Persian Night

Kinki Lounge, Dallas, Texas

Gorgeous young Iranians dance:


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nose jobs

by Persia (not verified) on

Why do we hate our noses so much and have the highest nose job population in the world? (men and women)

That's because most Iranian men and women have ugly noses. Lets face it. Iranians are known for their exotic and beautiful features such as their eyes and so forth but lets face it, most Iranians do have ugly noses. I had surgery because I felt uncomfortable with my nose and knew that it could be better. Now i feel 100 times better its just a matter of self-esteem for many.(hala damaghe ghabli man vahshatnak nabod vali kheilia damaghshon oghabiye to jashon bodi amal nemikardi?)
what I personally don't get is why Most iranians want to look more like blonde swedish women. it just does not name sense to me...

Why are we so tacky,un-natural and superficial?
Well maybe you are right, iranians are dahati well at least most of them are. az araba ziad yad migiran vaghti mahvare tamasha mikonan in arayashe khaliji ina fek mikoni az kia yad gereftan another thing i have noticed about iranian girls is that they like to dress cheaply and the boys...well they are be ghole iroonia charb zaboon and full of bs.

about the nose job again. i am happy i did it.if i had to do it again i would. i don't think the problem in Iran has much to do with too many nose jobs lol


What is the flag for?

by farrad02 on

I don't personally object to the use of the old flag with the lion and the son emplem. But I don't understand the prominent display of that flag in a youth dance party! What's up with that?

Why do we have to politicize everything?


Nose jobs is for boys too.

by Nose jobs (not verified) on

Nose jobs is for boys too. Nose jobs is not exclusive to Iranian women. Many Iranian men get them too, especially the younger ones. 4 out of 5 second generation Iraninan boys in their teens and 20s in USA get nose jobs.


How do you guys can tell if they have nose jobs

by Bavafa on

I am simply amazed by every one's fascination with nose jobs, both those who get them and those who criticize getting them.



no way

by djalsdjaldkjs (not verified) on

I am the biggest Hezbollahi there is and I have a nosejob.


Conversations heard...

by bara kami shookhi (not verified) on

Among the conversations heard that night!

"Jamshid biya bara barobach beryek bezan!!"

"Pas in deereenk'eh ma chee shod?! Koobide'am yakh kard baba!!!!!"

"Damaghe Sanaz'o didi? Doktoreh gand zadeh behesh. Shodeh shabiheh antar!"

"Shomareh bedeh digeh madmazel, peeleez!"

Mola Nasredeen

"What kind of nose do you have? may I ask haj agha."

by Mola Nasredeen on

I asked my camel suspiciously. 

"My nose is a mixture of Morrocan and khaleeji" Replied Hazrate shotor. I looked at his nose with admiration and added: "Don't tell anybody about your nose, you may get in trouble.

He asked: "Is this why they make women to hide their noses in some Arab countries"

I replied: "yes, that's why."

He said: "Ahsannat, Ahsannat". 


nice clip

by Anonymous-DAADA (not verified) on

Well, nose job is some kind of opposition to IRI, because the big beenee that we have is not Iranian and most probably is the result of Arab/Turk/ Mongol attack which happened many years ago!



by farokh2000 on

I am not sure why so many of our friends here are so worried or concerned about the ladies' nose job.

Why don't you just enjoy the clip and be happy for them, instead of criticizing them for what they do with their bodies?

Thanks for the nice clip Ghorme Sabzi.


Nice looking bunch

by IRANdokht on

These young ladies were all gorgeous!

Thanks Ghormeh Sabzi it was delicious... ummmm I mean it looked good. You have a very distracting ID my dear!




by Anonymous_sydney (not verified) on

ahh ahh estefraagham gereft, so many nose jobs.
Its the same story every where , iranian women just have to go and stuff up thier faces with nose jobs.
All i see in this party are michael jackson look alikes.


Jaye Imam Khomini khaly...

by Happy Boy (not verified) on

Jaye Imam Khomini khaly...too see the Islamic generation in action...

Mola Nasredeen

I wasn't sure if it was legal for Iranians in Texas to assemble

by Mola Nasredeen on

in one place. Maybe things are changing in Texas. I counted the ladies in the clip. I was able to identify 16 ladies with nosejobs and 11 ladies with their orginal noses and I thought their noses were cute too. Nosejobs, Unite! You are under attack. 


99% Nose Job?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Bezane Mahal (not verified) on

Why do we hate our noses so much and have the highest nose job population in the world? (men and women)
Why do we make a fool of ourselves in Persian parties, concerts, weddings and functions so much?
Why are we so tacky,un-natural and superficial?
Why do we give the non-iranians such a hard time when they serve us during our superficial functions?

I honestly hate Islamic Republic, but if there is one single good thing in their time is the fact they try to stop most of these kinds of tacky and superficial behaviors!!!!!!

PS. To some of you nose jobbers and jobbies,
Go a head and bash me all you want, but you know I am telling the truth . The thing is that ultimately your attacks on me doesn't solve any problems and doesn't make any positive difference... so relax and be logical, maybe we can fix our collective problems with time and education!!!!!!!!!


Dammaagh kocholooha!

by AnonymousUSA (not verified) on

Ba poolee kh iraneha barayeh amal kocheck kardan damagh meepardazand meeshavad dar Iran 1000 Daneshgah sakhet! hameh damaagha chakosh kordeh hastand toy en video clip.


whats a great deal anyways,

by zebel20 on

whats a great deal anyways, its a night club and people are dancing. so whats the point of this video. waste of space on


Akh gardanam!

by Saman on

This is what you call "Gardan-Ghermez-Dinbal-Doombool" ... good luck!