Shah & oil

1973 speech on oil independence

Says Iran would not renew unfair contract with oil corporations when it comes up for renegotiation in 1979:



same forces

by MRX1 on

I have always said the same forces that brought down Mossadegh brought down shah of Iran as well. Both men refused to budge and as the result the country paid  and still paying heavy price since then. Safe to say had shah of Iran agreed to the extention of the oil contract there wouldn't have been no khomeni , no IRI and none of the fiasco's that we have been seeing for the past thirty years......


Shah & Oil

by Gougouli (not verified) on

This is not the Shah's voice. Is it a fake or is it someone else speaking?



by ali33 (not verified) on

for years!
we lived in khuzestan all our lives, and the british always thought of iran's oil as theirs! those suckers somehow think they are entitled to our resources and that iranians are a bunch of backward peasants that don't deserve such a valuable source of energy.
and that's exactly why they brought in khomeini and his dirty the oil is being sold for pennies under the table for 30 years....and no one can dare ask how much, to whom, etc.....the mullahs and the bache akhoonds are raping iran and they'll kill anyone who dares speak the truth...
and they blamed the poor shah for raising the gas price by a couple of rials!
had the shah renewed that crappy contract we would most likely not be in the place we're in now....that's a tough call, but seeing the millions of lives lost, and trillions wasted and stolen by the mullahs, I would think iran would have ended up in a much better place....although it's a tough pill to swallow to let the brits keep getting cheap oil!


we will miss u!

by persian dude (not verified) on

we will miss u. u did some much for us but now we look back and cry for u. we are sorry for what we did. please forgive us.

if only we know what was happening, would we have cried for ur death, i dont think so.

iranian will remember you as a great king. if only you had told us what was happening.

rest in peace, you were a great man.


Nothing to be proud...

by Saman on

Haa haa … similar to Khomeini’s BS promises. In 2500 years we’ve only paved the way to go from worst to worsest!!!



by bikar (not verified) on

How many times he mentioned 199 we will do what we want with our extra oil and we will cancel our contract with oil co.s, and what happened in 1979 he was deposed. What a true Islamic revolution!!!


No more leaderships of OPEC or whatever left of it

by Anonymous46586464 (not verified) on

He, may he rest eternally in peace, was the sole undisputed leader/ruler of OPEC and dictated to them what they should do, OBVIOUSLY he HAD to be gotten rid of.

One should ask: Do Mullahs enjoy the same position at OPEC as he did?! Do their words carry any weight among Arab and oil exporting countires?!!

In spite of all the bickering and belligerence on the part of mullahs, they will never ever do anything to jeopardize the British and/or oil corporations' interests AND They have not so far ...


خدا بیامرزدت بزرگ مرد تاریخ ایران


طرز تفکر این مرد را با طرز تفکر این همقا که مدیران کنونی ایران هستند لطفا مقایسه کنید! عجب تناقسی!‌ای کاش که مردمت بهتر درکت کرده بودند و  ای کاش که پشت مردمت را خالی‌ نکرده بودی زمانی‌ که بیش از پیش به تو نیازمند بودند.



Islamic Revolution or Oil Companies Revolution

by Korosh (not verified) on

Very thought provoking topic weather one is against or supportive of monarchy.
I think by now most Iranians have come to the realization that Islamic Revolution was nothing but a puppet show ran by western interest and large oil companies.
They used the old tactic of divide and conquer to divide our people and rule us for 30 years. Meanwhile the mullah puppets destroyed and plundered our country and brutalized our people for the interest of their puppet masters.
We need to unite and stand up for freedom and democracy.


Naive and unpolitical

by Ali Roos (not verified) on

Those inspired words became tools that dug his and Iran's grave as we knew it. A valuable lesson not to mess with those oil companies!!