی کهن ، مهدی تاج ، محمدرضا ساکت و افشین قطبی


مجتبی خامنه یی



"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."



I wish someone like Zaidi (the shoe-thrower) was there!

by yolanda on

We need a shoe thrower like the Iraqi guy, Zaidi! This ceremony is too boring. You can tell from their body language that the chemistry between the 2 guys is different from 4 years ago. Both guys look preoccupied with something else. A-nejad is sandwiched between the harder hardliners and reformists. Let see how long he can last!

Babak Khorramdin

اهریمن کتف ضحاک را بوسید!

Babak Khorramdin

علی‌ گدا مونده و عنترش


"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."



Self-Assurance is missing!

by Saman on

It's 1977 all over again.


"Jomhooriye Irani"

by Faramarz_Fateh on

a few days ago I stated hearing the chant "Jomhooriyeh Irani, esteghlal, azadi".

This was the most beautiful phrase I heard in a long while.

Name of Iran without the word Islamic as a prefix.

With the hope of irradication of Islam from the face of the earth one day.  Long live a free democratic Iran.


where is a bomb when you need one

by XerXes on

just one bomb would have get rid of all the cancer in the IR system.


It's only the louti and ...

by Ostaad on



پدر و پسر


علی مونده و حوضش