Warring Factions

American-born Iranian breakdancer finds cultural awakening

Synopsis: As forces in American government and media have fueled the perception of an unavoidable war with Iran, Warring Factions is a call to (dis)arms. An American-born Iranian breakdancer finds cultural awakening by exploring his multi-ethnic roots. Faced with dual nationality in two conflicting countries, he travels to Iran to examine the political issues first-hand while exploring his cultural identity with a group of Iranian b-boys>>>www.warringfactions.com


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to Anonymous21

by Anonymous-wildcat (not verified) on

well, we had booth all over campus in almost all events to educate people about real Iran and Iranian people. we performed during Tucson Meet Yourself where people from different ethnicities gathered to celebrate the diversity of Tucson. And if you really wanna know what this guy has done, just check his facebook. his name is justin mashouf. he's a brother of those basijis in iran responsible for whipping, insulting and rapping youngsters.

he's one of those who would cause something like this: //mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/Iran%20Whipping.jp...


Mola Nasredeen jan,

by پیام on

ماشا الله، تبارک الله



Iran is occupied

by Iran Dell (not verified) on

islamic terrorist occupier is Nat representative of our be loved Iran and its culture - people like you and the Islamic occupier well no it soon.

Mola Nasredeen

Right on brother (or maybe I should have said son)!

by Mola Nasredeen on


I dedicate this video to our proud Iranian American son. Enjoy:


To Anonymous-wildcat

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Dear Anonymous-wildcat, I have a few questions on your comment. What did you do to build a reputation on Campus? What does "this guy" do to ruin "Persian's reputation"? By Persians do you mean the people who are ethnically Persian or you mean Iranians? I'm curious because I'm a student myself and don't quite understand your comment.


A one-way ticket to Ghom

by Mulla Kosh (not verified) on

A one-way ticket to Ghom should suffice him. Vas-salam.


He is so handsome

by admirer (not verified) on

Please post more of his dancing for us to see. Thank you.


live and let live

by shayda (not verified) on

whatever his beliefs ,he is entitled to have them weather one agrees with him or not ,that is the beauty of the free world .
lets concentrate on the positive .he did go to iran and made a movie which might educate many people in the western world .
lets all be tolerant of each other and allow others to be who they are .


for those of you who don't

by Anonymous-wildcat (not verified) on

for those of you who don't know this guy, he's a radical muslim at the university of arizona and a disgrace for all the Persians at the university. we worked hard to build a reputation on campus but him and his friends ruined Persian's reputation and all the hard work!!!!